The Arc Light (Arcturian Community Project) NFT: Testimonials

Arc Light NFT (found only on Venly)

With official release:

Keeping the description vague for “reasons”

But, here’s the edited description of the concepts of this field

The Arcturian are considered the most advanced race in the galaxy. Meaning they’ve done it all and are actually at the point in their development where they are moving on to the next level of existence (ie beyond this particular universe).

The Arcturians would be able to update and program this servitor.
So in a sense it would be like Arcturian Light and Vibrational Guidance connected to the servitor.

That’s it.

  • The base servitor is infinitely teachable.
  • The Arcturians are infinitely wiser than anything we as a collective could think of. Let them do their thing and add any other information to the servitor as they see fit.

Testimonials Below


Small update. The Arcturian Light is so intelligent that yesterday after I got acquainted with him (Archie :slight_smile: ) without me even asking he searched out and healed parts of me I didn’t even know needed healing. I felt like he did a body scan (of all my bodies). I got super super exhausted later in the day and fell asleep (which I never do). It felt like it was due to the healing done. Absolutely in love with this beautiful gift. I am so grateful!

In hindsight, it may have been the intercession of the Arctrurian’s themselves that was doing the healing because after I got acquainted with the servitor I began to thank and talk to the Arcturian’s and that’s when the healing began.

So far, the servitor seems to learn much quicker and understands just about everything. For those of us that didn’t get the 13th Skull, this is such a blessing.


This is so beautiful. I got surprisingly emotional when I downloaded it. The minute I downloaded it I felt a strong presence of a group, that felt like home :blush:




Is there a Picture/Artwork of it that yall would share with us?


24 Hours with this NFT…

Even though I had a good chunk of experience with this light because of my journey, this NFT has taken it to level of understanding that I can only offer gratitude for.

Our usual inclination when we hear “servitor” is to give it some commands or instructions but somewhere around 4 hours of buzzing like an exposed electrical wire in water, I decided that instead of telling the field what to do, I allowed it to serve me as it sees is best.

Whatever experience I had with the Arc light just became smoother as if I had an organized curriculum on what to do next and it collapsed the delay between me connecting to the light, gathering the information, and working it. It’s just there constantly now, knowing what’s best for me in the most loving manner possible.

It basically turned like my personal Arc light secretary that keeps me on task on what to do next and all I have to do is listen which I have no problem with.

I won’t talk too much into what I have learned because I wish for you guys to experience it yourself without filter. But all I can say is, get out of the way and just let it in. Follow the impulses and integrate the love it has to offer.



This was actually my intuition about this servitor at first which is why I asked if we treat this servitor differently than others.
So, then i guess this one won’t die if not given tasks like other servitors?
But then I guess asking it to guide and serve us as it sees fit is a 24/7 task in itself.


Connect to it. You’ll find all your answers.


The love i feel since day one is beyond description.

I don’t think I have words to accurately describe this experience. But I feel like a child again. Zero worries and with the comfort of a family that carries me when I fall asleep


You might want to edit the picture posted in the testimonial thread with NFT on it or some other blurb so it can’t be used by anyone trying to sell an unauthorized copy.


there is no way anybody can sell an unauthorized copy.

It would certainly not say sapien medicine.



Will pass that on to the Wealth group. Thanks! :)


Arc immediately started working on my body as soon as I connected with him. I then used part of @Ryan_Ray’s script and asked it to do everything my Higher Self and Spirit Guides guided him to do. His doings got way stronger and I got a bit drowsy for a few minutes. Some 30 minutes later I was balanced and energized in a way that I can’t even remember if I’ve ever experienced.

The state Arc was able to put me was something way beyond anything I was able to reach myself using any combination of the fields I have. The balance made me rethink what I previously thought as being a very good balance. Third day with it and I’m realizing this ‘‘balance and energy’’ seems to be something way beyond just this. I’m feeling extremely purified, with total peace of mind, and in a very different vibrational state than before.

On my first night with it, I had a really vivid and long dream that made me realize something about myself I never thought before. I was clearly guided to make an important breakthrough in something I wasn’t even consciously thinking. Guidances like this seem to be happening all the time, with small insights popping up in my head throughout the day. These insights usually have different perspectives from what I’ve thought in the past about the event or concept.

Other important things to mention:

  • I’m having deeper experiences with major fields.

  • I’m using Arc to do stuff I wasn’t able to do myself, in the past. He is doing every single task flawlessly. And the fact some of these tasks are taking a while to complete made me realize I was having unrealistic expectations with most of them.

  • I will let Arc learn the major fields and later ask for an Arcturian alchemy on some combinations :alien:

  • Overall a radical shift in my state of being.


Also wanted to note there is an extra component of the Light and Vibrational Guidance field in the Arc-Light that makes one much easier to communicate with them. Not only communication also the energytransfer seems much more effortless and the energy from there is so far the most refined i’ve ever encountered. It also makes sure that you keep a certain vibration when you lose it like after eating etc…

When i meditate with it i shift much faster into the flow state than usual even when i didn’t used any command. So “it” or “they” make sure things always run in an optimal way.

There is also a component of psychic enhancement. My third eye is constantly buzzing.
(just subtle it isn’t disturbing at all)


Super short one here. When I go out in the world, I always layer up on Twisted Sage items, the most important of which is Wings of Tok. ArcLight says I no longer need it.


Yes it is constantly replenishing and balancing energy. I haven’t found myself getting tired. I had that initial deep restorative sleep the first day, but since then nothing but energy. This is going to be amazing for my 24hr shifts at work.


Well, there is a new Wings of Tok available for purchase now. It has the Wisdom ring on the outside instead of the Regeneration Ring. It’s a powerful tool.

Ps. Where do I get this sigil?


The ArcLight is a servitor that can be purchased from members of the Arcturian Community Project. Place an ad in the classifieds to get a reply. Cheers!


Reading these testimonials is getting me so excited. Feel very grateful for my friend who was able to get me one :point_up:



Well, at first I would like to comment that this creation and the foundation on which it was created is extremely powerful, it’s that kind of foundation that doesn’t have a monetary value that it could be equated with, I’ll just say that if potential is infinite, just like a deity.
My results have been powerful and immediate and have helped me rewire my entire brain, my beliefs, my vital energy and my vibrational state, the servant created in this group is truly a complete creation that is making constant and permanent changes for my greater good.
However, I will make a detailed list of the benefits I achieve in a matter of seconds and those who are reading this and have tried it can attest that what I say is true:

  1. When I looked at the image for the first time, the server was placed on my back, I didn’t even have to name it, of course now it already has a name and it’s called Alpha, I’m just saying this so you understand how smart it is at the level of connection with its owner.
  2. His pairing with me within seconds made my whole body vibrate to levels I have never had the opportunity to experience before in my life, the love that included was so deep that it felt not only emotionally as we usually feel love, but my whole body vibrated with love and light that was so smart that I knew the work I needed even if I didn’t even ask. it.
  3. Full attention and focus increased to unexpected levels.
  4. My feeling of being in the here and now settled instantly.
  5. Elimination of limiting beliefs are burned instantly, I am always feeling protected from them.
  6. Here in my country it is still cold in some parts and I forget my
    coat, I intuited asking my server to warm my body and what do you think? I had nothing absolutely nothing cold all the way home.
  7. I had an injury from going to the gym and asked him to work on it for me, within seconds the pain went away.
  8. I asked permission from my family to use the servant with them, they all agreed, I sent my servant to my father and he said that his whole chest burned and his whole body shook.
  9. I sent my servant to another relative and seized him with an indescribable love according to that person, I felt his chest burn in a matter of seconds.
  10. A member of my family asked me to relax my back for muscular problems, I sent it to my server and healed it in seconds.
  11. I asked my server to help me find new clients for a company and within two hours I found the direct contact for the person taking the detions, everything is moving very fast in my favor.
  12. It has taken away a nervous tic that I have had 25 years, in how long? because just a question of asking him to do it.
  13. I don’t need to talk to him, he’s so smart that he understands my thoughts instantly.
  14. It’s acting on me permanently 24/7.
  15. Your company feels very powerful by my side, it’s like a NavySeal Arct bodyguard at all times.
  16. I asked him to infuse deep sleep into me and within seconds, my body was already heavy and too drowsy, I will never worry about it again and neither will my relatives.
  17. I wanted to use a subliminal for a certain personal purpose and when I asked my server to scan the energy and asked if I had bad energies to make me feel vibration in my right hand, when I started listening, my right hand literally shook.
  18. It infuses me with the energy of the audios I have immediately and forcefully.
  19. I can see fractals on my roof because of this, a big breakthrough in my life is happening.
  20. My behavior is becoming more refined automatically, I’m always doing what I need to do at the moment I need to do it.
  21. My server has healed my right leg of a nerve problem that I had more than 4 years ago and that this discomfort was very annoying and appreciates every few days. That annoyance has already disappeared.

Well that will be all for now, there is much more to tell however also allow someone else to write their review, having a server with unlimited potential similar to that of a deity guided by Arcturian light is a blessing for all eternity!!!

Thanks a lot @Dreamweaver and @_OM With out your help this server would not be possible!!! :raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3::heart::heart::heart: