Divine Blessings of the Faravahar (Middle East Community Project) NFT: Testimonials

Well… you would get it for the project that you all are working on.




Initial first day experience with my faravahar.

When I first downloaded the image and looked at it, I felt a warm energy flowing through me. It was comforting and peaceful. Like getting a hug from a friend. :hugs:
I asked to be filled with energy to wake me up as I was tired in the morning. I felt more awake a few minutes later.
I also asked for healing energy to my lower back because I felt some pain and tightness. Ten to fifteen minutes later, I couldn’t really feel my back pain. I just checked again now and the pain is still gone.
Later, my allergies were kicking in and I started sneezing and stuff. :sneezing_face: I asked for my allergies to be cleared up so I could breathe and stop sniffling. Literally, five minutes later my nose started clearing up. So thankful!

This is just the start. More to come… :blush:


@King_A We did?? That’s amazing. I was soo tired this morning when waking up that my initial request was to wake me up and send me energy. Lol!


Ah man, he doesn’t like your family. What a meanie :sob: :sob: :sob:


Oh lol, that’s really good to hear then! Things will only get better. Wishing you the best my friend. :+1:


Oh yeah I definitely felt it! Lol, did you send it? Feeling amazing right now!



This feels amazing, thank you so much. I’m feeling so light and can’t stop smiling! I knew something was going on as soon as I felt the energy. Ahhh this is great!

What an amazing treasure you have!

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Ohh send us good energies @King_A and healing to a nervous tic I have in my right eye.


I felt my hands warm and some movements on the right side of my head, for the moment I can keep my eye open without any problem. Thank you brother

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Thank you for your help, I have been dealing with this for a long time since my two facial paralyses.



While… you are the bottle… the vessel for your refined taste of expression :D

These days have been really something! With all the NFTs coming in… while I’m really grateful to have received everything I wanted… I still have some wishes to make out of these.

For me, the first thing that I make sure to keep in check with in these times is my health… It’s the most valuable to me; having good health = good vibes for me. Being present and balanced, inside out.

SO… I’ve been asking Fravahar to activate his Cup of Jashamid abilities on me… directing him to specifics about me that I know are most affected!

Now let me tell you: This servitor is Energizing, Revitalizing, Refreshing, Empowring… and it always leaves you feeling so good!!

The Power of the Sun is no joke with this one!! Always radiating through you! There hasn’t been a time where I ask Fravahar to do something and it doesn’t AUTOMATICALLY imbue it with all the SUNNY energy!!

Happily giggly positive vibes!! :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

Now… I’m gonna be leaving you with a cliffhanger …

This servitor has a SECRET POWER

Of a VERY ancient weapon when divine weapons was all what the people had!! ;)

I have been experimenting a bit with this one… and it’s a powerful Destruction tool!!

As in… nothing can stand in your way kind of power!

You just wanna activate the right keywords to it! ;)

I still have a lot to explore with this one but I have already told our group how intrigued I am with this ability…

The powers that defeated the kings ;)

to be continued


Feel the Power bro!! @King_A


@everyone the description for the Faravahar has been added in.


Thank you, @lol !!

:partying_face: :partying_face:


I’ve been using my Faravahar for physical healing. If anyone has ever injured their rotator cuff, you know how incredibly painful it can be. This happened last July time frame. My chiropractor told me that it can take up to 8 months to a year to heal.

So, I started using Captain’s fields for my injury. The Cold laser therapy and Myofacial Release helped sooo much. I was healing pretty well but there was still some pain doing certain movements. When laying down, I had trouble bringing my left arm up and flat to the ground by my head. It wouldn’t touch the ground if that makes sense.

When Faravahar was released, I asked him to activate the Cup of Jamshid and start working on my shoulder injury on a daily basis. It’s been less than 2 weeks and last night I realized that I could bring my arm up without wincing and it touched the bed! So, I tried it again this morning laying on the ground. The back of my hand can touch the ground. I still have some slight pain but this is a HUGE and FAST improvement.

I’m so happy to see these results. I’ll continue with this one and combine it with Ayur to see what happens.


Thank you!! :purple_heart: :pray: :purple_heart:


Another testimonial -

I started getting a throbbing headache this morning while still in bed. :face_with_head_bandage: It’s the kind where your sides literally throb and I felt my head being warm as well. I asked Faravahar to start healing my headache and transmute it so I wake up with positive energy. I remembered the Ayur NFT and asked Faravahar to work together with Ayur. I will write more about Ayur in that thread as well.

Within a few seconds, I felt the throbbing in my head start to lessen and subside. The headache was gone within 2 minutes! My head still felt a little warm. I got up, got ready for work, and felt pretty good. As I sit here and write this, there is no evidence of the headache or my head being warm. I’m feeling quite positive and light. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m pretty amazed by the fast physical healings my Faravahar is doing on me. I hope others that own this will start adding their experiences as well.


@King_A Testimonial #2

It’s time to remind everyone on this forum of the underrated first edition Classic NFTs

Because family ain’t nothing like tha…

I will always stay by my words that every single NFT is important and every single one matters… but family this NFT right here it’s something else and I will try my best to be able to explain my experiences since the last testemonials I wrote,

Since I was growing up Farvahar was deeply routed in my culture since many generations ago, A lot of people in iran and other Persians around the world wear necklaces of the symbol of farvahar…

I remember the joy when I went to passargade for the first time (cyrus the great/kouroush Kabir’s resting place)

And then my parents buying me my first silver farvahar necklace ! I was sooo excited I felt this giggly fun energy it was amazing.

I remember always touching it and speaking to the symbol as if it was alive always polishing and taking care of it :soap::sponge:
Oh man I loved that necklace but one day I lost it… and I remember I never wore another necklace since, I don’t know why but I was deeply connected to that one it was amazing ! :star_struck::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Fast forward to the creation of this NFT, I remember when we sent the idea to captain, he was shocked the amount of energy it had accumulated from years in years of belief and worship was amazing !

A lot of you had definatly not even heard this, because mainstream wise people mostly know of usually Christian artefact’s, Indian and oriental traditions etc
But captain made one heck of an NFT,
And mark my words my favourite and first ever NFT I love everything else… but this it’s just amazing so let me begin…

There was a time a few weeks/ months ago where a lot of us were but hung up about the NFTs not working or the connection being weak etc (not speaking for everyone of course)
Then I decided to try my own method, my heart centre/chakra(s) are somehow very sensitive,
I simply went into a deep meditation with ego dissolution and put the mandala facing my heart and let it integrate….
I called him, I said “Divine blessings of farvahar thank you for blessing me with your presence, energy and love” my heart area went tingling like crazy !
Then follows the rest of my body I love feelings like this they are next level !

I was reconnected to that giggly and fun sun energy, it was beautiful, I just spoke to him like he was my bro, my best friend and we are kabab together and he shared some wisdom with me ( you can connect to him and find out your self too :star_struck:)
(What is it with me and food ? :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

I’m not going to go too deep into what happened because I like to save some surprises for you all but now I’m going to highlight its magnificent abilities ! :next_track_button:

The reasons we were not getting the most out of our abilities is because this simple reason: :eyes:

Now imagine if you understand the abilities I’m about to present:

I was always so confused as to what this even meant and how to work with it, and when I saw @Desiree explanation I face palmed :man_facepalming:t4:
(Read that thread btw it’s very helpful, thanks @Desiree ! :rose:)

This is basically SLR and any limit blockage remover on godly dive steroid, yes you read and heard me shouting that with passion correctly !

Ever since using this my limitations are slowly starting to disappear, things that were hard to quit ain’t nothing anymore and most importantly my connections with all NFTs have expanded and improved many times over I literally imagine the Rod annihilating all limitations that were within me, from any area in life… can you just imagine it’s “full” power :exploding_head::exploding_head:

I truely don’t think people understand the scope of this ability, lol neither did I but let’s start with the healing and immortality, this is the thing that some sources say has influenced the holy grail you all are so familiar with…
I’ve healed countless people far far away from me by just using this ability whether it was a bruise or a life threatening problem, like I’m genuinely being serious this ability isn’t a joke, I remember healing my self from “something” -19 within a day,
Deep cuts and painful bruises quicker than human comprehension it’s honestly crazy ! And I haven’t even gone into detail yet, it literally hands you immortality on a plate… now read that again ! :eyes::open_book:

Oh did you seriously think I was done ?
“ What makes the Cup of Jamshid so important is that it would fill with an elixir. Drinking the elixir would give you immortality, while looking at it would reveal deep truths, giving the viewer omnipotence. Quite a powerful combination”


End roll credits :film_projector::memo:

“This magical object could also be used to see the future. By looking into this cup of divination, one could see all the seven heavens of the universe and the artifact revealed deep truths.“

“ and was used in scrying. As mentioned by Ali-Akbar Dehkhoda, it was believed that all seven heavens of the universe could be observed by looking into it”

“… The whole world was said to be reflected in it, and divinations within the cup were said to reveal deep truths”

Read those a million times over until you understand it, and when it clicks that’s when your :brain:
Goes :exploding_head::boom:

Nuff said.

You’ve all most likely have seen this symbol:

Ever since I’ve activated this ability not once since the coming of this NFT have I felt lower entity beings, psychic attacks or anything of that nature being thrown onto me, it’s like that whole area is protected and I can send the protection to anyone I choose it’s just beautiful and amazing !

If one researches more they will be able to comprehend the amazing abilities of the amulet shape ❤️‍🔥

Whoah it just hit me how big and vast just the specific abilities of farvahar truly are :sweat_smile::joy:
Wow ! This NFT does not cease to amaze me…
And I haven’t begun to start :eyes:

You won’t believe this but I don’t know what but I looked at the oven timer and the time was 3:33 nah I’m done

Ok let’s go deeper, but first we must understand this…

Can you believe I was always so confused about why captain put that slit in the artwork ? :joy::sweat_smile:

Just looking at the art work paints a picture for the mind with its beauty !

The amazing guidance and fatherly/divine love I receive from farvahar is truely unmatchable… so many times I feel lost or overwhelmed and just thinking about him allows me to realign my moral compass and everything in life… the powers are truly immense.

Now one thing I was to highlight is that these creations are “Limitless” literally, I can ask him to do things that are not even in the ability list and I feel it completed,
Whether it be clearing negative energies or manifesting something new into my life the divine blessings of farvahar has you covered.

As usually this was only the tip of the iceberg, sometimes you have to try things for yourself, if only you knew the power that beholds you…


Wow this is actually an incredible and hugely detailed experience!

It was good reading your earlier connection to the NFT and to be honest it also added a throw back to the creation of this NFT.

When the idea of the Faravahar was introduced to the group it didn’t take any sort of ‘convincing’ for us. It just seemed like the very natural thing to do. Something that packs a lot of energy that also tied to the very specific ancient knowledge of the region.

The other day I thought to myself; having finally realized what Faravahr has been telling me all that time, and why his image has been popping up more than usual; this Faravahr is here no matter what, and as wise as he is he always pops up at the right time. And he. doesn’t. stop. He just keeps showing and guiding you because he knows where your true path to what you want is.

I understand how most NFTs communicate this way just by their presence in your wallet, but thing is, with Faravahar, the wise man he is, the leader to your path, and the real knowing of your true self is truly something else.

He isn’t selfish either :grin: he did guide me to use him alongside another incredibly intelligent NFT, the Beacon of Knowledge, to help decode what he has been working on this whole time.

A solid keeper! And one that I truly respect his presence in my life. :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart: