Odin All Father NFT (Northern Flows Group: Continuing the tradition)

Northern magic has strong roots and a very voluminous theoretical basis. In any magical tradition one cannot do without certain powers that patronize the tradition itself. How far can you go in your craft without honoring the Gods, without appealing to them? The problem is that the gods of the north are very strict and willful, and do not allow everyone into their world.
You can do different practices, study theory, but without the support of certain central gods, chances are you won’t get very far in your art. Working with the Gods always yields tremendous results, and with regular contact your power will be multiplied many times over. This has been told to me personally by strong practitioners of the northern tradition who have had to build up communication over many years…

The ruler of the celestial city of Asgard, the Allfather, seated on the highest throne from which all nine worlds can be viewed. He was the greatest god, the supreme ruler of Valhalla, a sage, a priest, a Valkyrie ruler and lord of the nine worlds, a good father and a mighty king. The most complex and mysterious of the Scandinavian mythological gods in the Viking Age. Unpredictable and multi-faceted. He can give success with one hand and take it away with the other. It combines the incompatible - he is wise and cruel at the same time.

Has tremendous characteristics. In various legends he is clearly associated with the war, battle, wisdom, prophecy, victory, hunting, magic, poetry. In the pantheon of northern gods, the god of superconsciousness and transformation, the Lord of Light and Darkness, Life and Death, combines non-combined opposites. God of illumination, which helps to walk the path of knowledge of the hidden mystery of self. Guide between all the worlds of the universe and the human soul, which helps to descend into the depths of the unconscious and rise to the heights of superconscious.

Odin combined three personalities: warrior, shaman and wanderer. Each personality of the supreme god patronized one or another profession, and thus categories of people. In every guise he exuded wisdom, the power of thunder and lightning, and the mighty energy that lives in all of us.

(1) Odin-Warrior: Leadership

This incarnation allows Odin to give strength to soldiers, endowing them with faith in victory, courage and resourcefulness. Odin himself has hardly ever participated in battles (which is why there aren’t many military myths about him. His function in battles is to endow all his warriors with absolute power for victory, strategic thinking). Nevertheless, in some sources Odin is mentioned as a god of wise warfare and he has always allowed his sons to become famous in this direction.

(2) Odin - the shaman, lord of magicians: self-knowledge & all northern magic

Odin has always sought to know the truth of the Universe, to study in detail the laws of its existence and operation, to delve into the essence of space-time. To expand his knowledge he sacrificed himself to the Yggdrasil tree to gain insight into the true wisdom of creation. Odin was also revealed all the wisdom of the runes. He possessed the ability to foretell the future and see into the past. In the hypostasis of a shaman / priest, he is the god of Magic, grants magical power and authority, indicates the path of personal development, helps in working on oneself, finding one’s “self”.

(3) Odin-stranger (reveals truth to people, gives inspiration to poets, the ability to heal)

In this hypostasis Odin became a one-eyed old man with a long gray beard, who traveled the world. Odin patronized culture and art, healed the wounded, inspired people, and gave gifts to ordinary, kind, simple people. He willingly shared his profound knowledge of various fields with mortals.

In exploring this God, our Northern group clearly traces his thirst for knowledge and discovery. In every hypostasis Odin desired to know something new, unexplored. Odin was constantly improving, sharpening his knowledge and competencies during his wanderings. Many followers of the magical northern traditions believe that Odin helps in learning and science. He is often called the God of Knowledge of the Northern Pantheon.

We especially want to emphasize - this God is adored by all poets, because it is believed that he gave the gift of Poetry. Odin stole and drank The Mead of Poetry - the very drink that endows poetic inspiration and the ability to convince any interlocutor.

To complete the idea of Odin, it is necessary to break down in small detail each of his attributes/artifacts

- Gungnir spear. The spear always hits the target. And there is not a single person who can withstand this weapon. Oaths and vows made on the spear became eternal and indestructible

- The Draupnir is a magical golden ring, a symbol and source of great infinite wealth (+ fertility and male power). It is wealth in the most general sense, which is constantly multiplied (every ninth night this gold ring is “multiplied”: eight gold rings of the same weight fall from it, exactly like the original, but without the ability to “clone” themselves. If you collect 24 such rings in a month (=9th, 18th, 27th day), they can be joined into a belt. And such a belt will bring its owner invulnerability in any battle. Runologists have a Matrix of Odin’s Ring - it has one single task: to protect, enhance and increase everything placed in it.

To make a direct numerological analogy, the 24 rings that come out of the Draupnir each month are 24 runes. Their union into a belt is the construction of a runic circle, a symbol of initiation and Knowledge. Some practitioners associate the ring of God with his wisdom. Odin values wisdom more than martial art. A spear is needed for a warrior, a ring for a warlord.

- Hugin and Munin ("thinking and “remembering”) ravens

Every morning Odin would send them out for news, and by evening the crows would sit on their leader’s shoulders and whisper to him about what was going on in the nine worlds. In certain literature, Odin’s ravens are described as Passion + Desire + Will. They understand any human language, have an extremely perceptive mind, and are remarkably observant. Ravens are not merely Odin’s spies; they are also important advisors and confidants, symbols of his omnipotence.

- Geri and Freki (“greedy” and “voracious”) wolves

Ferocious wolves have always helped in fierce battles, they were considered devourers of enemies and obstacles. Odin’s wolves are the embodiment of the spirit of freedom and loyalty. They are fully loyal and faithful wolves who accompany him in his wanderings and protect him in battles, carefully scouting the way.

- The eight-legged horse Sleipnir (“gliding”) - is a guide through space and time, on him Odin travels through all worlds.

According to some unofficial versions, the eight-legged horse Sleipnir is a fusion of two horses. The two horses represent the two channels, Ida and Pingala. The fusion of the two horses as Sleipnir represents the third central channel, the Sushumna. When Ida and Pingala are brought into balance, subtle energy moves through these nerve channels in an ascending double spiral. Its movement through the energy channels resembled the movement of a snake coiled around the trunk of a tree. This subtle energy was known as Kundalini Shakti, which then shot upward through the central nerve channels of the Sushumna when Ida and Pingala came into balance. This indicates that the eight-legged horse Slipnir, which carries Odin into other realities, is one and the same as Kundalini Shakti

The main numbers / symbols of the Great Odin: 3 and 9

  • Triskelion (three-beam swastika) - symbolizes the three hypostases of Odin, and the unity of the three beginnings: mind, soul and spirit; consciousness, unconscious and superconscious; inspiration, will and sacred knowledge necessary for any magical action.
  • Valknut is also a symbol of the unity of the Three in One, and the unity of the Nine. Three triangles with three peaks each: the nine worlds of the Yggdrasil Tree, the nine parts of the human psyche.

The eighteen runes are the famous attribute of Odin. Their original manifestation was expressed in the form of eighteen powerful protective spells, granting, among other benefits, success in battle, in the sexual and love field, as well as healing from any ailments.

There is also much feminine energy in Odin’s power-he was one of the gods who practiced female seid magic.

As the real experts of the Nordic magical tradition say - “the original task of a magician - practitioner who respects the Nordic Pantheon - is self-development in terms of valor and honor. In whatever you do, you must be sure that you are right. But your actions must not violate basic laws, must not violate your or anyone else’s rights. God Odin will prove to you that the limits of your abilities are in fact much wider than you realize. The more you learn in the teachings, the more those limits expand. And don’t forget, Odin is the god of the warrior aristocracy, who rules / principles of honor and valor absolutely.”

“Odin shows the way, but you must walk it. He nurtures in you the ability to fight for yourself. He gives you strength by giving you trials that make you stronger. He will find and show your weaknesses, and you must overcome them. And he offers wisdom to those who deserve it. He inspires rage, passion, and ecstasy. Despite his military prowess, Odin broke many of the conventions of the warrior king archetype so idealized in Europe. He is different. Unpredictable.”

**Individual visions to work with the product**

  • absolute victory in social life, career, romantic life (love/sex). Powerful charisma
  • absolute victory in battles, fortification of spirit, wisdom of a warlord, wisdom of a strategist in war/military affairs. To be a great strategist is to have the ability to make the incredibly complex simple, or at least logical and easy to grasp. Ability to use the “masculine warrior aspect” of personality / (enhancing masculine hard energy / if necessary); balancing masculine and feminine energies
  • nurturing / awakening leadership qualities, strategic thinking, focus and determination, confidence, discipline, decisiveness and a strong will. Cold Mind. A combination of wisdom, intuition, foresight, and cunning. This combination is suitable for dealing with issues when you need to turn off your emotions. Don’t go with the situation. Ability to keep your head clear and your nerves under control when necessary, quick problem solving. Logical thinking, creativity, and innovations
  • Gungnir spear power: always hitting the target / helping to achieve any goal; passion in achieving any goal, passion for life itself
  • power of the Draupnir ring: fertility, wealth, prosperity, a constant financial flow that is constantly growing, the embodiment of good fortune
  • The Mead of Poetry: insights, creative inspiration, wit. You can inspire yourself and others to action
  • The conjunction of intellect and intuition, reason and memory. Absolute aid in science and learning, full disclosure of the cognitive/creative abilities of the mind. Improved attention, perception, stamina. Easy foreign language learning. Mastery of poetry and word play
  • The power of ravens: direct access to information from around the world. An aspect of remote viewing where one can learn the essential truth about a particular world situation. Activation of the thought-memory connection : insightful intelligence and observation. Ravens are not merely Odin’s spies; they are also important advisors and confidants. For us, they are additional guidance, help with plans and ambitions, desires and hopes. An opportunity to be alerted to important events. Enhancing telepathic transmission and communication
  • The power of wolves: Removing dark/negative thoughts that interfere with us and lead us down the wrong path. Two powerful guards that completely guard the host from negativity and evil. While one of the wolves slept, the other was awake and watching. Each is related to the Sun and the Moon: absorbing and storing the energy received from the Sun/Moon. Manipulating the absorbed energy and adjusting to the demands and needs of the energy system / regular and stable supportive energy flow when needed
  • Power of the numbers of Odin (3 / 9): completeness and wholeness, self-sufficiency, expandability and limitlessness, strength, all abilities, trust. Safety in life and in all our endeavors
  • Blessings of Odin, attunement with archetypes and energies of northern traditions, easy access to any other God & Goddess of the northern Pantheon
  • Full entrance / access to the system / energies of the runes. Intuitive understanding of the system, each rune, combination of runes, runic wisdom, knowledge of all worlds Yggdrasil. To know a rune meant to know the cosmic force it symbolized, and to know it meant to be able to use it
  • stimulation of the energy system (chakras, Ida, Pingala, Sushumna) through runic energies
  • aid in personal development; finding / cognition of one’s self
  • access to knowledge and memory of the collective unconscious, the ability to see the future
  • conductor / guide between all the worlds of the universe and the human soul, helps go down into the depths of the unconscious and rise to the heights of supra-consciousness. A conduit to the various realms of consciousness. Ability to explore the unconscious, the shadow side of the personality and neutralize or transform it. Possibility to establish contact with the Higher planes of being and reality
  • acquiring/accumulating magical power, access to occult knowledge for self-discovery and transformation, sense of freedom, unity and integration of mind + soul + spirit
  • ability to heal


a little personal feedback.
Unfortunately, active reviews are going out of style. Many reviews and all the magic happens behind the scenes :(
but I’ll leave mine (it is based on physical sensations)

29 days ago I wrote:
Hello dear participants.
Today I will correct all the functions (I have written them out)
I have said many times, and will continue to say - that some products we create before contacting the Captain. […]
nevertheless, working on an idea - it is possible to “feel” approximately what the final product will be :)
I will say at once - Odin’s energy is quite heavy. It’s like I’m wearing a heavy armor - and yesterday I felt exhausted. I’m just warning you. As I suggested earlier - the holistic energy of this God is not for everyone. It’s not an easy Aphrodite. It’s more serious, though the fact itself delights and inspires me even more.
Just wanted to share.

Today, before buying:

Very powerful energies, and lately I have had a slight weakness and fatigue just from him. There is a connection going on: Mimir + Odin + ? These are ancient, sufficiently heavy / strong energies
it will take me a while to get used to them and integrate


An absolutely magnificent project - congratulations to you all! :+1: :partying_face: :sparkling_heart:




This is not a review at all… But something that happened just an hour earlier that was… Very accidental… Very expected, with all the glory of Odin power, of course, but the impersonification that took a slight second to happen was very impressive, to say the least, and it took me by surprise…

So, I was talking to a family member and showing him my new NFTs… My family isn’t the most open, like most of us, when it comes to these blessings… I don’t call captains work anything but a true blessing…

And while I showed him the artworks of these NFTs he kept saying the usual “family talk”… Commenting about all “these things I believe in” - - although my tags have always been strikening for him.

So I swiped to Odin’s NFT image… And let me tell you… In less than a second… My whole facial expressions completely shifted!! My body posture was that of “Yeah… Keep saying that.” My face was just there with a fierce expression but also very calm. My body posture angled right at him… My hands also changed the way I was holding my phone… It felt like I was holding a weapon, lol

And that type of “Ancient” energies I have not experienced with any other field than perhaps, Stonehenge or something.

I attribute the change of my feelings that I originally came with to this conversation to Rite of the Passage, but then when I had the image open it was completely something else, I can’t explain this part yet.

There is a treasure awaiting me in combining this with Mimir too, I told him a couple days ago we were waiting for odin :)). Well he probably knows anyway, lol.

And now I’m gonna go for a few more loops of rite, with Odin companionship :)))


I had some wariness about the god Odin. I knew about the feelings of Ugnis before the project was implemented. But the NFT has been received. There is no heaviness and no bloodlust. I am calm and reasonable. That’s the main thing I wanted from him. Remove haste, weigh thoughts and decisions. Usually, the first strong feelings I have pass an hour after receiving. The calm force remained with me. I am very interested in what will happen next. I’m going to use some practice with the ring. But we have a huge field of research.
And also, when I think about him, his grin appears in my head)) Something like well? And what are we going to do next))) a certain interest and anticipation)))


yea, I remember our discussions, and your feelings: :joy:

*Very strong, he’s violent, and rather far from understanding “good.” Very active and yet balanced. *
Like there’s a person who needs to get a lot done, needs a plan, focus.
As the director of a school or an Olympic center.
He doesn’t need to be kind.
He is concrete, tough, and has no tolerance for crying
He needs results.


You save everything)))


beautiful creation!

@UgniS appears to be the person which every group needs :stuck_out_tongue:


This! i felt his presence since the day we start working in it. Beautiful and powerfull energies. Sooo… so i thought i would receive his energy more prepared when i got the nft. But quite the opposite. I feel like I have the crows on top of me and that each one weighs a good number of kilos lol

Yeah, just like that haha.


I couldn’t agree more!

Hear! Hear! :clinking_glasses:


Indeed! I would imagine Odin’s crows weigh the density of lead! :muscle:


Something I’ve randomly mentioned somewhere else, but i assume this would be the right spot for it

Nicely done guys


A few days, and you’ll get used to it. Assimilation and integration takes place. Don’t worry. :grin:


Oh man i love the way it is!!

It can get better than that?


When you walk down the street, don’t be surprised if crows fly over you and look at you lovingly :)
(I know, it’s cool) :grin:


Crows hmm!

Last year they’d be my only company in the park


will now be permanent company. :wink: :grin: :+1:

Lots of discoveries to come. I’m happy for you :)


Sounds good, might wanna consider getting some food for them then.

Thanks, i am very satisfied with it


Odin is literally the Blueprint of Magic.

He’s given me so many things, some are too personal, others too beautiful to even explain. He’s given me a path and answers to questions that I didn’t even know existed.

He gave me his hand and told me to look for a black gem to turn into a talisman charged by him. And said. Will only work for me, to protect me and give me powers, and so far. Yeah, it has been so.

To measure things (like orgonites) and see their life force, I use a biometer with a pendulum.
When i bought the talisman, it marked normal range of a gem / stone (like 4 thousand bovis units)
After it was uploaded, omg, it was maxed out at 10 million. LOL

He introduce me to other gods and goddesses. He oppened me the doors of Asgard.
Visions of the future, a pathway. Im his student now. I can’t even process that thought.
He is always with me. A magician in steroids.

And this is just the beginning…

And thanks to @Dreamweaver amazing gift… i can’t believe it :blush: