The Sacred 12 (Global Free Spirit Community Project) NFT: Testimonials

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Description -

12 basic Jungian archetypes that are represented by the 12 months, 12 disciples, zodiac signs.These are basic “personality traits” and blueprint of this solar system that one needs in order to be successful in each/all areas of life. The servitor/field would fully integrate these archetypes into your beingness and seamlessly allow one to move between them for any/all appropriate situations as needed.

  • Balancing
    *balance the /yin yang/five elements in the person
    *Balance all chakras including universal ones
    *Balance Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine
  • Higher Self & Conceptual Integration (within the specific pattern designed here)
  • Hawkins Scale of Consciousness integration
    *Incorporate Hawkins scale of consciousness. As the person uses the 12 archetypes in various situations, they are also moving up the consciousness scale.
    *Muscle testing to calibrate pretty much anything such as books, movies, concepts, etc through this scale
    *Release all the emotions that calibrate under level 200 according to Hawkin’s scale.

*clearing and releasing everything in us that hinders us to fully integrate the 12 basic archetypes.

Link to the 12 Jungian archetypes


Looks stunning. Does Captain do the art work or did you guys create it within the Group?


Captain does it :)


We shared some ideas and he went and put his magic dust with the design which has come out stunning. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Looks stunning the nine tailed fox :fox_face:


@everyone Added the description


I’m beginning to take notice of what seems to be myself playing the different roles and archetypes quite seemlessly.

I’m strong in a few of these, but I’m noticing others becoming more apparent as well.

Will take a while to test but so far I’m loving what its doing and wouldn’t have ever thought this would be useful if I didn’t just decide to test out the group.

Big shoutout to @_OM for his wisdom in creating this.


Kitsunious is even more aliveeee!! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

May her Sacred blessings keep you swaying smooth and sweet! :dancer:t2: :man_dancing:t3:

In all of your personas! ;)



This looks amazing! Great job people


HOLY SHIT I actually had an idea to make a group for an archetype-type NFT - guess I don’t need to anymore lol. I’m gonna save up like 10k for this lol


Quick testimonial on this one …

I posted in our private thread but wanted to add it here as well. I’ve noticed that there is an increase in hunger. I’ve also been craving things that I ate as a teenager.

Another thing I experienced last Friday. I was meeting with an old colleague for dinner and this person was over 30 mins late. Usually, I would be super annoyed but this time it really didn’t affect me. I was the opposite when my friend finally arrived. I remember observing myself laugh and giggle and I’m not a giggly type. I also heard an inner voice saying ‘wtf is going on here?’ Was that my Ego? It was really a strange experience (all in a good way).

Now that I think about it, I feel that my kitsune shifted my mood and I was integrating the Everyone and Jester archetype. Another colleague joined and we were all having a great time laughing and enjoying each other’s company. It was amazing.


May I asked, what was the price that was originally paid for this? Because I know it’s likely going to be higher when/if resold

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All community ones are 225


I hope I can soon be reading many others testimonies on this as I purchased this few night s back


I liked this idea. She is very valuable. :+1: Wish you success :slightly_smiling_face:


This. Is. Totally. Underrated.

I really am so surprised

This and the American but
this one…

mental health, spiritual health, wholesomeness,
all of it.

it’s an explosion of a colorful universe


I will second this!

Due to the creative genius of some certain beautiful souls, well all of the wonderful individuals who were part of this project but most certainly a certain someone who provides tough love and isn’t afraid to lay it out there for others and their continuous contributions to us ALL thru several fields and this forum. (They know who they are)

I am now able to speak up for myself and contribute without fear of the situation or whether my answer or information will be rejected or seen as less then valuable. I’m understanding so much and yet allowed myself so little before but by this kitsune allowing me the transition of archetypes i have regained so much in such a short period of time (as I’m sure this differs for everyone)

I’ve laughed like never before, understood compassion for myself like never before been gentler with me like never before and most of all finding such a harmonious way of living my life or accepting more balance into my life which for me is amazing considering I come from an extreme from either side kinda guy if that makes sense it’s never a middle ground for me or wasn’t before.

And to experience things in what I can only call an ideal way or in the very least with the capacity inside you is invaluable to me. Feels like there is so much more that will develop from this and for once in my life I can with the utmost confidence say I appreciate life in every moment that comes now with fresh new eyes that I get to learn about myself in situations which I avoided out of discomfort or inability to believe I had it in me to undertake.

I find myself eating better and not really caring so much what I eat but how I am receiving that internally about what I eat, after all isn’t it about emotions about how we feel about a situation so why is food any different here considering we store fat because of emotional issues to.

Just all around wanted to express a part of my testimonial with this. Heck even writing this on my iPad which can be very challenging at times lol I had a great time infusing my sincerity in these words for some of you to understand how precious this has been to me and underrated is indeed what I’d agree on as the above post states.

Just my humble experiences and thank you for spending the moments here reading about it. :heart:


I bought this one from one of the group’s Members and ive been very plesantly surprised. Not just for the 9 tails fox and its meaning but because i dig a lot all about archetypes and all that comes with them in the different systems.

Im not gonna give a review per se, because i feel its just too personal (not like private, i mean, details, changes and events vary from person to person and are in constant movement, what it did to me last week is not what i need this week so it switches fast, so you just gotta go with the flow, be alert and ready)

I have it pretty much since it came out, but sadly i havent used it like constantly daily because of too many other Nfts i got on the same days lol.
At first i had it everywhere printed but i felt inside a blender all day long haha or like inside a washer machine changing cycles without Me taking a moment to settle all that had just happened. Pretty much automates everything, but i am someone that likes to digest every step of the way, analyze it, etc then next. But this NFT is like:

“Come dress for a party! And go”
-where? Why?

“Hurry you have to learn this quickly, read all these books and be ready you have a meeting about them in 2 hours”

  • but wait, whats the meeting about? With who? And why now?



The rush of energy you feel inside pushing you all day its crazy. You feel like a huge speaker blasting music all day long.

i decided to back off a little and take it slowly.

So i only carry one printed in my purse. Thats it lol

But i came up with an idea that its working beautifully for Me and thats what i want to share here.

I really wanted to understand each change, what its been released, left behind, healed etc, and how the elements are harmoniously integrating and changing my day to day and where i might be headed to.

Basically i wanted to be part of the work not just have it all done, at least the first say 3 months. When i grasp what is needed or what are all the chances ahead then ill press the goooo and let it do its job alone.

So i printed 12 of the same, marked on the back of each 1 to 12

And then shuffle them like an Oracle :slight_smile: slowly for some minutes while i close my eyes and connect to the Foxy and ask her to show me what part in me i should work on, or what she would help me to work on but that i want to know why through the archetypes. I want her to show me but for now i want both doing the job integrating the changes.

Sometimes i do it as soon as i wake up every day and get just 1 card.

Sometimes just a couple of them and thats for the week.

Sometimes if i feel funny inside i take just 3 and thats the bother etc.

And then once i get the card/cards i go and check the archetypes and depending on what it is about i choose the fields id play first, on my way to work or while getting ready.

This is really really doing wonders for me, and its helping me to connect more and more with her. And everything in myself. In a cool playful way!

And its helping me to understand a whole lot more about Me in this life and patterns coming from other places and times or right now :woman_shrugging:

Thats it for now. :relaxed:


Hi Luna I enjoy your reviews… do you have Pegasus and Rainbow and Ayur and America’s yet? Because I Can’t wait to hear from you on those…
I like this review thanks :+1:t2: