The Beacon of Knowledge (Community Project) NFT: Testimonials

Knowledge and Information are power

When we have The Knowledge about something, only then, we can act upon it. It’s unquestionable how much hidden knowledge there is… Buried under layers and layers of history… Kept secret, taken away by hidden agendas.

Libraries have for sure a mystical vibration and books do connect souls through the magic of words… Indeed they allow the knowledge, otherwise lost, to be kept alive. And, it’s a whole alive energy!

What if… we went to search all this? What if the secret and lost knowledge was accessible to us…?
That was what an inspired person like @Dr_Manhattan had thought. :)
Other friends joined the quest, and we are delighted to present to you today:


  • First Layer: Download the LOST Knowledge of the Library of Alexandria, Maya Codices, Ancient Artifacts and other lost knowledge.

  • Second Layer: Tap into the “Wisdom of the Dying” library from Dreamseeds.

  • Third Layer: The Smart Field automatically sense the subject/activities you focus on and Draws Accurate Knowledge from human archives to you. Antique texts, books, Collective Consciousness and even the Internet.
    From cooking and history, to science and spiritual growth… Once you engage with these, the field draws related knowledge from the archives into your subconscious. It grows your knowledge like an evolving network.
    Engage with a language and culture and its essence will be drawn into your subconscious.

  • Fourth Layer: Subconscious connection to enhance our access to knowledge.

Also, The Beacon learns how masters of their discipline do what they do, and it imprints us with muscle memories and/or other memory systems as if we had been training our entire life with these masters.

A special and warm thank you to @Dreamweaver for making all this possible!


Can I save this picture. It looks so good


My review:

I’ve been involved in gardening, people trying to replace medicine with the original plant extract and making the new brain NFT. My knowledge and understanding is going through the roof.

I was observing a construction sites and again, insight, flashes. All day

I get a lot of things but when I focus on something very précises, answers just pop up

When people talk and I listen I get a whole journey in my mind. When I’m working on something not only does my understanding skyrockets, it becomes deeper, more complex, more beautiful, especially things I didn’t care much about.

Lot of pressure in my head.


Yes, you can save the picture if you like.


It’s not :slight_smile:


Star & Phillip, this sounds incredible! Congratulations! :clap: :clap: :clap:
Thank You, Captain! :heart:


Arguably the most interesting and practical NFT so far. Great achievement!


Thanks so much ! :slightly_smiling_face:


Looking to get this exquisite project to wear as soon as possible.


Anyone wanna trade this with sword of righteous nft maker :eyes:

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Guys this is brilliant!! @Dr_Manhattan @Dreamweaver you have outdone yourselves. This is a historians Christmas


It was a teamwork, I cannot claim half of the credit.

But on behalf of the creative team,
Thank you !


Is the team create the concept and idea, then let Captain make the field for it ?

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Yes, correct.


Hoping it could be minted :grinning:

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In the case of this project is already done though.

The way to acquire it now is to buy or trade for it from someone who have it.

Look at the Oficial Buying/Selling NFT thread to to check its availability and/or make an add yourself searching for it if you want. :slightly_smiling_face:


OK Thank you

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@Allurre pretty close, what you think?

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Yes wonderfull project :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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