Scam / Counterfeit Reports Thread for Sapien Medicine

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  • Non-NFT audios and mandalas like ones from Gumroad are not for sharing freely / traded / sold / ‘borrowed’ after purchase.
    • it seems right -because it appears to be done in good faith - to see sites with ‘free’ (it’s actually pirated. And originally is not free, so it won’t work.) uploads and then downloading from them to share.
    • However, downloading content ‘for free’ off of ‘pirated content’ then attempting to trade or sell or freely share such things is not right / fair for everyone else who have put in honest work / money to earn them. That is considered a form of black marketing (prices rather than taxes) / bootlegging
  • Refunds of digital purchases cannot be issued for any reason other than some fair, honest exceptions. Other exceptions may apply depending on scenarios by the admins.
  • You can buy as a gift for someone else using their email address to send to.
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Public Community Reports

This is to inform our community of fraudulent behavior so we don’t waste time and money while keeping each other accountable.

:warning: Report to @Zen about your stolen copy so it can be listed in 🚨 Awareness Alert: Stolen NFTs in Circulation

:inbox_tray: Report the following within this thread:

You can use this template for easy fill-in-the-blank
Name / Alias / Wallet Address:


Screenshot(s) (without your personal information which can be abused / stolen):

Reporting to Moderators

The issues listed below should not be reported publicly because doing so will attract unnecessary attention. It’s like a big promotion for them, unless we’re encouraged to share otherwise by admins

Send a message to the @moderators (click on “moderators” then “Message”):

  • Users requesting for any audios or mandalas of NFTs they do not own. (There must be evidence)
  • Users requesting / sharing / trading / ‘borrowing’ of non-NFT purchased audios / mandalas.
  • Websites of collective stolen content.
  • YouTube Channels.
  • Community groups on other platforms or social media.
  • Scammers, blackmarketers, pirates not on the forum.
Moderator Report Template



Exceptions may apply for such matters by admins accordingly. May subject to change.

:warning: If you want morphic fields to stay up and continue to work, please don’t commit to fraudulent acts like this.

There are plenty of free alternatives.
You can find suggestions for stacks (playlists) in #audios:stacks which can work similarly to the non-free fields.
Ask for related stacks in #ask-for-advice if you searched but haven’t found any answers.

More about field copyright protections and protected fields here (Community guidelines currently WIP)

:speech_balloon: Bring any informative discussions here. More clarity brings more harmony.


I just realized something:

I checked the Solana Market Place and there are 20 NFTs listed, guess what? 10 of them are from the 16 that got stolen

I have seen sometimes people saying we shouldnt show our NFT # and i think we should actually show them! In fact there should be a thread called : Legitimate Owners and each members shows their NFT # so we can all verify in the thread before doing any transaction the other person has to show the NFT# they are trying to sell or trade.

Or have a thread with stolen NFTs # (i think this would be easier) and we would check that thread before any transaction so we dont support thieves

I personally wouldnt want to own a NFT that was stolen from someone that bought it with hard earned money like myself.

The stolen NFT# list should be pinned somewhere.

I will look for the rest of the NFTs that are not on Solana so you guys can verify if you have it and was bought or traded with someone in the forum at least we can find a way to track them down and kick them out of here.

So here are the NFTs #s that were stolen from me via a phishing website where i stupidly put my secret seed thinking i was downloading the right phantom extension on my laptop.

Flight to Fight 195
AstrologicalIy inclined 154
Lions Gate 95
Fae Bones 14
Vibrational R candle 31
Abundance Candle 166
The Universal Om 187
Div Intervention candle 242
Fae S 28
Silent M 110 - 107
9 Finan 28
Eternal 247
The schoolar 172
The Zealot of + change 145
Dragon bones 183

If you got one of these by trade or purchase i dont expect you to return it to me absolutely not, but pls message me with proof of trading it or buying it and from who in the forum or in solana marketplace so we can track the thief, we dont want thieves in the forum.

Thank you :pray:


I checked the blockchain with the data that you have provided above.
It seems that this is the THIEF’s solana wallet:


People be aware, if you receive a NFT from this wallet, then you know it comes from the thief.

So far, I can see that 2 NFTs (Divine Intervention #242 and The Universal Om #187) where transferred from the thief’s wallet further to this wallet:



Today I got a message from a user named ‘wellwellwell’. He was asking me to send him the musically NFT. He joined the forum just two days back and this was his first post


As said above @Lanos . Inform them of the rules as stated here:

If they continue with fraudulent behavior, flag.

Thank you all.

A tip for handling suspecting users that keep pushing: If they messaged you 1st, remove them from the private convo so that they don’t try to remove their own message to avoid getting reported and then flag.

If they’re reading this they might even try to ask you to message them 1st.


Was thinking of adding that to Disputes thread, but great there is a thread for that, thanks Divine!

I would like to warn others of these two names.

@Yujiro_Hanma - this person is suspicious. Firstly tried to get an audio from me before doing any trade and then demanded me to send my nft first, totally ignoring the fact that I’m a long-time member here, with many tens of trades already done, he came here just a month ago, and 3rd party involved wasn’t that interesting for him either, and I was not alone with that experience with him. And he was even pretty rude.

Surely, never send him anything first, not even the audio, would be my recommendation.

Some citations

@Kip - this rather lighter case, not a new member, not a scammer per sé, but this one likes to lie to others before doing a trade/sale. He promised me full description down to each letter for one NFT, but then gave something that couldn’t even be a complete description at all. (I wanted to do that trade regardless of full description, and later got it from one good person.) He claimed to not have the full description and then even refused to try to get it and just ignored me.

Some citations

User: @youknowwhattimeitis

Type: Suspicious Behavior

  • Offering high value NFTs way under market price
  • Barely active on the forum
  • Asking for my Whatsapp and Telegram to send the NFTs
  • Not understanding that you need a NFT wallet for the NFTs


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Bring any informative discussions here. Keep in mind that not all NFTs may have ‘full description’ depending on who leads the NFT project(s)


switched timelines lol


Same experience with this user

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I gave him the description I was given from the person I bought the NFT from and he got mad about it saying it wasn’t a full description and demanded I go get the actual description, idk why my name is up here with a bunch of scammers and suspicious people when all I did was give someone a description they didn’t like


Added this to the NFT guidelines thread


Information about users:



During deals, they ask for mandala and audio first, then the deal breaks down because they “can’t” send the NFT to exchange, then they disappear. One of them got the audio of one project unfortunately.

One person’s review of 1 participant: “The first one (Majormonogram) particularly has very developed manipulative and persuasive techniques.”

All proofs provided in one closed group of a certain number of participants, in which there was SammyG and Divine_Lotus

Thank you Divine. this is important.
and i will stress again - the forum in most cases provides general info, which is enough to understand the project, the idea, and its functionality. We have clear agreements not to disclose certain schemes and processes (in certain projects). And I ask you to respect that decision.

These schematics and processes are important to me personally and to the Captain. These schemes are not provided or disclosed.
I am talking specifically about my projects :slight_smile:


I fully agree that it’s not fair at all Kips name being here


I had actually people agreeing to a deal and then suddenly vanishing, whilst maintaining full activity on the forum. I understand thats not scamming, but its still rather odd to me. I dont wanna mention names though


This would count as “Suspicious Behavior”, meaning never send anything first to these people.

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3 alts

Hey, I understand why my name is here because of 2 failed trades with the old users here on the forum but I have shared all the screenshots with the Divine Lotus for the same, if the mods still think I am a scammer, I don’t mind being banned from the forum but I never had any intentions of scamming anyone here, I have had successful trades with people here who can vouch for me if they want, not gonna ask them though, I am very well aware that the audios don’t work if you are not a legit owner of the NFT so it does make any sense to me to get only audios, I can even provide my wallet id if it comes to that to show that I am a legit owner of all the NFT’s that we promised while the trade was happening.