The Scorpion NFT (Community +)

I’ve heard that many people don’t like to read long posts. Nevertheless, this is an educational forum that values a variety of information.
I have shortened the text of this big concept a bit and I will hide the main blocks that explain each detail under a spoiler (if there is any interest in exploring all the layers of this NFT).

Each point of this product is related to the previous point, and there is no way to remove something completely…
(By the way, the original name of the project was “Black Golden Scorpion”)

This concept consists of several serious layers/components, each perfectly connected to one another, and creates a powerful energetic environment. All elements of this NFT are connected to the fire/solar energies that aim for total healing, transformation, success and financial flow.

So, the design of this NFT looks like this:

  • A huge scorpion with an activated sting.
  • The scorpion itself is composed of gold / black gold
  • The scorpion itself stands on a base of amber

In this NFT:

  • The power of sun and fire
  • the power of the scorpion
  • the power of the scorpion’s venom
  • the power of gold and the power of black gold
  • the power of coniferous forests, the sea, and AMBER

Main functional blocks:

  • comprehensive protection of the NFT owner
  • money flow | success & Luck
  • health / healing effect
Scorpions in various traditions / mythologies

A common feature of all spiders is the number of legs - eight. Eight in esoteric tradition is a material number. It represents the infinity of the universe, and all that is in it. It is the number of wealth, money, and property. It controls financial flows, helping people make purchases and invest in their own development.

Scorpio is one of Earth’s oldest inhabitants. He does not allow himself to be touched with impunity, he instantly strikes back at the enemy with his terrible tail with a poisonous sting. In some cultures he is the embodiment of vengeance and retribution.

In Africa, the scorpion was a symbol of healing. The residents of that region have long known that in small doses the poison is not dangerous, but on the contrary, healing. In Africa, they were also used as a healing sign - oils from its venom are still used for medicinal purposes.

In the mythology of the ancient peoples of the East, the scorpion is good rather than bad. For example, snakes and scorpions everywhere accompanied the West Semitic god - healer Shadrapa (he was the God-healer).

In Western Asia the scorpion was an attribute of the goddess Ishkhar (goddess of fertility, later acquired the function of the goddess of war. She was the ruler of justice and court). Her name was remembered during the sacred vows. The scorpion was seen as an emblem of truth, justice and fairness. In many countries, the scorpion symbolized protection and guardianship. For example, the Egyptian goddess Isis, who was escaping the persecution of the evil god Seth, was carefully guarded by seven scorpions. The mighty chest of the Tibetan god Tsiumarpo was reliably protected by an armor made of scorpion shells.

In Babylonia similar functions were performed by a strange fantastic creature in the form of a man with a scorpion’s tail and a drawn bow in his hands, depicted on gates, doors and boundary stones.

Ancient iconography proves that poisonous creatures also served other, far less harmless gods. Black Ek-Chuah, the Mayan god of war, used his scorpion tail not for protection, but for constant attack.

The first Egyptian king was the Pharaoh / legendary King Scorpio, who is mentioned in the Book of the Dead. Ancient Egyptians treated scorpions without fear or hatred, small figures of scorpions were used as protective amulets. In ancient Egypt, the scorpion was used as a means of healing and resurrection after death. Thereby this fraught with danger image was interpreted ambiguously as both a bearer of change and a symbol of overcoming death.

The Egyptians also considered the goddess of the dead, Selket (patroness of witchcraft and healing), daughter of the sun god Ra. She was depicted with the head of a scorpion or with a human head on which a scorpion was seated.
This Scorpion on the head of the ancient Egyptian lord of the dead is also an unambiguous emblem of death. The image of the scorpion was also closely related to the image of the snake. Both of these animals were considered to represent mystery, wisdom, and knowledge.

In the Bible, the scorpion is a symbol of demonic forces and refers to the animal inhabiting the underworld. Because of its unexpected (treacherous) way of stinging, the scorpion became a symbol of Judas.

For soldiers in ancient times, the meaning of the scorpion tattoo on the arm was to demonstrate certain traits inherent in warriors: strength, resilience, agility, stealth, determination. The scorpion patronized true fighters, symbolized a belligerent, deadly man. He was respected because he was capable of both killing and curing. A small and non-threatening-looking creature could defeat a giant, which explains why the tattoo with him symbolizes a brave, victory-minded individual.

Some claim that a tattoo with the image of a scorpion protects against disease and negative energy. Tibetans drew a scorpion on cold weapons and scabbards to increase their chances of victory. In one myth, there is an image of a male scorpion who watched the sunrise, symbolizing joy and enlightenment.

The scorpion has always been considered a constant attribute of sorcerers and witches. With the addition of the scorpion, they prepared terrible spells. In esotericism, the scorpion is associated with sexual magic, with destruction, the occult, mysticism, and illumination. Many peoples considered him an “evil creature” and a killer, but after all, nature created the scorpion not as a thoughtless and ruthless “murder weapon”. Every creature on earth has its merits.

In Samaria, one of the cradles of civilization, it was associated with the sun itself. Ancient texts and drawings depict Scorpio Men guarding the sacred gate leading to ascension to the heavenly disc and granting enlightenment.

In the Middle Ages, a sign depicting this spider-like animal was common in medical circles (because of its magical / healing properties). Its venom treated various diseases such as smallpox, syphilis, poisoning, and mental illness.

When people noticed that its venom caused paralysis of the body, they began to use the venom for operations. Chinese medics treated the venom in infected wounds and used it as a painkiller. In Tibet the scorpion symbolized a healthy body.

In different cultures, the scorpion has different meanings - it was feared, it was worshiped, it was respected.

The scorpion is a symbol of fire, of the Sun. In the Sumerian legend of Gilgamesh, one brave man manages to get from the god Shamakhi immortality, but at the foot of Mount Mashu his way was blocked by descendants of Chaos - man-scorpion and his wife, but after long negotiations he was allowed to go further.

The scorpion in nature is indeed a dangerous and ferocious predator. He usually comes out to hunt at night, and his activity increases during the hot season. He only uses his venomous sting as a defense.

How can a scorpion sting? Energy Protection and Extra Functions

Reflective Shield/Directional Reflective Shield: the ability to reflect negative energy from others directly onto themselves, preventing that negative energy from affecting you. “Instant Karma”, protection against negative energy and influences. Reflection of unwanted, negative energies and emotions. Return to sender.

The shield actively protects you from any attempt to negatively influence/manipulate you, your thinking and your emotions.

If someone is trying to hurt you emotionally, they can feel that pain instead of you. If someone tries to manipulate your thoughts, decisions or feelings, the impact will be instantly directed back at them. Scorpio will make you experience what others are trying/hope to make you experience.

Scorpio strengthens and compacts the energy field, forms a smooth surface on the outer edges to reflect and prevent any energies, mental/psychic influences from entering and influencing. The shield sends negative energy straight back; this action will probably stop the sender from generating negativity/negative emotions.

They will feel and experience their own negativity/manipulation. This can be expressed in emotional discomfort, guilt/shame/fear (if that was what they were trying to affect you with), and so on.

Recall the description of our Captain’s legendary dog-tag:

"On a physical level, this dog-tag protects you by helping you avoid trouble, causing fear and discomfort in potential threats as they approach you, and helping you make good decisions in stressful situations.

Aura of Fear: The title may be a little overdramatic, but it really will make anyone looking for a victim think twice about choosing you. You will suddenly appear dangerous for whatever reason, regardless of your physical size or actual danger… It’s a measurable effect, so if a person is likely to attack out of fear, they will just feel uncomfortable, but extremely uncomfortable!"

This scorpion shield / sting works much more powerfully

Additional energetic benefits of the scorpion:

  • Emphasizes sexuality
  • Activation of strength, confidence, courage, bravery
  • activation of a keen mind
  • the energy of the scorpion is great for those in leadership positions
  • help in any disputes
  • Little hypnotic effect on the interlocutor

Scorpion venom. Energetic effects and disease prevention

The survivability of scorpions amazes scientists. They are able to tolerate large doses of radiation - more than a thousand X-rays! During the French atomic bomb test in the Sahara desert, only the scorpions survived. Scientists are still studying these ancient arthropods and never cease to amaze how many secrets and mysteries keep these animals. Scorpions have an amazing ability to overcome difficulties and a thirst for survival, it’s not for nothing that people in ancient times paid them so much attention. Yes, they cause fear, but at the same time and respect, as a symbol of resilience and struggle.

Poison is produced by all scorpions, but the degree of its activity varies depending on the species. According to some data, the most venomous in the world is considered to be the Palestinian scorpion, whose habitat is in North Africa. Its venom is as strong as the venom of the cobra. The stings of the African scorpion are very dangerous. In the past, scorpions were burned and the ashes were used to make powders and ointments to cure fatal bites. So the idea arose that the scorpion heals the wounds it inflicts at the cost of its death. Therefore, in Africa, the symbolism of the scorpion was dual in nature: it was a symbol of both healing and merciless killing.

Ancient medicine used the scorpion extensively. In its fried form, it was prescribed for treating stale coughs and diseases of the digestive organs. Olive oil in which the scorpion was fried, when used externally, treats skin diseases, hemorrhoids, lumbar pain. If at the end of the month (3-4 days), put the scorpion in a glass jar, pour olive oil, then infused in the sun for 40 days, you get a real healing oil of scorpion.

This oil was (and is) used for external application to treat sciatica, hemorrhoids, neuritis of the facial nerve, joint pains, gout. Chinese healers used this oil to treat earaches. Ancient doctors considered scorpion tinctures the best for eliminating kidney and bladder stones. Dried scorpion rubbed in vinegar was also used externally to treat skin problems.

Medicine is actively using scorpions for experimental purposes. Scorpions venom inhibits Ca channels and activates Na channels. Due to these properties, it has a positive inotropic effect on the skeletal musculature, has an analgesic effect.

Brazilian researchers have determined that scorpion venom stimulates the excretory function of the pancreas. According to some reports, scorpion venom is promising in the treatment of multiple sclerosis. Peptides of scorpion venom have antitumor activity.

According to scientists, the venom contains rare and valuable components. Scientists are developing a cure for cancer based on chlorotoxin. Chlorotoxin acts directly on cancer cells, ignoring healthy tissue. It is this selectivity toward cancer cells that offers hope for its use in the fight against the disease. If, in theory, chlorotoxin is combined with a radioisotope, it should deliver the radioactive substance directly to the tumor and stay there.

According to other scientists, the poison stimulates the natural production of collagen, which keeps the skin young and reduces wrinkles.

The poison helps the body defend itself against invading bacteria and viruses. In the case of viruses, it strengthens the immune system in a way that prevents them from entering the cell. It also increases overall energy levels and improves overall well-being.

Scorpion venom greatly increases the ability to fight off various diseases, viruses and bacteria more quickly and easily.

Some scorpion peptides contain antioxidants, amino acids and enzymes that naturally support the body’s immune system, providing additional benefits to increase morning alertness, maintain energy levels and maintain quality of daily life.

Energy Impact Perspective:

DISCLAIMER: These results may not appear for everyone. These products work on subtle energy, and some people may be less sensitive to subtle energy (and this product) than others. For certain health problems, all possible and available treatments should be used.

  • Regenerate: Naturally detoxifies the body with an energy signature of amino acid building blocks that support and strengthen immune system responses
  • Restore strength: Significantly increases vitality, energy and quality of life
  • Restore joint health: Support flexibility, joint health, cartilage and comfort with movement
  • Anti-inflammatory support: energy venom extract helps reduce pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis, as well as joint and back pain
  • Anti-cancer potential: Although research is currently inconclusive, some scientists believe that this unique venom peptide may inhibit cancer cell growth by combining with them
Gold: Mythology. Energetic properties. Healing properties

Money channel activation. Gold is patronized by the Sun. Element of Gold: Fire, Earth. Powers and Symbolism: Power, healing, protection, wisdom, money, success. Since time immemorial, gold was considered the metal of gods, kings, and the wealthy. Gold is still valued the world over and is a hard currency in the economy. As the equivalent of money, gold makes many people secure and powerful.

According to Egyptian myths, it once rained gold over the earth. Gold droplets fell from the sky, penetrated very deeply into the earth and remained there as gold nuggets. Scandinavian legend claims that the gold were the tears of the goddess of love Freya (the goddess of fertility, love and beauty). She shed her tears when she was separated from her husband Öd.

Gold in many esoteric currents associated with masculine energy and the energy of the sun. Gold was highly prized in ancient Egypt, where it was called “nub” and had not only economic value, but also had a cultic value.

Ancient alchemists considered gold the king of metals. The reason is its natural nobility: it has an invariably shiny appearance and is resistant to the action of the vast majority of reagents. The chemical resistance of gold led to the gilding of other metals to protect them from corrosion.

It has accompanied the noble and influential members of society since ancient times. It has been used in many different capacities. It was considered a magic metal, and was used by witches and sorcerers in all sorts of rituals. Gold vessels and goblets were used in ancient times to neutralize various poisons.

Gold plates with special engraving and inscriptions were used as a talisman in Ancient Greece and Rome. Ancient healers and medicine men made attempts to cure various diseases with gold.

In Oriental medicine, gold is considered one of the most stable metals in terms of energy. It is a conductor of powerful Yang energy flow. It has a warming and energizing effect on the human body. The energy of the noble metal revitalizes people’s vitality, adds confidence and joy to the character.

Gold is the metal of the Sun, which is capable to absorb, accumulate a high-frequency spectrum of a person’s vital energy, and also to share accumulated energy with its owner. The metal is very powerful and strong. Metals have no personality, but character is present. It awakens, reveals a person’s charisma, his creative spirit. The noble metal likes decisive and successful, bright, creative people. Gold strengthens the energy of the wearer, and will guide, concentrate his will, give protection, strengthen and support the chosen path. Gold turns life into a creative process, where there will be a lot of discoveries and findings, a lot of love and positivity. There is a tremendous fiery energy flowing through gold.

Gold brings crystal clarity of consciousness, a sense of light in all phenomena and objects, and enhances the energy of the solar plexus. This metal concentrates energy, helps with exhaustion of the nervous system.

Amulet made of gold will protect its owner from various troubles and negative manifestations (it is often used by businessmen). It revitalizes a person’s energy, directing it in a creative way. If your work involves a creative approach to business, the gold will help you learn how to solve problems and problems as required by specific circumstances.

Esotericists assert that its action activates the sixth sense, so it becomes easier to make correct decisions, to express your thoughts and emotions in songs, stories, poems, drawings.

In ancient times, gold was considered an elixir of life and a cure for many diseases. People believed that gold powder could prolong their lives. The metal was added to food. The Sumerians used gold toothpicks, and infants were given gold jewelry for a baby’s restful sleep. A sick person was given gold plates to chew on, as it was believed that the person would heal faster and gain strength.

In modern folk medicine, gold is also attributed medicinal properties. It is believed that if you hold the gold in your mouth, you will have a sore throat or an aching tooth. If gold is held for a while in the sore spots, it can alleviate pain in the joints, spine, and liver.

In modern medicine, gold compounds are classified as immune-enhancing drugs and are used to treat malignant tumors, rheumatoid arthritis, certain blood diseases, bronchial asthma, psoriasis, and alcoholism.

Nowadays in India (the motherland of “ayurveda” - one of the most ancient teachings on health) annually about 2 tons of this metal are used to prepare gold-bearing essences from oils and plant extracts according to ancient recipes of Atharvaveda (“spell veda”). Such medicines are much easier to absorb by the body and as a result show tremendous effectiveness in the treatment of some diseases.

Gold has bactericidal properties and helps compensate for cardiovascular problems.

Black Gold. Black gold scorpion

Black scorpion is associated with wealth, high status in society, luxury, quality, reputation, refinement, elegance. Gold itself is associated with masculine energy and the power of the Sun.

More information:

Perhaps the most mysterious alloy is black gold. It takes a lot of resources to make this metal and the process of producing black gold is very complex. It can be obtained by several methods, but the most popular method is the alloying of pure gold with chromium and colbate. The resulting material is then oxidized and processed at high temperatures (700 to 950 degrees Celsius).

Alloy such gold is made in the jewelry house Fawaz Gruosi using a secret recipe, but there are also known ways of obtaining it.

Proportions: gold (75%), cobalt (15%) and chromium (10%). All of these components combine to oxidize and form a metal that is difficult to work with. The material that cannot be forged is expensive, which explains its value.

The famous British jewelry house Stephen Webster is actively engaged in black gold. Some popular personalities are very fond of such jewelry from the British house, including Victoria Beckham, Rianna, and others. Black gold goes well with its white counterpart, as well as with diamonds.

Black gold is much more durable than yellow gold. It is worth noting that products made of black gold always have a 750th hallmark. It is interesting that the jewelry house Cartier made a whole collection of watches with straps made of an unusual material. It’s quite simple, the black alloy goes well with platinum and rich color of regular gold. Black alloy jewelry belongs to the premium class and literally shouts about the status of its owner.

The Legend of the Balts (a boring, sad and uninteresting story)

It is said that many Lithuanians’ love of amber is innate, with amber running through their veins. They know the value of Baltic gold, for it is the source of the nation’s knowledge. That said, the world of amber is so broad, deep and mysterious that it can be viewed in many different ways.

Perhaps then one can understand what touches the heart, excites the mind, astonishes, respects or magically fascinates one of Lithuania’s most striking symbols. For those who discover the richness of the mythology of the Balts, amber will play with new, unseen colors.

Perhaps no nation holds so many keys to the mysteries of amber as the Lithuanians. Thousands of years ago, their ancestors were the first in the world to learn to look at amber as a gift from the gods at the bottom of the restless Baltic Sea. Amber amulets guarded, protected, brought good luck, were sacrificed to the gods, and were worn in memory of their ancestors. Amber was the first and most important commodity of the inhabitants of the Baltic Sea coast. Kings, pharaohs, Roman gladiators, and the most beautiful women wanted amber. Amber opened wide trade routes and paths to the boundless world. At the same time, it was a holy stone, smoked in the altars of the Balts: weddings were celebrated with it, people went on military campaigns, and people died with it.

The peoples of the world, who have learned the magic power of amber, have long since composed myths and legends about its occurrence. Back in the ancient world, there was a widespread myth about the death of Phaethon, who could not cope with the solar chariot and set the Earth on fire, about the sobs of his petrified, grieving mother and sisters, whose tears were turned into amber.

However, there is no more impressive story than the still popular romantic tale of ***Jurate (***the goddess of sea) and ***Kastytis (***the brave fisherman) and ***Perkūnas (***the ancient god of the Balts), during whose reign the painful drama took place.

Long ago there lived a goddess of unearthly beauty, the sea queen Jurate, at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Her castle in the depths of the sea was luxurious, amber, with golden rapids. The goddess’s entourage of sea nymphs and mermaids bewitched and lured handsome lads with their magical voices and wonderful songs until they promised to live with the mermaids at the bottom of the sea. Whoever was unable to resist their seduction was bewitched by the nymphs and smothered them in their arms. But the goddess Jurate herself had rarely taken up seducing fishermen, so she had no idea what human love was all about.

Near the mouth of the river Šventoji lived in those immemorial times a brave and handsome fisherman named Kastytis, who caught fish in the sea with strong nets. He was the one whom the sea goddess chose and fell in love with. Accompanied by nymphs on amber boats, Jurate sailed to the shore. The nymphs beguiled, smiled and sang and tried in every way to seduce the young Kastytis, but he remained unyielding. Because of this, Jurate fell in love with him even more, felt even greater passion for the brave fisherman, and even forgot her divine origin.

The young man could not resist the unearthly beauty of Jurate. She gave herself to a mere mortal, and every evening she came ashore. Their love was as pure as a drop of amber in the waves of the sea. The lovers were radiant with happiness, as if their most cherished dream had come true.

The connection between the goddess and an ordinary fisherman was not acceptable. The god of thunder and lightning Perkūnas noticed the lovers, and became very angry. Enraged with anger, he sent his thunderbolts into the depths of the sea and destroyed the goddess’s glittering amber palace. The fisherman Kastytis was also killed. The enraged Perkūnas chained Jurate, who had broken the laws of the gods, to the ruined walls of the amber palace, and threw the body of his beloved Kastytis beneath the goddess’ feet. Jurate’s heart was torn with grief and pain, all her sadness and endless sobs sank into the cold waves of the Baltic.

To this day, the raging sea rolls its waves to the shore, throwing pieces of the amber palace onto the sand. The immortal Jurate swims in the depths, mourning her beloved and their friendship, and her amber tears can still be found on the sandy beaches. The small, transparent pieces of amber brought from the depths of the weeping sea symbolize the pure love of the goddess Jūratė and the brave but simple mortal fisherman Kastytis.

Lithuanian poets, composers, and artists inspired by this beautiful legend have created many beautiful works, from poems to ballets, from songs to rock operas, from stained glass to a sculpture that still stands to this day in the Lithuanian resort town of Palanga.

It’s not without reason that natural, untreated amber is most valuable. Because only in it lives that which can be considered the soul of amber: magic amber acid. Its magic influence on health and well-being has been known for a very long time. Out of several hundreds of types of amber mined in the world, it is Baltic amber with the highest concentration of certain acids, and therefore it is considered the most valuable.

During the Soviet regime, comprehensive information about succinic acid was strictly classified, because it was included in the rehabilitation means for cosmonauts and divers. This acid was used in those places, where the ability to withstand great physical and psychological stresses was required.

The range of medical activity of succinic acid is very broad: it stimulates the nervous system, improves kidney and intestinal function, is used as anti-stress, anti-inflammatory and anti-toxic agent. Its preparations help to normalize acid-base balance of blood and restore strength in the elderly. It has proven itself well in case of pathology of the heart muscle, in the treatment of arthritis, anemia, as a physiological respiratory stimulant (especially after anesthesia), etc.

Amber is the real gold

The sun is shining brightly. Golden drops of thick resin, filled with sunlight, slowly drip down the trunks of relict pines. Centuries, millennia, millions of years have passed, and the Earth has changed. Now, where the ancient pines grew, the Baltic Sea stretches out.

Cold waves bring resinous drops of sunlight, turned into amber during tens of millions of years. Nature herself created this miracle.

Amber is not only the energy of the Sun. It is a storehouse of sunlight, the energy of coniferous forests and many millions of years of history itself. Since ancient times there has been a belief that the “tears” of ancient pines - resin drops that were caught in the sea, polished by the waves and thrown onto the shore - acquire magical powers, charging energy and healing many ailments.

In Lithuania, amber jewelry is a lucky talisman for its owners. A passion for amber has long been attributed not only to its beauty, but also to its powerful healing properties. The folk experience of treatment with amber has a scientific foundation. Confirmation of its healing and magical properties determines one’s attitude toward it.

The Primorskoye geological deposit is situated on the shore of the Baltic Sea, within the borders of the Kaliningrad Region.

This is the largest amber deposit in the world. It contains up to 90% of its world reserves, and amber concentration in the rock is the highest - about 2 kg/m3. Baltic amber is 40-50 mln years old and is equal in quality to a gemstone. It is mined in open-cast mines, and about 300 tons of the stone is mined per year (in Soviet times - up to 800 tons).

For paleontologists, amber provides an absolutely fantastic opportunity to see with their own eyes living creatures who lived on earth tens of millions of years ago.

The resin flowing down from trees captured plant debris, pollen, mushroom spores, cobwebs, hair, feathers. Spiders, insects and snails, and small vertebrates were entangled in it. Inclues are the name given to the remains of flora and fauna encased in amber. These findings are so amazing that they formed the basis of the novel “Jurassic Park” by Michael Crichton, and a series of films based on it. The magical properties of amber are thought to be especially powerful if the resin contains insects or other inclusions.

It is believed that Baltic amber appeared 44 million years ago, during the Paleogene, in the second geological era. This is the first feature that distinguishes it from its “brethren”. For example, the “age” of amber from the Dominican Republic is 15-40 million years.

In contrast to other kinds of amber, Baltic amber is not a full polymer. It has a particularly complex chemical structure, which makes it more rigid, compact, and resistant to damage. In addition, it is Baltic amber that best preserves the amazing inclusions of living creatures of the past. Such stones look simply marvelous. They are amazing specimens that hold a special powerful energy of nature.

A stone of good luck and prosperity. The magic and energy of amber

People have known the bright stones, playing with all shades of yellow-orange in the sun, since the Paleolithic era. In the Bronze Age, trade routes connected the lands of Northern Europe and the Nile Valley, and Baltic amber, along with gold, accompanied the pharaohs to the afterlife (Baltic amber adorned the crown of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen, it is one of the very first gemstones). In Greek mythology, amber was thought to be the tears of the heliad nymphs, shed for the dead Phaethon. The Greeks were fascinated by amber’s ability to electrify. Even the word “electricity” itself comes from the Greek “ἤλεκτρον,” that is, “amber.” A carbon copy of the Greek name for amber is the old Russian name, “ilektr”, which in the 16th century was replaced by the familiar name, derived from the Lithuanian “gintaras” (In ancient times, amber was heralded as a panacea for all ills because of its witchcraft properties. Indeed, the scope of amber in healing is very large. Not without reason, the literal translation of its Lithuanian name means “protection from disease”). In China and Japan, particularly cherry-colored amber reminiscent of the blood of the dragon was worshiped by the members of the imperial family.

A frozen tear, a bright star, the sun stone. Amber is friendly with all metals. He looks great in expensive platinum and budget silver (and of course combines well with gold). There is one axiom that unites all jewelry pieces. Jewelry made of amber is timeless. They are a stylish, graceful and original creation of the jewelers.

Amber is one of the most valuable jewelry stones, and its beneficial effects on the human body have been officially confirmed. And if previously it was mixed with water in different ways (for example, pounded into a powder) and used for taking this therapeutic liquid, today amber acid is prepared from it. The latter is used as a powerful immunostimulant that helps fight inflammatory processes and severe stress.

The magical properties of amber have been attributed to it practically since it was first used by ancient peoples - at least five thousand years ago. Many legends associated the stone with the Sun, even considering it to be frozen pieces of the ether of the celestial luminary. Amber with lizards and insects stuck in it had a special power in the eyes of magicians - such stones were used in various ceremonies and rituals.

It is believed that amber is able to bring great luck to its owner, endow him with vitality and vigor, and make him “glow from within”. Sunstone will bring relief from depression. For centuries, mankind has associated the Sun with warmth, strength and joy, protection and activity, so the vitalizing golden hue and magical properties of the amber amulet allow us to call it “solar”.

Even the smallest golden amber piece is a powerful clot of energy, holding in itself the enormous power of nature. As a talisman, the “sun stone” is good for all signs of the zodiac: it will increase vitality and longevity, protect from the evil eye, and help one develop intuition. This is a “living” stone that feels the energy of its owner. Clairvoyants see amber as a cluster of sunbeams, like a blob of energy with tremendous power.

Amber is a source of creative power, faith and optimism. It strengthens intuition and helps to translate plans into specific actions, brings good fortune, joy and peace, gives vigor to the spirit, and preserves health. Like gold, amber strengthens the energies of power, of course, if they support creative aspirations and constructive intentions.

Amber is a symbol of protection and purity, it is used to neutralize negative energy of all kinds. It is able to create a special friendly atmosphere in a room, to reconcile and pacify people who are warring, to stop disputes and to arouse frankness. Amber is well suited to neutralize the negative energy of geopathic zones. The main meaning of the stone is to create a favorable space for a person. Amber is a strong amulet for the home. Finally, amber products absorb the “psychoenergies” characteristic of home life, transforming them into more beneficial and harmonious ones, which results in natural recovery of the psycho-emotional atmosphere in a family.

Stone, absorbed the joy of sunlight, helps a successful marriage and keeps the family from strife. To this day, it is customary to give newlyweds an amber amulet, so that harmony and love reign in the family. And for the financial well-being of the young family, three amber beads should be hung over the front door.

Amber accumulates the power of Venus and the Sun. It helps in love, and was used to make military amulets. In addition, amber is also said to be a powerful aphrodisiac. It enhances sexual energy.

It is a symbol of prosperity, health, and happy life. For this reason, amber chips have been used since ancient times in magic as a powerful potential talisman and amulet. Amber talismans give the wearer optimism, promote self-expression, attract loyal friends, and help find a life partner.

The magical power of amber is due not only to the unique frequency of its vibrations, but also to the peculiarity of accumulating information. The most magical powers have stones with insects (inclusions), especially with the scorpion. That is why inclusions are often used in magic for cleansing, protection from negative influences. Especially valuable are stones of a reddish hue with insects inside. Amber with a scorpion is considered the strongest, rarest and most valuable.


Bio-energy therapists state that the healing energy of amber restores a person’s weak energy, stabilizes the endocrine system, and regenerates the nervous and muscular tissue. Amber is recognized the world’s strongest healer, because it has the ability to “pull” negative energy from a diseased organ and absorb it. So, the ancient healers were right when recommending to apply amber to the sore organ. During treatment with amber, specialists also apply it in the form of applications to the ear where biologically and energetically active points and areas are located.

Amber pendant set in silver helps prevent diseases of urogenital system and drive stones out of kidney and liver. By the way, Martin Luther was known to carry a piece of amber in his pocket all the time to prevent the formation of kidney stones. Amber in the form of a pendant worn at the level of the heart will cure almost all diseases of the cardiovascular system. Due to the witchcraft properties of amber, amber necklace helps in case of throat diseases, bronchial asthma, and coughing fits. Medicinal amber in contact with the human body can saturate the skin with amber acid and natural salts.

Some mystical schools practice long contemplation of the reflection of amber in the mirror. This contributes to the development of psychic abilities, from being able to fully control one’s mental processes to obtaining the magical ability to change one’s surrounding reality at will.

A little summary:

  • reveals and enhances the natural beauty of its owner
  • gives optimism and tranquility, fills with harmony and love of life
  • amulet from trouble in the road, business, family
  • fills the energy space with sunlight (joy, health, good luck); powerful positive impact on the surrounding environment and other people
  • activates natural magnetism
  • Optimization of sexual function, sexual attraction
  • activation of the creative flow, inspiration. Amber helps to find the precision of thought and concentrate creative energy
  • optimism, constructive thinking, and the ability to see only the positive side of things (amber is good for people, who are prone to frequent attacks of sadness and melancholy)
  • amber is under the patronage of the Sun, and its element is fire. It has a favorable effect on all the chakras. Energetic nourishment, strengthening, nurturing of chakra system
  • stimulation of biologically active points (reflexogenic zones) - optimization of energy of the meridian system
  • balancing the energy processes in the body (according to the oriental ideas - between yang and yin)
  • Amber has one more amazing property - the ability to absorb infra-red and ultraviolet radiation and all other kinds of harmful electromagnetic radiation, to capture geomagnetic information, and to protect the host from magnetic storms and undesirable bioenergetical influence
  • amber amulets help in cases of bad luck, bad luck, magical intrigues (witchcraft, evil eye). They help protect against accidents, robbery, violence, family discord, quarrels, and also strengthen one’s resourcefulness
  • the healing properties of amber are determined by several factors: by the influence of the energy of free electrons, presence of paramagnetic centers and amber acid in amber, high sorption qualities, ability to ionize ambient air and neutralize the excess of free radicals, formed in the human organism
  • it is a natural biogenerator, generating special protective biofields, which not only have biostimulating and energy-harmonizing properties, but also disinfect the atmosphere in the house
Therapeutic Properties of Amber

This stone has a wide range of healing properties and is used in the prevention of a large number of ailments. According to modern science, amber contains practically all elements useful for our body: iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, cobalt, barium, etc. In total, amber contains up to 30% of soluble compounds, which has allowed folk medicine to prepare from it tinctures and other medicines. It has been known for ages that wearing amber beads is beneficial in case of thyroid gland diseases. Amber contains iodine which is essential for normal functioning of the gland. The therapeutic properties of amber may affect practically the whole human body and organism. Amber can also stimulate vitamin D replenishment, amber prevents destruction of red blood cells, and can be used for metabolic and digestive disorders.

As early as the ancient Oriental healers noticed that migraines and headaches of various nature disappear when rubbing the temples with amber plates. It was believed that a sunstone pendant could even relieve heartache if worn under clothing. The weak discharges produced by rubbing the stone against one’s clothes and skin could affect the nerve endings, thus relieving various kinds of pain.

But the most valuable active ingredient is recognized to be the organic acid in amber. Its compounds increase the gas exchange in tissues and cells, serve as a biostimulant, activating regenerative processes. It helps in treating angina and headaches, improves cardiac activity, and softens the effect of magnetic storms.

The salts of succinic acid are one of the best natural biostimulants. Their positive effects are not limited to only one organ or department of the body, but affect both the nervous and digestive systems, help in cases of stress, fatigue, depression, toxicosis, and inflammatory processes. Amber acid stimulates the kidneys, intestines and nervous system. It has a unique therapeutic anti-inflammatory effect. It is a recognized remedy for rheumatism, bronchial asthma, respiratory diseases.

The stone has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole, helping with diseases of the joints, varicose veins, and even with various tumors, including malignant. Amber is a stone of organic origin, which is probably why it has the power to fight many diseases.

Given the beauty and inner radiation of the raw mineral, as well as the age of the stone, amber is used to create various elixirs of eternal youth and beauty. At the same time, the beauty, just like in a stone, comes from inside a person, i.e. it initially strengthens his health and inner energy.

Amber acid is an important factor in the regulation of the physiological state of the body. Back in the 30’s of the last century, succinic acid was used in medicine as a biological stimulant to promote better engraftment of tissue preserved in cold. It is known that the normalizing effect of succinic acid on organs is based on enhancing regeneration processes in pathologies of the heart, kidneys, age-related disorders of regulatory nerve centers, in intensive muscular work, and in effects of toxic substances, primarily medicines on the organism.

Amber acid is compared to fuel that burns in cells. Healthy cells do not need it and it does not go there. Acid unmistakably finds a diseased cell, penetrates into it immediately, and supports functioning of the corresponding organ.

The action of succinic acid consists not only in regulation of intracellular processes, but also in restoration of lost functions - renewal of vital processes in dying and sluggish tissue. This its property allows to use succinic acid in cosmetology.

Its use in cosmetology is based on its property of destroying free radicals, thus preventing premature skin aging. This is why it is widely used in amber cosmetics: amber powder scrubs and shampoos, moisturizing face and body creams with amber acid, concentrated amber oil, and many others (both amber oil and amber acid are used in cosmetics).

By the way, amber oil has a lot of useful properties: it intensely moisturizes skin, releases skin stress after sunburn, fixes the tan, soothes dried skin and returns comfort to it, neutralizes free radicals, protects skin from photoaging and has antioxidant effect. It combats hair breakage and split ends. Excellent for massages.

Due to a high concentration of active ingredients, amber cosmetics intensively looks after the skin, providing a rejuvenating and regenerating effect as well as increasing its firmness and elasticity; it activates metabolic processes in the skin, improves cell respiration, makes the skin flexible and elastic. It stimulates blood flow to the skin, fights acne, smoothes fine lines.

Amber cosmetic lines are actively used for hair care. They are designed for intensive nourishment and strengthening hair, making hair shiny and smooth. Due to using a mask, hair becomes silky, shiny, easy to comb, and the structure of hair is restored. The biological components of amber activate metabolic processes in the scalp, strengthen hair roots and enhance their growth.

Besides, amber is famous for its bactericidal and disinfecting qualities which speed up healing of wounds and scratches on the skin.

Among pharmaceutical preparations, we can mention biologically active food supplements and vitamin-mineral complexes, which contain succinic acid. It has a positive effect on blood composition, helps to treat anemia and hypoxic conditions, restores immunity, and fills the body with energy during the autumn-winter period.

Amber acid is a cognate compound of the human body, contributes to the powerful regulation of defenses, improves energy metabolism at the cellular level and increases the activity of cellular respiration, has an immunomodulatory effect, and also protects from various toxic poisonings (radiation, magnetic waves, alcohol and other substances).

Therapeutic properties of amber (generalization)

  • strengthens the immune system;
  • calms, helps to concentrate;
  • improves blood quality, normalizes blood pressure;
  • relieves pain;
  • promotes good sleep, eliminates depression and moping;
  • cleanses the body;
  • Has a regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Reduces the risk of cancer;
  • Treats rheumatism, joint diseases and arthritis;
  • Helps about disorders of thyroid function, respiratory organs;
  • Slows the aging process of the skin, prevents the appearance of wrinkles;
  • Neutralizes the negative effects of electrical equipment;
  • Supports the musculoskeletal system;
  • Has a good disinfectant property; Helps get rid of skin infections;
  • Reduces the effects of weather conditions on humans;
  • Prevents colds;
  • Prevents formation of kidney stones;
  • Used in the treatment of diseases of the ears, eyes, throat;
  • Reduces headaches;
  • Reduces the risk of varicose veins, as well as edema of the extremities;
  • Successfully fights insomnia, protects against bad dreams

Amber acid increases mental and physical activity; restores body strength after severe diseases; increases the body’s defenses; gives clarity of mind and quick thinking; helps to concentrate as much as possible; relieves headaches with impaired cerebral circulation; helps restore well-being and energy; removes from intoxication.

In case of diabetes of any form in complex therapy, succinic acid is used to reduce the content of cholesterol, fatty acids, ketone bodies in blood and to reduce the need for insulin; it also stimulates the organism to produce its own insulin.

Amber acid with glucose helps an athlete’s organism to adapt faster and easier to increasing physical loads and relieve painful sensations in overloaded muscles during training. Before competition, succinic acid helps athletes to mobilize their strength and prevent nervous breakdown. And after the competition, exhaustion and depression are not observed.


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