Pegasus: The Myth Reborn(Western Europe Community Project) NFT: Testimonials

Our Pegasus

  • guides us, assists us and empowers us in our daily, spiritual and magical life, and in the pursuit of our goals

  • transforms us, helps us achieve higher consciousness and raises our vibrations

  • protects us physically, energetically and in all aspects of ourselves and our journey

  • inspires and imbues us with his Love and Light, with the righteousness, justice and honor that fill his heart, with the courage to always do the right thing

  • dissolves our fears, instills courage in us, let us see things from a perspective of Love

  • helps us care for and be of service to loved ones and others, so that we might all achieve the best in this life and beyond

  • balances, fills, optimizes all our energetic reserves, our energetic flows and our energetic alchemies

  • attunes us to the astral and celestial worlds, teaches us what we ought to know and to do it, helps us navigate through them

  • helps us care for the Earth, gives us the tools, knowledge and assistance to do so and make a difference *

  • can create Fountains of Life with a struck of his hoof (drinking from it is as if Life itself was pouring inside us, rejuvenating, healing, making right everything that was not) (that water of Life could also nourish the environment and Earth as it flows around the Fountains) (the Fountains could even be noded to create Rivers of Life) *

  • can channel the stars from the Pegasus constellation as healing tools

  • The programming of a vast, immense and limitless intelligent and teachable energetic program. (meaning unrestricted potential to learn more and become even more).

  • Noded servitors that grow together.

  • Cues based on all of our senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch) that we would be able to pick up depending on our subtle abilities if we have any, to facilitate communication and understanding of our servitor.

  • Being able to work on all parts, all aspects of one’s being, from the tiniest to the most immense level, from the densest to the subtlest level, from the lowest to the highest vibratory level, in this life and all others, everywhere and everywhen.

  • Custom synergy with other servitors : being able to work with other servitors by Dream in a synergistic way tailored for the person being taken care of. Though it might already be the case, or a natural talent of them as they learn about the person and the other servitors.


that loooks niceeee :star_struck:


Looks amazing!!! :star_struck:




Some details now added :)


Is this up for sale already ?


First day Pegasus did a lot of work in my head and heart space. Second day I felt almost weightless, just floating like a feather


Is this minted on crypto yet?


No, it was released 2 days ago.


Early review:

After the first connection the buzzing and energy I felt in my body was very intense. Like deep down in my stomach and emanating to the whole body. It was a wow feeling! The first night my dreams were weird lol And I swear I’ve heard noises. I mean not dreaming but while awake…
The healing power is what I can spot the first… it’s deep. It’s healing beyond what we know or can explain. I feel something so deep as my hormones being more balanced. The left side of my body is been definitely worked on also. My left leg, which I have always felt more stiff is feeling normal and not hurting as I stand for hours as it used to.

The constant feeling of an inner happiness out of this world accompanies me too. It’s a magnificent feeling.


I have been blessed to be part of this project and to acquire this new friend three days ago :slight_smile:

Here is what I attribute to the Pegasus and I know is part of his actions:

  • More sense of inner peace and a deeper connection to the depth of my being.
  • Deeper meditations and more visions.
  • Protection during dreamstates.
  • A knowing he is actively working to prepare me as a healer in a not-so-far future.
  • A knowing he is actively working on stuff I have no idea about.

There is also a sense of power coming with him, something different than the skull.


Talking about power, OMG.
This is the aspect of Pegasus I spotted next to the deep healing taking place.
I mean, at first the boom effect just by looking at him was overwhelmingly strong… The sense of power keeps building itself and I feel like untouchable, but approachable at the same time - if that makes sense.
He is sooooo strong, he exales so much power, a kind of pure power from the heart. Not the “corrupted” mundane one. His presence is big, so big. Nothing compares to having him by my side. The call for justice is heard and he acts fast.
Plus I am so strong lol I lift weights on my workout so easily that I am like wtf :flushed: lol

The power is from the heart. The inner peace comes from a sense of being on your ground always… no one, and I mean No One can challenge my heart with my Pegasus on my side.

This is a precious gift.


How does that work ? Do you give a command / ascertain word or is this an automated process ?


Yes after you connected, i simply give commands/questions to help me/imbue me with this or that create or cleanse/heal :)


So could you simply give the instruction to imbue EVERY drop of everything you drink with it ? That would save a lot of work and having to remember it every time you drink something.


Indeed! :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll start doing that :+1:


Can somebody add me to the group?
I’m proud owner of the pegasus now as well :blush:


I was able to trade something for this beauty and i cant be happier.

Ive had a strong connection to Pegasus since I was a child. And because in my little head couldnt avoid missing not being able to meet him in real life, i grew up surrounded by horses, close to them, kinda filling that void. Besides being double horse in the Chinese Calendar which i follow closer than the other Calendars, Horoscopes etc.

Ok, more like my heart connected to it. But i didnt actually feel him. I just ached for his absence in my world.

I remember when all constellations audios came up on Dream seeds, even tho ive connected or felt etc some of them in my life, listening to them i was like “oh nice, ah relaxing, cool, etc” with all the others but nothing to write about (my experience)

Until i listen to the Pegausus one and man!! That was awesome i even started a post to comment about it:

At the time when i got the NFT i also got Tara, Vira, the Dragon, the Sacred 12. It was too much to work on haha, i welcomed him, felt him, told him i was extremely happy he was in my life and that he knew that, and put him aside to work first with Tara and the Dragon for a few days with the intention of coming back for him after.

I didnt even print him, or put him as screen background nothing. I was saving him for later.

But No. Things started changing, messages were coming through very strongly, he literally started dropping habits i needed or incorporating some that i needed. I knew it was him, he said it, it was like he was raising up his front legs and making the noise (i dont know if that has a name lol) right next to me, i literally turned to my right slowly like “wow calm down baby :sweat_smile:” and i felt that rush of the wild horse within Me, within him, like both energies became one.

I knew i didnt have to ask him anything, i guess he already knew everything regarding me in every single aspect, i guess he did indeed saw me growing up aching for him, i guess he knew i looked for him in every horse i met, so i told him, do whatever. I dont need to tell u anything.


Apart from every single element it has and i could talk about i will just mention the main 3 which are super big imo.


I dIdnt exactly do Astral Traveling, i have a couple of times, but its never been something i eagerly have tried or wanted to pursuit, the void has infinite and very taxing vortexes and layers to it full of “surprises” that are not all the time pleasant. So my thing is more remote viewing. And im pretty good at that. So i never felt the need to actually go out there with my Astral body.


I am always travelling, up there, somewhere, a total nightly adventure, and let me reinforce the fact that i was never looking for that. I could live without Astral Traveling even tho it seems like the biggest thing for people my curiosity or need was well fulfilled with my ability to remote viewing.

In the 2 or 3 occasions i did long time ago, i came back exhausted because i realized that if you are an Empath here in this plane oh hun you are a super highlighted one up there lol i aint got time for that haha

And i disliked getting OBEs :roll_eyes: thats why i stopped wearing the Schumann tag at night. so anyway I -WAS - NEVER - LOOKING - FOR - THAT

I remember the 1st night it happened when i woke up i was like HOLD ON RIGHT THERE,… what did just happen.

I know i get excited sharing every single detail in reviews but ok, lets just say with Pegasus Astral Traveling is like the smoothest easiest fast ride ever. You dont feel the void tax, you surf around like the entire universe is your land, your territory, the protection is 100% on point, you dont see or feel anything negative or low vibrational at all.

Pegasus perfectly knows how to navigate, knows the best path ways etc, takes you to where you want, but with respect, he is not invasive of other realms or anything like that, he just gift you a beautiful sweet experience for you to enjoy. And if possible find places for little light “gifts” that come with needed insight.

He helps you reach higher levels of “new perspectives”

Funny tho… Ive never felt that im riding him, its like he takes me next to him, i fly along him basically.

I was so missing being in this forum just because i wanted to share this haha because i know how many out here want this, so they could try to exchange or find it somehow.


If Armor of Light brings you/ surrounds you, infuses you with the energy of a powerful “Knight” … this is the horse that knight rides. Enough said.
And you feel it when you are about to enter or be close to any kind of danger, like if you were riding him and he would stop and raise his front legs and neigh (i remember now the name of the sound lol) this is frikking awesome how it stops you. And well of course the nights are a smooth and deep sleep under his wings :slight_smile:


oh hi… :smirk: what a beautiful surprise i forgot reading about it in his description!!!

Ive been using skin fields for like 2 years now, semi constant… but it had been months that i was all over the place with the skin stacks, due to stretching the time to work on other stacks or the NFTs i kinda let the skin behind since i still have a good one lol

So lets say for like 3 months i barely listened to any of the skin audios. Then i stopped completely for like 1.5 months.

After like a week or so i started noticing my skin looking really good like if i had been to the spa for full treatment, i was like … what am i listen to (oh because i also stopped Exalted which always kept that fresh glow on my face) i couldn’t figure but nonetheless happy.
But then i noticed more and more, like really amazing yoo. Very very noticeable.

I decided to play black juat once some of the skin ones while having Pegasus close to me, and since i gave him free way to do whatever i wanted, needed, he quickly picked it up and it enhanced those audios a lot more, enhanced = settling the energy of them deepler and faster in my skin.

Energy levels? = i never felt slightly tired. Every again.

Strenght levels = feel like i do weights all day

Anyway. Needless to say my joy of having him with me i could not exactly put it words.



Very happy you’ve got your hand on it :pray:
There has been so much powerful releases, that this one went through almost un-noticed.

For Astral Traveling, one thing at the root of the creation is that the Pegasus Vibration is according to some teachings an activator of the “Glorious Body” or Celestial Body, which always remains pure and un-affected by the side-effects of duality.

Same concept as in Shamanism where the butterfly or the eagle energy is used for shamanic journeying :))

Thanks for this, good reminder to interact with my dear Pegasus more.

The protection aspect is very palpable, but I had almost forgotten about its other cooler aspect, such as this or the soul-level healings.