The Trader NFT (Speculator Community Project) Testimonials

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“The Trader” NFT

“Behind this mask there is more than just flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea… and ideas are bulletproof.” - V for Vendetta

Imagine working with your intuition to make the best financial decisions at all times, the world you would create for yourself and loved ones around you. Having the knowledge to know what to invest for yourself, a large group of advisors seeking the best return on your investments.

Feel the inner peace of your investments, the money is already yours.

Using the End Results, who would care so much about what’s going on with the market movements in the moment. You’ve already got the perfect setup, the opportunity came to you because you choose to be ready. Celebrate your success, share your gift and blessings to others around you.

NFT features:

Emotional control ONLY when in a trade

  • suppression of emotions when trading investing or speculating

Collection of successful traders mindset

  • Train your mindset to have the trading psychology
  • Develop Discipline when speculating
  • Become overly Patient; knowing it’s all going to turn out alright.
  • gather Experience from pro’s
  • Draw in successful traders to your life
  • removing the adrenaline-based ‘gambling mindset’

Access to key metrics

  • Follow where all the money is going
  • collects any kind of financial knowledge from the collective conscious-unconscious ideas.
  • opportunity filter; seek the right opportunities for you, attract them as if they belong to you.

Flow state of gratitude

  • Constantly being grateful
  • Wins/losses teach a lesson
    1. Recreates the losing experience, without having to actually lose money (or time) Analysis of each trade

Feeling the End-Result

  1. Feeling that you have found a perfect deal/setup/opportunity.
  2. Feeling that you just made an awesome deal.
  3. Feeling how trading, winning, and doing massive gains is fun and totally safe.
  4. Feeling that now finally one’s life is switching around financially, making quantum leaps
  • DELETE any fears and low self-esteem issues about having a ton of money, AND INSTALL a total sense of the infinite over-worldly level of self-love and self-esteem related to being over-the-top rich
  • The Right Subconscious Opportunity Filter
  • A “Best Path in Life” for Financial Decisions

Pattern recognition

  • Understanding key information for market movements
  • Super-learning of markets
  • Reinforcement Learning
    1. training of machine learning models to make a sequence of decisions.


So in the trading cycle, there would be peaks and throughs. And let’s simplify these as a sine wave. The x-axis plots time, and the y-axis plots trading results. f(x) = sin x

In order to nullify the throughs, we take the absolute value of the sine wave. f(x) = |sin x|

Or, it would be even better if it’s a sine wave with an uptrend regression line. So, the results are better over time. f(x) = sin(x) + x

Risk/Reward Money Management

  • Nudge us to have a plan before taking a trade; No goals, no projections
  • Understand the money we could lose
  • Rational goal setting

“Best Path for Financial Decisions”
“Best Path for Trading Decisions”
“Best Path for Investment Decisions”


1: Best Path in Life” for Financial Decisions

As you all know, the BPIL tag reaches out to your Future Self who has already collected all the experience and went through all the possible timelines and scenarios, which then puts you onto the best possible timeline out of all of these.

So the Best Path for Financial Decisions would be totally awesome.
This would mean that regardless of which financial decision you make, it will always turn out to be the best possible for you in the long term.

With that, you will no longer need to analyze charts or do technical analysis or anything like that. You would always act on an inner impulse and automatically do the right financial decision.

2: The Right Subconscious Opportunity Filter

Do you really think that the rich and the genius investors are sitting 24/7 in front of their computers and analyzing information?
That’s what one would imagine thinking about the “big whales” and geniuses on the market and all those YouTube gurus :joy:

But, it is not like that the rich have all the information in the world available for them and analyze everything to the core.
Or that they have always perfect emotional mastery and then based on all of this make a financial decision.

In most cases, their so-called Subconscious Mind Filter guides their awareness to the right opportunities!

They PERCEIVE the OPPORTUNITIES that their subconscious mind filter MAKES THEM TO PERCEIVE.

It is always the subconscious mind who is the real genius!

The subconscious mind of each of us is already in touch with the collective unconsciousness and knows about all the possible opportunities and outcomes that are there in the whole world.

This is possible because the subconscious mind also exists and operates outside of the illusion of time. It already has access to all the possible scenarios. And it can even access and download scenario information from the Higher Self :exploding_head:

So the key here is to do what the ultra-rich do, and that is to set this subconscious automatic opportunity filter to the right amount of money.

That is:
…the Belief that you are WORTH it to have a high amount of money
…the Belief that is GOOD and SAFE for you to have a high amount of money

If the subconscious mind believes that it is safe and good for you, then it will manifest this for you!

If you BELIEVE that you always find the best opportunities AND that you ALWAYS DESERVE TO RECEIVE this amount of money AND that it is GOOD and SAFE for you, THEN your subconscious mind will FILTER YOUR AWARENESS in a way so that YOU ONLY SEE those opportunities that will enable you to make this high amount of money.

With the right set subconscious mind filter (based on your beliefs about wealth and your deep self-worth), your subconscious mind will manifest this for you by guiding your attention only to those opportunities that will enable you to inevitably reach what you believe.

This happens all the time already with all of us – it is just that our subconscious opportunity awareness filter has been hijacked by the brainwashing from the media and a society that has ultra low-self-esteem.

3: DELETE any fears and low self-esteem issues about having a ton of money.

Also remove fears of financial bureaucracy that would come with having and making a ton of money, as well as any other limiting belief about being worthy of capital gains, high income, receiving money “out of nowhere” etc.

And of course, you need to totally believe that it is SAFE to have a ton of money, otherwise, your subconscious mind will protect you from having “too much”.

The maximum that you can ever receive is set by your deeply-set core belief about your own self-worth. So in order to receive a ton of money, you absolutely must feel that you are worth it.

4: Feeling the End-Result is the Secret for Manifestation

The field/servitor would put you in a constant state of feeling of already having made a ton of money, plus the feeling that even more is flowing in every day, so much more that you feel overwhelmed in a positive way of what to do with all that money.

collective consciousness of traders and investors (always in the present moment so that it would be up to date) that are making huge profits, their knowledge and guidance would be applied constantly to users of this nft.

In other words it would act as a very knowledgeable trading mentor.

  1. Arcturians mathematical A.I.
  2. when reading about a project or company have the intuitive response of the collective unconscious. Basically, a gauge to see how and if the world would benefit from such technology/ innovation or if it’s not needed.
  3. intuitive background and intentions behind the team you are investing in. Avoiding people with ill intent or seeking to profit from everyone else while not delivering.
  4. Attract wealthy investors to invest in the project you are property/crypto project/ stock etc.
  5. Turn whatever you touch to gold, other’s perspectives see the value you see in your investment.


  • Tsai Shen: Turn iron and silver into gold; find valuable assets to invest in.
  • FORTUNA; she held the power over prosperity, abundance, and fortune

Ah, so just for clarity… this is a servitor?


This is a god


On this forum, it’s hard to know whether to take a statement like this figuratively or literally lol


Some testimonials:


Haha sorry,
I just meant it sounds amazing


we didn’t request anything specific (in terms of Item maker, Servitor, Mandala, etc) from Dream, allowed him to create the best field for this topic.


Oh okay, the description said field/servitor, and from what you posted, it looks like Dream said you can talk or interact with it… hmm…

Just trying to straighten out which of my NFT’s are gods, demigods, servitors, or good ol’ fields. For administrative purposes…


warm appreciation to @Dreamweaver for creating this beautiful field.


AMAZING!! congratulations!!!



One of my favorite NFTs!!! Highly recommend


don’t forget to write your testimony


Had so much fun creating this with everyone !

Before it even came out I had alot of shifts regarding how I trade and how I view trading as a whole :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

Emotionally mastery came very quickly the FOMO feeling doesn’t seem to be there and the discipline aspect has risen quite tremendously. :chart_with_upwards_trend::chart_with_downwards_trend:

I was also able to find a strategy/strategy’s that simplify everything but yet yield much better results.

I came to this very deep understanding:
“ it is commonly shoved into our brains to work hard and to grind, but once you realise that actually keeping it simple and making it fun will actually bring better results”

Still a long way to go with this NFT, but imagine the possibilities… :infinity:


I don’t know if I am allowed to post this here, but I figured it fits the topic in multiple ways. I trade for a living and my current largest position is called $GOFF, which is a reverse merger with an NFT company, currently rumored to be World Asset Exchange (WAX). The upside on it is tremendous and should happen relatively soon. Not recommending anyone to buy it, but check it out if interested. Lmk if this kind of post ins’t allowed. Perhaps this field brought me here to send this to you :thinking:

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idk man…


Im not a chart guy and not telling anyone to do anything with it, its the upcoming catalyst is why im in, and I had a weird nudge to post it scrolling through the thread. I guess check back in 2 to 3 months and see

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yeap yeap!

just don’t like the fact we’re almost at the top, i assume you bought in a few days/months back so your odds are better than mine.

totally got that :mechanical_arm:


My average is around .40, actually .36 on one account and .42 on another to be exact and I have roughly 460k shares, bought a couple weeks ago. NFTs are starting to get in trouble if they are not publicly traded and this has a pending merger with an unknown NFT company and the guy working on it has an incredible reputation, the exact opposite of a scammer, leading to speculation that the company has the potential to be a multibillion valuation which should skyrocket the price from current levels


Just deposited some cash into a Schwab account and ready to get started. Thank you for the advice and recommendations everyone. I’ll be taking my time and learning everything I can.


Not only have I seen success in such limited time, but I have definitely felt more relaxed and less emotional when it comes to the trading process.

“This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished.”

“-a vendetta held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous.”