Viracocha The Return (Latino Community Project) NFT: Testimonials

Viracocha: The Return

From deep in the pacific ocean, something began to change. The marine life began to form communities peacefully as if they were waiting for something.

Suddenly, a pure energy form of light emerged and a voice came from it. It said, “my people…they need me again.” It was Wirakocha, the Creator of this world that emerged. Being omnipresent and omniscient it only took a second for him to understand the current status of the world. In the past, he promised that if he was ever needed he would emerge again, the time was proper.

He felt the pain of the forests being destroyed, the oceans being polluted, the air infested, and most importantly the hearts of his people being dimmed. He knew that he came right at the brink of time before something without any form of return happened. Wirakocha decided that he needed to take a form that would be symbolic and relatable. He discovered that there were new animals and vegetation from what he originally created. This made him happy, to see the expansion in life and to witness it in a single moment how everything developed.

He remembered his friend the Jaguar whom he gave the responsibility of the forest, unfortunately, his presence was faint. Wirakocha decided to take the form of his old friend but needed another essence to balance the fierceness, something with wisdom and maturity. He searched all the world in an instant and nothing stood out more than the gentle, wise, and loving Capybara. In his infinite wisdom, he combined what seemed to be opposites in one beautiful form that portrayed both the the warrior, wise, and loving qualities of the beings.

Wirakocha now had a new body that fit his purpose in symbol and function. He now needed his armor back which represented his power and abundance. Almost as if a growth coming from inside his body emerged, a beautiful shining yellow gold armor that when witnessed gave nothing but joy and a sense of limitlessness.

He was now ready to create his plan. The first thing he knew he must do is to begin the unification of his people and awaken their hearts so that the light emerges in them as well. He decided to use the physical means of the crystals of all the countries of his people, some were unique and some were shared among multiple countries, he gathered a piece of each and observed them. “They are in lack of light”, he said before charging them with the light source of all. He decided that he wanted to carry each crystal as a symbol that he has each country close to him. The idea came to him, “Time to add beauty to my armor” and suddenly all crystals glowed of light embedding themselves into his armor in a beautiful symmetrical pattern.

Now being part of his armor and a representation of his power, each crystal carries his essence once again and is able to transmit his light, love, and abundance to all countries. Anyone near will feel pulses of his light and love in their heart and connect them into a node network to awaken the potential that he sees in their hearts. That intense and warm love they have in each festivity and when gathered with their loved ones. Wirikocha saw that until the main plans were set, this was enough to sustain the balance for now. Any calling for love will now be supplied.

This time the situation was dire and knew he needed help so he made sure to allow some of his infinite essence to roam the forests that needed the most healing. Affecting all vegetation and restoring them to their highest form. Now that he had enough in play to allow him to work his highest plan, he decided that the world has taught his people about illusions such as scarcity and that the lessons on their creative abundant nature have been dampened or lost in some.

In a thunderous voice that combined the jaguar and capybara tonality, he said, “Let my armor and the crystals that connect us all remind us that you have nothing but abundance within you, know that you have all the tools to flourish, all love, and beauty in this world. It is so.” He didn’t mind if the people didn’t act upon it but the current lack of light allowed them not only to forget but to even believe the opposite.

“My people, you are destined for anything you choose and for those of you that choose to do so, you can now go into the land where the essence of my armor emerges. El Dorado, the promised land of abundance, love, and light”. That message was transferred deep in the hearts of all those connected almost like a vibrating voice that came from within.

Wirakocha is a fair being and knows that he must allow for everyone to express their uniqueness but he also knows that the darkness of the world has made them forget that there’s a unique essence to each and every person. He decided to allow people to come aware of their Kin Seal and the potential that awaits them, if they so decided, it could unlock the ultimate expression of who they can be. “Each and everyone of you are unique and special towards each other, here you have the option to allow yourself to be”. Another pulse of light began to emerge in people’s hearts.

With a determined look, Warikocha only had one more thing to say

“My people I am here and we will love in abundance once again”


Viracocha abilities and characteristics:

Combination of the Jaguar and Capybara archetypes.

Jaguar main characteristics being power, willpower, fierceness, fearlessness, life giving, and fertility. Considered a symbol of a warrior.

Capybara main characteristics being total dominion of inner self along emotions, power over water and it’s magic, wisdom, ability to hide even in the midst of a crowd, fearless by using gentleness and wisdom, strong mind, ability to be friend even the reptile predators.

Latino Love Node

Viracocha has the essence of the warm, intense love that we experience in our cultures and parties no matter where we go

So apart from it being constantly present and giving it to the environment, we can ask him for “Latino love” and get a spike of that along for all of us to be connected so if one activates it, we all get a spike of it.

That unconditional love we get from an aunt or grandparents where you see in their eyes that the biggest gift they received in that moment is to embrace us.

Couple the nodes to be able to share information between us all if we so desire.

Viracocha roams the forest and helps to restore it:

Viracocha, in his free time, roams the forest and calls Justice for All for people that are hurting it, plays environmental fields in places in need, balances and restores the forest healing animals and plants, and helps guide people on their ayahuasca trips.

These effects are applied to all Latin America biomes, but a special attention is given to the Amazon Rainforest

Portal to El Dorado

Direct connection to El Dorado as a portal and the benefits it can provide.

More about El Dorado

Golden Armor of Viracocha

The armor provides protection in all layers through our journey, being that it’s an armor of a being that represents source. The armor being golden gives us full integration of unlimited abundance in a loving form to collapse all duality and limitations we have on abundance of any kind. The effect should end up being that we HAVE abundance and KNOW we have it. Resulting in that anything that we intend just pops.

Chumpi Stones

Viracocha has the ability to create Chumpi Stones on objects.

More about Chumpi Stones

'Chumpi Stones are carved stones that are created by the indigenous people of the Peruvian Andes. They have been used for practical as well as sacred tools. These fascinating stones are energetic companions that can be used to activate, animate, and move energy within different grids of time, dimensions, and portals.

Chumpis are intimately connected to the sacred Apus (sacred mountains) and are used in healing ceremonies by Q’ero paqos (mystic wisdom keepers). They carry “belts” or bands of protective power of the Apus, and are helpful to open, clear, and strengthen personal energy centers. They are used in shamanic ceremonies throughout the Andes Mountains. During ritual, each mountain is named, revered, and then thanked for its contribution of precious energy.

The Soul of Latin America and Ability to bring out our highest and unique potential

The soul of Latin America is a representation of Latin@s united and its history. Viracocha carries such energy as a part of himself, created by all those who contributed to the development of that soul. Like that, he can channel the knowledge, wisdom, and power from our ancestors that once were also connected to them, as well from other beings and energies that are also linked to them. That way, the users have guidance and support to overcome whatever challenges they face, and with the additional ability to bring out their highest potential that is unique to them.

And more surprises added by Captain that we eyes to discover :slight_smile:


The Mandala is beautiful, and a beautiful, powerful story! :slight_smile:


Today, I wanted to take a bath.

I have atopic dermatitis, it’s flared up in 2018 and I’ve been struggling with it since then. I don’t have the desire to bath since this started (which is awful considering I live in Brazil and sweat is very much present), I felt sick every time I took one. My skin would crack and fall off like dust, and the bruised skin would burn a lot. It quickly became very painful, not physically but emotionally.

After few years like that, diligently taking the baths I needed to properly moisturize my skin with the medication, I was done with it and just stopped, roughly March this year. My hypothesis is that listening to TIAC gave me the will to stop doing something that would make me feel so bad, even if it was needed. Anyway, I’ve only bathed when I needed to go outside, to the doctor or to hang out etc, but less and less so. I don’t even remember the last time I had one.

Despite all that, after a few hours after buying the NFT, I WANTED to take a bath, so much so I stopped everything I was doing and had one. I’m not even sure of what and I’m feeling right now, but a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I get the feeling that maybe something is changing. I’m sure my own efforts have a play in this, but I believe I got a little help from Viracocha hehe.

Thanks Cap, Viracocha and everyone else that contributed to creating this NFT. I mean it.


I felt so drained today, I played plasma light and overloaded me plus I couldn’t sleep well yesterday
Well, very shortly I communicated with him I started feeling way better, still a little tired but normal because it’s almost 22:30.
Then I asked to heal my ear and I’m feeling healing energy inside my ear.


I didn’t know Viracocha is a Marvel Character :open_mouth:


The first day with Vira, I open the image on the phone and introduced myself, all very casual and chill, as friends (all this in a meditative state)
And he immediately appeared in front of me. But … not in his crowd-friendly way, but in its true form. Eyes like two suns and its size similar to a 15-story building. And he knelt down to be a little more at my height, but he was still as tall as before lol

We talked a bit, and he gave me all his support and love.
He is amazing. Is chill and so friendly.

Thanks Cap for this connection <3

and he cured my allergy in like 5 minutes lol


Great that you can communicate with him. I have no results, a little disappointed. I’ll keep looking, I’ll keep trying …


Hey everyone!
Since i’ts my first appearance here, i’d like to send some love to you all and say that i’m very happy to become a part of this community and finally have the courage to appear! (since my moon in capricorn takes forever to process and elaborate things, but when it does it tends to be as accurate as possible)
And I would like also to begin my testimonial saying a major THANK YOU to @Cambrian. He’s been a long time friend and why not say this, mentor in my life. He’s the one who told me about Sapien Medicine, about the fields, Dream and all of this and got me through so many discoveries, so that it could be possible (and now I see it and understand) that I could be a part of this and use wisely this abilities. The universe is insanely magical and through you I regained that childlike view of life, full of possibilities, discoveries and joy. The amount of learning and evolution that I did because of your help is a true blessing to me, and I hope you know how much you are important to me (you know that already, but let’s be insanely redundant because I mean, that’s what brazilians do when they want to make sure to others how much they care about someone :laughing:)

Well straight to it. Viracocha to me is a gift from life, from my higher self, no less than this.
This is the first important personal statement of this nft. So many things changed in my life since Viracocha and I first bonded.
When I first got it, as I did with the other nft that I have, I took the time to really let the reality of what I just have bought sink in. I saw the image and I immediately felt a quick descent of energy, concentrating on my heart chackra. My heart chakra since then is kind of exploding, in a good way. It has its own cicle, and the first thing that i understood: this is life changing.
I was traveling on that time, and it was the perfect timing because I love to meditate on the go to somewhere. Movement gives me peace and centers me, so I did my bonding with him on subway (and synchronicities tend to be more visible when outside). Not kidding when I say I was paralyzed for 10 minutes only feeling its power through my system. He made a descent through my sahashara and sent me a electric fuzzy feeling of energy through my upper chest and arms, extending to my lower chest, legs and feet. So, after that I got used to the new sensation and continued my day, knowing that something profound had changed. I also saw the jagar, very clearly on my vison when he was descending, and we kind of bonded together, i feel permanently, in my energetic system. I don’t know how to explain this, but I feel that he’s a part of me now and I am a part of something bigger, but I still have some difficulty to feel connected to this completely.

Since then, almost everyday I have like 2 our 3 downloads (the amount increased exponentially, when I listened to my playlists of fields before, I got like 2 in a good week) and the capacity of emotional processing also got better. I always struggled to know and feel my feelings, and for coping mechanisms developed since childhood I leaned to suppress all of them. Viracocha made available an immense wisdom to me when it comes to love, since it’s one of his many abilities. I’m finally becoming able to perceive the things I love, that make me feel lovable again and that facilitate people/situations attuned to my changing vibration appear. I’ts been like more than 2 weeks or so, and so much of my world view has changed and my heart chackra is more open to receive and give as I didn’t felt for ages.
Now, here’s the FUN PART!
An important information concerning what I’m about to say:
As @Cambrian knows, I have Native Brazilian ancestry and I became really concerned to know more about our native people, their cultures and therefore know myself through them. Since the pandemic, as we all experienced a major change in our lives, i felt the need to go after my roots and honor the people who came before me. And I always felt an inbalance because the memory of my people has been washed away from so many families, to the point we know nothing, the information stops at our grandparents to be fair. It’s sad because native people are key protectors of nature, and without their memory, us, their descendants lost their culture, rituals and keys to access the mysteries of our traditions.
And months ago I began my experiences with ayahuasca and became even more close to native cultures, specially Huni Kuin. I had the honor to participate in my first ritual with their guidance, and strangely Viracocha knows it since then (I think he was the one who guided me through the Force as they call it, safely bringing me back on my first trip, i feel he’s connected to this experience idk)
That said, Viracocha is a game changer because he RETURNS THE POWER TO US. As I said to Cambrian, it was a desire to have the means to help native people and help protect their lands from our government and farmers. I just didn’t know how since I live in a big city and I’m not involved in movements or anything like that.
So I stablished a routine. I chose one independent press to consume news about what’s really going on Amazonia, Para, Acre and othe brazilian states that belongs to amazon and it’s native people. Every time a news appears about farmers invading lands, violence against native people, miners acting illegally on protected land, I work with Viracocha. Since it has Justice for All buit in it, he acts pretty damn fast and to be honest I was thrilled when I saw the last 2 results. He helped to dismantle an illegal operation of mining on Amazon and today I saw the help coming for Yanomami people.
To be a part of active change is so honoring and to help our native people and lands so important. I’ll not extend myself to the other things since I felt the need to share the more important things in terms of scale, but I can assure you that this project was much, much needed.
I feel an immense gratitude. Thank you Captain, thank you Cambrian.



welcome group 1


thank youu! :hearts:


First contact:

My first talk with Wira was the usual. I welcomed him, told him I’m grateful to have him here with me, introduced myself and my other servitors etc. From this, I remember well feeling a nice warmth when I welcomed him and a moderate pressure in my third eye when I asked him to establish and strengthen a connection between us.

40 min later, I felt energy sick for the first time in a while. I was feeling better right after eating some snacks though.

For the rest of the day, it was like having used New Perspectives. I was simply happy and in a great loving mood, that makes me remember of capybaras. But, whenever I focused, I could also feel the fierceness of the jaguar.

At night, what I said previously happened.

And, while I was in bed, I told him that I was really glad to have him with me. This time, I felt a warm pulse that came from deep inside me and reverberated through my body. It was quite similar to the Inner Pillar of Power, although stronger that what I get with that audio. I believe that this is Wiracocha sending his love to me.

As of today:

Until a few days ago, I was alternating between capybara mode and jaguar mode but I decided to ask Wira to balance them together. Capybara is great for balancing myself, like my Onyx does, and the jaguar gives a nice drive, but I haven’t used this aspect alone too much. Anyway, besides integrating those aspects to me, I’ve asked him to make me more aware of love and fill my heart with it, provide me with willpower and make me feel abundance.

Abundance, in fact, has been a core part of my life since I’ve had Wira with me. Money feels like no problem at all, and it appears every time I want to spend it with something that would bring me joy. I’ve been feeling so outgoing about it that I was okay with donating to every person or organization that appeared to me asking for donations, which is something I was very careful and conservative about before. More than money, I feel that I can have everything that I want and there’s no qualms about merit and worthiness.

About the donations, more than simply giving a limited amount of money, I started asking Vira to intervene and attract abundance to those who asked, but I have no idea of how it went. I trust him though, so it should be fine.

Other things that I’ve asked him to do are: guide lost pets do its owners, watch over a friend that had a surgery, share knowledge with my servitors (mostly Fae and ESS), create a height booster field with Arc (that ended up not making me tired, hungry or thirsty) which is working very well considering I wasn’t providing much regarding nutrients, and whenever I see something involving the forest I ask him to do his magic there.

Tldr: 10/10 would buy again :ok_hand:


Im so amazed to read this! We need that justice for Mother Earth so urgently… my heart breaks every time I see the news about what happens there only because of humans selfishness and greed.
God bless you :pray:t2:


Bem vinda! :wink:


Well, I don’t know what’s wrong with me I have not felt anything with Viracocha.

No communication, no results, nothing. Maybe you are “special”.

More and more sad and disappointed …



More worries, less results.

Just let yourself go.
Go with the flow.
Surf it.

Nobody is “special”. We are.
Let go all your feelings.

Expect nothing, receive everything.


Bre what is your day to day like with Viracocha?

What do you ask of him every day? Do you talk to him every other moment? Like say, every 30 minutes or so?

Do you ask him to make you more energy sensitive to him? Do you ask him to develop your energy systems?

Do you ask him for help communicating with you?

If not, it may be a good idea to start… you should do the star exercise too, preferably with the Viracocha mandala on your left hand and ask him to help you with establishing communication with him while you do the star exercise… If you’re new to it, ask him for help learning how to the star exercise as well

What are your expectations towards how the communication is like? What are your expectations in general?


I have been guided towards this NFT as of late. If anyone has an extra they would be willing to trade, please let me know.



I know why :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to hike a lot, i come from the mountains, and mountains is where i find the best peace ever.

But almost half my life ive been living around at different places close to the Ocean, so no mountains close by, and ive always missed that.

This NFT is also a maker.

A chumpi stones maker. You can google about it, but a chopped description is that the chumpi stones are a very natural way to help ascension, a very profound and lot more smoother ride up.

They come in a set of 7 in different forms and decorated by hand with different designs.

Each stone represents one of the 7 sacred mountains from the Peruvian andes valley.

They are used in many ceremonies or personal use to connect to the power of those mountains.

For healing, wisdom, and its said each one’s energy wraps you around with a belt like with a strong protection, to open clear and expand energy systems.

7 point chumpi – carving of Snake (Sachamama/Hatun Amaru)

6 point chumpi – carving of Moon (Mama Killa)

5 point chumpi – carving of Jaguar (Otorongo)

4 point chumpi – carving of Condor (Apu Kuntur)

3 point chumpi – carving of Condor (Apu Kuntur)

2 point chumpi – carving of Coca (Mama Koka)

1 point chumpi – carving of Hummingbird (Sewar Kinti

:wink: you get the picture why.

Since i got the NFT ive been connecting with all its elements which are quiet a lot.

But didnt feel much the energy of the mountains, so i knew i had to create the stone, i took my time to find a stone or wood or something that could be a bit similar.

Because in real life they are just so beautifully carved


And they give you this “out of this world” kinda vibe :relieved:

With the maker you can create One stone that has the energy of the 7 (this way preferably to wear) or the set of 7 (preferably to meditate) i have had them in the past unfortunately left them at a plce i moved out from. But the connection you feel when you have them in your hand moving around while you meditate is incredible.

You feel like you are ascending just like the mountains.

I finally found a type to be their home and i absolutely loved it because on top of having the same kinda color and material is a Scarb!! Which i have in many forms, in fact my Fae is in a Scarb.

So i was thrilled :grin:

But it wasnt until i put it on my chest that i felt like a long lost friend back in my life, rapidly connecting me to that energy of the mountains, my core.

Things have been happening since. Not relevant to mention here. Lol

But the reason why this might be calling you is specially because you are a Mountain’s man :slight_smile:

You like “going higher and higher”

You find peace and freedom up there

These 7 mountains want you to connect with them to push you even higher but also to make much more enjoyable your hikes. And also to protect you.

So if you dont find a copy to exchange, maybe someone that lives in the Usa can create one or the set of 7 and sell you that instead. :hugs:



Thank you for sharing that beautiful story @anon51280824

I managed to get a trade set up, so I will be sure to PM you more about the stone making ability



Haha yass that was fast lol

Super happy for you.