Experiences with the different Crystals/Stones/Quasi


I was going to add a little but very important result ive got using 2 particular Crystal Audios but then not knowing under which thread i should post, i thought of creating this thread, so we can comment and share the effects we have noticed so far using these amazing gifts. I hope there will be more to come.

Before posting them, let me tell you my experiment.

You know how much i love the Kinetic Quasi Crystal, and that i realized adding just 1 loop at the begging of a stack it enhances big time the effects of the audios you play after it and keeps the results for way much more longer, helping then to cut shorter the stacks.

When i got the Crystal/Gemstone charger, i obviously used it on my crystals, but I myself felt way different, and i thought, well of course im sitting right next to around 50 crystals and stones i may have if not more lol and this audio is clearing/cleasing/charging them so i am feeling the effect of the newly restored gems.

There was something that kept bouncing in the back of me head as “what if…”

So i did. Without any crystal near me, i played Kinetic Quasi x 2 then I played The crystal charger and i proved to myself what I thought.

If we follow the logic that KQ, and MboP “turn us into a crystal vessel” to call it somehow, then using the Crystal Charger on us could help us:

Purifier ourselves deeper
Push faster the effects of BoL therefore taking us to an even purer, harmonious origin
Release leftovers or debris of energetic ‘dirt’ that are stubborn and stuck in our being
“Thickening” the new crystal energetic layers in and out us
Raise our vibration and keep it up for longer
Help us reach higher places and astral connections
and last but of course awesome benefit is how fast other audios or mandalas settle in our aura, energy systems, body, mind etc


Now lets remember of all them and then we can share the different ways we have mixed them and the benefits we are noticing so far :slight_smile:

Kinetic Quasi Crystal: New Release

Crystal/Gemstone Charger and Restorer

Alchemical Zircon and Danburite

The Black Mirrored Stone Shield

Alchemical Ruby and Carnelian: New Release

Alchemical Garnet: New Release

Now lets see what we have in the Youtube Channel (Energetic Alchemy and Dream Seeds)



the Crystallization Energy from the Energy course, also enhances the absorption or settling of other audios if listen prior to them and can work tremendously in combination of the charger and KQ

Crystallization Attunement


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Yesssss!! I love reading about your posts especially the ones about crystals


And finally.

The NFTs that contain the energy and essence of crystals or KQ.

Mayor Blue Print of Power

Pre-Release NFT Notification: A Blueprint of Power (Major)

Dragon of Wealth (its whole body is a crystal :sunglasses:)

Dragon of Wealth (Millionaire Community Project) - NFT Testimonials

Skull 13 :nerd_face::skull:

The 13th Skull NFT: Testimonials

@everyone else in other groups that know theirs have some crystal energies would be cool if you share to Us!


Please share what have you experimented with them and which ones etc! Or general info about crystals, stones, semi, minerals!

They all hold so much power and are like literally alive magic beautiful gifts to brind endless benefits and push higher and further in our journey, we really need to apy more attention to them and have them very close to Us.

I know for sure @Zen @anon32464289 @GoddessesAndGod have!


My experiences:

Lets repeat what i said in the 1st post:

Kinetic Quasi Crystal : enhances the effects of any field played after, and hold the energies moving around, integrating them faster and deeper. Extra benefits:

you dont need to loop the audios and some even not daily
It brings up the energy of audios you stopped playing that seems suitable for your goals or at least you remember about them out of the blue.

The Crystal/Gemstones charger : not only charges your crystals and stones, it also deeply clear them, like it takes them back to theur pure original essence. And it goes further than thinking ‘it means the origin in so and place they were found’ no. It feels way further, outter, older, the beginning of them.
But now ive discovered that it enhances the already enhanced process KQ applies in you.

So ive been playing KQ 1st then This one then only one loop of the other audios in my stack.
Extra benefit: a couple of loops every some days is enough to fully recharge you, same with KQ.

Alchemical Zircoin & Danburite : still to this day one of my favorite audios. It has a very very high vibration, no… even higher than what you think is high.
It literally feels like a pure stream of white and blue lights coming from the beginning of everything. It feels like the crystal version of the Blue Print of Life.

Playing this a couple of times before BoL, MboP, Exalted States, Vibration Series, Atlantis, Self Realization series, or the Hum of the Universe… takes your mind, heart, soul, consciousness, to a place you didnt even know could exist. Enough said. TRY IT.

Extra benefit: if you actually mix it with just 2 different ones of what i mentioned above… every pairing feels like a fest of new heights.

Rubi & Carnelia + Alchemical Garnet : i call them the love and passion audios. But not because its mostly what they bring no, although they do expand and enhance that. But more because to me the main forces to achieve, move, create and change are PURE LOVE and FULL PASSION. Remember the phrase “it runs through my veins” used to describe a profound emotion about something. Thats what these 2 bring.
You can literally feel them running through youe veina, pumping up that heart, carrying life, love, passion all over your being. You feel your root chakra sucking up energy from earth pushing upwards (Rubi and Carnelia) while Garnet’s starting point feels in the heart, so when they meet in the center the explosion happens and all in you is renewed. Every time.

Extra benefits: they enhance the effect of Torus weaved respect, Magnetic Heart Coherence, Minor Blue Print, Vibration of Divine Love, Soul Core restorarion, Negentropic Jing, Luck and abundance audios, The Knight Mindset, Armor of Light, Exalted State, Plasma Flower, Lay lines.

Black Mirrored Stone : best stones and now audio for empaths, anxious, nervous people, insomnia, PROTECTION (Energetic attacks) hugely for grounding.

Extra benefit: nullify astrological negative effects.
Great for new beginning where you have no clue where to start.

K2 Stone : super underrated or overseen audio.
One that could become the best friend of your third eye chakra and your throat chakra. Simply because not only help you clear, expand and stimulate those chakras but it adds protection to your mind so you dont overwhelm yourself :slight_smile: like it skims the info you might be vulnerable to receive. It is a very pleasant and smooth journey to develop your psychic abilities :relaxed:

Amethyst, Emerald, Citrine, Aventurine, Green Florite : keep the flow of abundance coming, protection, mental clarity, open the heart.

selenite one of the best crystals to reach deep levels in meditation, centering and achieve higher perspectives.

Pietersite + Quasi Crystal : i mean… you are in for a fast ride into the psyche every time lol

My next experiments will be using the Skull and Dragon (since both are essencially crystals) combine with some of the audios here with different aims, see how it goes.

Thats it for now, will post more info related to crystals.



Personally, my favorite is alchemical garnet!

It always puts me in an immediate good mood and i just feel so nice inside haha it really suits me, plus, the music is :heart_eyes: i do play alchemical Ruby right after though, they both work very synergistically

In a few weeks I’ll buy the other ones, I’m missing a few! Haha

Back when i didn’t have the ipf tag, i was listening to the crystal kingdom 2 album a lot… all the crystals made for a nice blend that always put me in a nice mood as well… Makes me want to give it a listen again, it’s been a while :)


What about Pietersite?!

You use it right?


I used to a lot! But that was B.I.P.F (before ipf lol) … I used to loop it for hours in my sleep

Id like to start again while pairing it with major, as i really would like to develop my astral senses…

When I do, I’ll make sure to write about it here !


This posting is very valuable to me personally LunaMoon2. Kinetic Quasi Crystal is at the beginning of my listening stack just after Cosmo-volt. The Alchemical Zircoin & Danburite (2 of my most favorite & most treasured crystal friends btw) has been on my wish list and will soon be part of my stack after reading your words. Thank you, Luna!


I share my experiences and result using Taaffeite Crystal Energy 2 years ago.


You’d definitely enjoy the Alchemical ZaD!!

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Oh thanks for this reminder because indeed is a powerful duo, ive used it when feeling money stuck to come in my way lol

Its literally how it feels like Taaffeite tweaking the stuck flow so the abundance comes your way again.

I think was from you i read it and tried.!!


So my latest experiment used part of Luna’s stack: Kinetic Quasi and the Charger to which I then added Atlantis.

My reasoning was the following:

Atlanteans did deep work with crystals so I figured out the 2 fields would probably enhance whatever components of Atlantis deals with crystals.

And more importantly, early on in my meditation sessions with Atlantis, I was asked to grab my favourite crystals and hold them in a particular position, one in each hand and I felt the crystals and the field running some kind of attunement on my hand chakras.

Well, in a nutshell, KQ+Charger+Atlantis blew my socks off! :exploding_head:

Although I didn’t have my 2 crystals on hand, my hand chakras were running crazy strong energy that was going all the way up to my 3rd eye in a sort of triangular motion…way stronger than what happened when I was holding the crystals.

Definitely going to listen to this stack again when I’m on holiday and can spend more time giving it proper attention but would love to see other people try it out and report back. :blush:




WoooHoooo!!! :partying_face:
Just bought Alchemical ZaD with our Holiday Discount from Dream & SammyG!
Ima gonna listen now!


just played Zircoin before BoL and MboP as recommended by @anon51280824 , an amazing experience. thank you


Get the crystal charger and play it before or after.

10 notches up lol


Hello there! Thanks to Atlantis i have rearanged all my crytals at home. i use them in Feng shui manner. The new types of crystal combos have made a wow impact of my life. No human words can explain that magick. And very subtle. I have all the new crystal Audios from Gumroad and I use them daily. Also he crystal charger. I have not such a deep feeling or colourful as you @anon51280824 but I allways felt crystals als helpers or friends, and know after all the new audios and Atlantis as guides and teachers. For example now with my thorough clensing i can bare to have a real black tourmalin with me. I couldnt bare it for long all my 36 Years of life. I have it one of the neodym magnet thingies. and now i feel that turmalin sucks all from the sapien audios willingly in me and keeps most of the junk away.As a thank you for it i looped Crystal charger on it. Thats all from me. Hope interesting. All the best to you all!

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What i said starts happening after you have been using Kinetic Quasi and or Major Blue Print of Power where those embed you or infuse you or create layers within you our around your aura as a crystal vessel, therefore your whole self would be a crystal being recharged and clear by the charger to then enhance the effects and experiences with other crystal audios or any audio pretty much

Or activating the Crystallization energy from the Energy course for some times as well