Dragon of Wealth (Millionaire Community Project) - NFT Testimonials

The consciousness of this is tied into the flows of money

On an energetic sense, it can help money ‘flow’ to you
for this to work properly, you need to have something for it to flow towards.
If we borrow a idea from Feng shui
Imagine money to be fishes swimming in a river of ‘abundance’, and you have a house next to a natural meander,
a perfect spot really
now how do you keep the fishes around your house? the fishes are money.
then, lets offer them food (gratitude and appreciation)
they are free to flow in and out of your little bend, a lot choose to stay, have families
(money multiples)
This is intrinsic in everything the dragon does
in its negentropic approach.

the entropic approach and likely the regular normal approach is to
make a dam, trap the fishes
the food offered is artificial and unhealthy (greed)
the money/fish are trapped, not free to flow, entropy sets in
as in the householder’s life, money used in greed driven ways and as they are trapped, they make money by setting further traps and restrictions.
I am certain you can draw parallels to wealthy people who act like this.
The dragon does not do that.


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Dragon of Wealth Testimonial

So far, here are some of the things that I’ve asked my Crystal Dragon to do:

  • Raise my Vibrational State to the highest level possible. My Dragon Immediately did this and I literally felt my entire energy system expanding far beyond it’s limits. I was put in a state of Peace (600 LoC) or Nothingness (850 LoC). At such an advanced consciousness, nothing could ever bother me and the inner silence made itself apparent

  • I told my Dragon to pull all the Universal Life Energy from the environment and imbue it into my beingness. The Experience was surreal, and I was like a “vessel” that stored massive amounts of energy. I felt it flowing through my body, and it was as if I was doing the Star Exercise itself. However, this ability doesn’t truly replicate all the benefits of the exercise.

  • Enhance communication between the both of us. The Dragon communicates clearly and conceptually, and I often find myself just “knowing” the answers to whatever questions I ask. The connection to it is stronger than what I expected, and I receive input whenever I ask.

  • Help put me to sleep quickly. I am an insomniac and it often takes me hours to fall asleep, and this causes issues in my life… I asked my Dragon to help resolve this issue, and I felt it working on my insomnia immediately. I felt very calm and relaxed, and within 5 minutes, I was asleep. Needless to say, my sleeping problems have been cured, thanks to this Dragon

  • Regarding wealth (Which most of you are interested in), I definitely feel the sense of “having” and money no longer seemed to be an issue. There where far less negative emotions related to money and there was also a “deeper” understanding of it and how it works (on a subconscious level). A solution always seemed to be in sight. I would definitely have to play around more with this as the Dragon comes with a host of active and passive abilities to attain wealth. But so far, its been nothing short of incredible.

From my experience, this servitor is very very intelligent and has done everything I’ve asked it to do.
It was definitely more than I could’ve ever expected, and I’m so happy to have gotten this.


A mini testimonial just for now:

Inspired by @Saan’s pillars idea, I asked the Dragon to create pillars of abundance and wealth across the house, then I took it up a notch to infuse every inch of the house with this abundance energy, floors, sofas, beds, corners… everything! My house was immediately filled with a very uplifting and harmonious energy. Everyone was happy, chatty… and I was so giggly. :D

I sent the Dragon to do the exact thing at my uncle’s house, he is now inviting everyone over for a family gathering! Called and sounded so happy on the phone! And everyone around is having a good time there!! :)))

Asked him to work on some financial stuff and just a few minutes later… The right person texted me offering his help with it!


So, is this an actual item? Or something that you guys created? (So confused by the balkanization of this forum. )


It’s a community project, like how it started out with The Firebird. We came together and sent our ideas for Captain to create it.

And very thankfully so :))


Congratulations! Are you planning to post a description of the project?


Absolutely! Soon ;)


Man well done to you all :star_struck:
So happy to see your all having so much success with your own ideas and of course the main homie @Dreamweaver :mechanical_arm: using his power !

Can’t wait to see all the success to come from all of you !


What a beautiful, powerful concept. Several projects were realized without realizing it :D

One similar to the public would be great


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The communication between my dragon and I is almost zero. He was so strong at the beginning but it’s a long time that I feel I can’t train him anymore. I may have to say goodbye to him. You have a real treasure in your hand. I wish you the best.