Scam / Counterfeit Reports Thread *Updated*

NFT Guidelines

  • Sapienmed audios and mandalas may not be shared, traded, sold or borrowed after purchase.
  • Pirated audios will not work for those who obtain them in that manner.
  • Downloading pirated content and trading, selling or sharing is considered black marketing or bootlegging.
  • Refunds of digital purchases cannot be issued. Exceptions may be determined by the admins.
  • Audios may be purchased as a gift for another by indicating the email address of the gift recipient.
  • NFT Rules and Guidelines

Stolen NFTs

Report stolen copies to @Zen
They will be listed here: Awareness Alert: Stolen NFTs in Circulation

DM the following information to the moderators (one DM to all three):

@Dr_Manhattan @Nice2knowU and @Rosechalice

  • Wallet Addresses and Usernames of suspected/actual scammers**

  • Users requesting for any audios or mandalas of NFTs they do not own. (There must be evidence)

  • Users requesting / sharing / trading / ‘borrowing’ of non-NFT purchased audios / mandalas.

  • Websites of collective stolen content.

  • YouTube Channels.

  • Community groups on other platforms or social media.

  • Scammers, black marketers, pirates not on the forum.

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Additional Info

Is this a stolen video? Mh Power: Sapien Medicine Throat Chakra

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It does say it’s a sapienmed audio, so in that respect it’s not stolen.

I remember Dream made a comment on a recent patreon release that if people were going to put it on their channels at least they should say where they got it. Looks like that’s what this person did.

Yeah, but like it’s a paid audio from Gumroad. Or was at least, idk if it’s still there


So it’s not a problem since it mentions it’s sapiens audio? On that logic even the yeah right guy did nothing wrong since every video mentions it’s sapiens audio lol. Looking at the other stuff it’s literally a channel that uploads paid stuff like those other yt channels. That channel should be reported if anything. And looking at some other sapien content on that channel it’s obvious that they were uploaded when they were still available for purchase. It’s not fine to upload premium stuff by any means or under any condition. Stolen or not doesn’t matter.


Is it from this post? Thought only applicable to that…

More than likely I am misinterpreting. Before I stick my foot in my mouth even further I will ask someone with a bigger brain. My first error was in not checking to see if it was the paid one, as I had thought it was free - it is not. Even so, the official word will be sought. Thanks


It’s fine since there are many sapien audios and it’s hard to keep track of the paid and free ones. It just looked like you were saying it was ok to upload it there as it isn’t considerd as stolen and I was just pointing that part. Nothing else intended on my part. And if you check it’s upload history you’ll also see other gumroad paid audios that were uploaded almost a year ago as well.

No, it’s not okay to upload and yes, it’s stolen. I just don’t know what our current policy is for dealing with it.

@ecaiii Yes he only meant it for that particular one, as it is free to the public


I sent a message to Zen as I commented here. Zen reports it as stolen. :pray:t4:

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You should only report to Zen if one of your NFTs was stolen. Ideally you should know the mint number.

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That one is definitely stolen.
It was the prior version of the chakra audios. Prior to the existence of the Mandelbrot Symphony.

But just because it’s not available on gumroad anymore, doesn’t mean it’s not stolen.

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As a copyright lawyer I can tell you what the policy should be.

Every mandala and audio is in fact a copyrighted work, rights in which are held by the original authors. YouTube has a copyright infringement takedown procedure (or had, didnt check in a while) under Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCC). So ideally Dream or any of his co-authors must directly use the infringement notification form there. None of us are their official representatives, there is a requirement to upload a power of attorney if you are notifying on someone’s behalf.


Okay, so an option is to hire a lawyer / law firm who will collect / review reports on counterfeits and then send out takedown notices. There is the issue of the power of attorney tho. I do understand perfectly that none of the authors here, especially Dream, would want their original identity disclosed. But that is how it works in this world. The only other way is for actual authors to directly engage with YouTube.

I just pictured attorneys’ fees paid in custom NFTs and ROFLd hard haha