Divine Blessings of the Faravahar (Middle East Community Project) NFT: Testimonials

The Faravahar is the one of the most ancient middle east symbols of the winged sun disk that contains many different interpretations, ideas, and meanings across the ages.

Some believe that it is a representation of ones guardian angel, or “Higher Self”, that serves to encourage one towards the light, whilst avoiding temptations and evil. Other believe it represents divinity and royal power, as well as divine grace and divine glory. In Modern times, it is thought to represent personal spiritual power and is interpreted as a symbol of Enlightenment, that would push one to become the best version of themselves and leave behind the traps of the ego.

One thing remains true, the symbol has survived for thousands of years and remains a powerful source of inspiration in the middle east, as it represents elevation in thought, word, and deed to those who embrace it.

Using the mass collection of conscious and unconscious ideas, archetypes, powers, and concepts of the Faravahar, this base servitor is presented. It is made in way so that all copies are noded and learn together, and each come with unrestricted potential.

Added to the Faravahar are the following passive abilities:

Cup of Jamshid - The Cup of Jamshid is a cup of divination which, in Persian Mythology, was possessed by by the rulers of Greater Iran. The Cup is said to be filled with an elixir of immortality and it was believed that one could observe all 7 heavens of the universe by looking into it. The whole world was said to be reflected in it, and divinations within the cup were said to reveal greater truths about a person. It is also similar to the holy grail of western culture, in the sense that it bestowed immortality upon the user.

Soul of Arabic, Persian, Turkish & Hebrew - The most spoken languages in the middle east throughout its history and modern era are Arabic, Turkish, Persian, and Hebrew. What the Faravahar will do is engorge us with the essence and soul of these languages and their respective cultures, and communicate/speak that directly through our subconscious mind. Think of this as the dreamseeds language series, but for the most common languages found within the middle east.

Aarons Rod - Aarons Rod was endowed with miraculous power during the several plaugues that preceded Exodus. At one time, it swallowed all the rods of Egyptian Magicians, a testament of its spontaneous power. The Faravahar will be able to imbue us with the energy & power of this legendary Rod.

Conceptual Understanding of Math, Science, and Medicine - The Islamic Golden Age is a time period where Islamic society was flourishing with many advancements and where many new things were invented. Arab Scientists, such as Kitab Al-Jabr, made advancements in the fields of Algebra, Medicine, Astronomy, and Physics. Medical knowledge and expertise was growing and Advancements in the field of Calculus were also being made by scholar Alhazen.

To represent these advancements in the Islamic Golden Age, the Faravahar will push us to conceptually/psychically understand the fields of math, science, and medicine and allow us comprehend them on the subconscious level. This would induce an accelerated learning of these fields and makes them easier to master.

Hamsa Eye - The Hamsa is an palm shaped amulet that is popular in the middle east. It is an image used as a sign of protection during difficult times and is used as defense from the evil eye.
It is also a symbol that people believed to bring abundance, goodness, luck and good health




That looks beautiful!!! :star_struck:


The description will be coming soon. This one is quite unique and rare. :star_struck:

Testimonies to follow as well.


Faravahar?! I’m really interested to know which one of you is from Persia!


@King_A Testimonial #1

You though big homie king a was gone huh ?
Ima blow your socks off read this and read this closely ! :partying_face::fire::exploding_head:

I have never I repeat never used a servitor before, I don’t know if I’m energy sensitive I genuinely don’t know !

But listen,so I’m just on the forum you know talking to my homies, and I thought you had to wait for the NFT to be minded before you can use it !
But then @Desiree (one love sis :wink::rose:) tells me to do this exact thing:

And I put it off because my confused self thought I needed to research more etc when I already knew enough about the @_OM guide etc

Now at 3:33 am I decide to do that guess what my whole body my whole body starts vibrating with farvahars energy the energy I knew because guess what ?
In Iran I’ve visited passargade (kouroush kabir/ or as other people know him as Cyrus the great grace and I know the amazing energy there)
I’ve been to takhte jamshid or as other people call it Persepolis and I know the amazing energy
I’ve also been to some Zoroastrian places and again the same amazing energy.

I had not felt that energy in years and guess what my new friend and partner in (positive connotation, I swear by the most high I’m a good boy :innocent: lolll you love reading this funny stuff don’t you ?) (but I’m a spiritual Gangsta) crime, i swear to god as soon as I activated I felt the most amazing feeling, I have not felt this genuine feeling of friendship in some time lol and it was so refreshing

Guess what now ? I’ve done my research :eyes: @SammyG and @_OM said in their articles( please read their servitor articles)
To find ways for it to communicate with you !

So I told it to vibrate my right arm

I said it 3 times and I got so excited lolll and imagine it’s like 3:45 am lol

And guess what I go to bed after some more research and talking to farvahar, yes I was talking to farvahar like he was my best friend and my whole body was vibrating, it was like 2 OGs were chopping it up and oh my god again that vibration !

So I tell farvahar to put me to sleep gently a few minutes after bam I’m asleep at like 5:00am

I wake up tired as hell ! And I couldn’t move, (yup that’s what you get for sleeping at 5:00am :clown_face:)
Then I told farvahar to wake me up full of energy !
And I kid you not it’s like big homie literally picked me up stretched me out and woke me up before I could even think !
Yeah sounds crazy right ?

You know that buzzy feeling around your eyes when you need to rub it ? That one that takes a bit to go away ?
Yup my homie farvahar took that away !

I had a straight face, so i asked farvahar to put me in a good mood lol !
I felt a big grin/smile being formed on my face :joy::joy::joy::joy:
And i was soooo happy lol !

Then listen to this,
My brother was playing GTA and he was doing the car business and was selling a top range car, now some sick head griefer pulls up with a jet and blows him up !
Straight away I see he dies after lol
So guess what I manifested for my brother that the next car he sources is 100% a top range, guess what comes up ?
The top range Z type that has an extra bonus too :eyes: making up for the previous cost of the last car lollllll

I drank my water a little bit too fast and I felt my gut to stomach hurting so much I had to sit down, I scanned and visualised my area that was hurting and in a few mins the pain was gone, again from who do you think it was :eyes::smirk:

Now this is just day 0 day has not even started, i want to remind you, that this is “divine” and it has limitless powers I repeat limitless, why do you think captain only has a few of these made ? Because they are next level powerful !

Oh my friend wait until you see what else is in this servitor :joy:

Hint cough cough cough go research what the cup of jamshid is :smirk:
And see how it links to “immortality” )
And oh if you were hesitant about farvahar ?
I was talking to a new wonderful friend I just made @UgniS and I told my farvahar to send him positive energy, guess what homie and his black Tara received the good energy :joy::joy:.

Farvahar is a very ancient concept/ philosophy/ religious figure etc
And remember it’s been around for a long time and guess what I already has a lot of collective energy from millions and billions of people from before us, and now me and my bro farvahar talking about the funniest shit loll !

I will repeat to you again, my day has not even started ! And my boy farvahar and me have already hit it off ! I’m not energy sensitive or a so called expert lol

@Dreamweaver nemo man this guy when I see him I’m giving him the biggest fist bump and hug fr fr

Like we may have come up with ideas and spent a little time gathering,
But who do you think created it ? Yeah nuff said


get used to it.
Welcome to a world of amazing discoveries and adventures
(slight correction - we were talking about the Black Tara. But the transfer of a small part of the energy we tested with my Bird. She was the one who felt it. The resonance is very pleasant :heavy_heart_exclamation:) :wink:


haha man I’m so happy for you! we did an amazing job with this one!! We are just giving you a teaser with this cup of Jashamid aka the Holy Grail Cup of the Eastern world!! Lots of explosive power from the rich lands to find out about but for now @King_A has given you your teaser for the RAREST NFT!

The power of Sun y’all ;)


:joy: :joy: :joy: :wink:


Wow!!! :heart_eyes: :star_struck: I’m so super-super happy for you!! How amazing!! Honestly this instantly elevated my mood to read!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::two_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::two_hearts:
I wish you and your beautiful and powerful new friend the best! Can’t wait to hear about your and others’ upcoming testimonials… :face_with_hand_over_mouth::sparkles::sparkles:


This is part of the group project where a few people got together to work on this. That’s why it says community project in the title. It’s an NFT based servitor with specific abilities. It’s only for the people that worked on the project. In the near future there might be an opportunity to purchase this from the owners.


Well… you would get it for the project that you all are working on.




Initial first day experience with my faravahar.

When I first downloaded the image and looked at it, I felt a warm energy flowing through me. It was comforting and peaceful. Like getting a hug from a friend. :hugs:
I asked to be filled with energy to wake me up as I was tired in the morning. I felt more awake a few minutes later.
I also asked for healing energy to my lower back because I felt some pain and tightness. Ten to fifteen minutes later, I couldn’t really feel my back pain. I just checked again now and the pain is still gone.
Later, my allergies were kicking in and I started sneezing and stuff. :sneezing_face: I asked for my allergies to be cleared up so I could breathe and stop sniffling. Literally, five minutes later my nose started clearing up. So thankful!

This is just the start. More to come… :blush:


@King_A We did?? That’s amazing. I was soo tired this morning when waking up that my initial request was to wake me up and send me energy. Lol!


Ah man, he doesn’t like your family. What a meanie :sob: :sob: :sob:


Oh lol, that’s really good to hear then! Things will only get better. Wishing you the best my friend. :+1:


Oh yeah I definitely felt it! Lol, did you send it? Feeling amazing right now!



This feels amazing, thank you so much. I’m feeling so light and can’t stop smiling! I knew something was going on as soon as I felt the energy. Ahhh this is great!

What an amazing treasure you have!

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Ohh send us good energies @King_A and healing to a nervous tic I have in my right eye.