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That looks like its yea right and maybe he has some henchmen
I wonder how long their noses are?
Is it time yet to apply for guinness world records`?


I believe at least one is linked to that YouTube channel called “yeah aight”. The fields they are using as bait are on that channel. They are probably wanting to upload another product soon.


The fact that these guys can’t even spell words correctly…


Yeah it’s hard to find maxilla…
On gumroad…


These people don’t even attempt to be smart


I noticed some of these accounts gets created and messages users without posting or posting 1x in the forum and then deleting them. To stay under the radar. they could be hard to search, but that doesn’t matter after being aware of how new or inactive they are.

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I don’t know if you guys can implement this but maybe proposing on account limited to one person. That way you can limit to one person only and is tied to their IP address.

For example:

Same scammer makes another account.

Account creation denied: IP #########, showcasing that they already had made an account prior. Although they can use VPN, this can still limit the amount of scammers.

This may not be the perfect method since someone could forget their account and may need to create another account.


IP addresses can change multiple times a day.
And you can simply restart your router and voilá, you have a new IP address.


Best would be to lay down strict criteria to do a trade, and all those rules at the beginning of the new thread or updating the existing thread for trades, people are meant to read first before making any trade. Any little deviation will invite a ban after the user gets reported, no crying for not reading the rules.

Scamsters seem to be on the rise like covid virus lol.

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For real and it amazes me how new profiles go talk about private NFTs or ask questions etc. How did they get them?

New members asking questions about Private NFTs like they have them should prove to the group’s leader that they in fact own it with wallet proof and all.


Is there a way to verify each user’s MAC address? I believe that stays static (unlike an ip address). Even a VPN can’t change that one, that I’m aware of.

If we get a new pc, there could be a way for us to have our new MAC recognized (after alerting the propper person on here).

It takes certain software to change a MAC & many don’t realize how it’s done.

That’s a shame. Imagine how great that would work if it were capturable.

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No it is just too complex, people can do these to find out if someone is a potential scamster.

  1. Look at the profile
  2. If the profile is hidden use @ and username in the search to find out all the posts in general
  3. Next look for the posts in the specific thread/topic like a testimonial or something else on the NFT the person is trying to trade
  4. If there is nothing satisfactory about the above three items, then the person is a potential scamster

MAC addresses are not a reliable way to verify users, because they can be easily spoofed or changed by anyone with basic knowledge of networking. VPNs can also mask your MAC address by routing your traffic through another device. Besides, MAC addresses are only visible within the same local network, so they are useless for identifying users over the internet. If you want to verify users, you should use more secure methods like passwords, tokens or certificates.

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True. I forget that some scammers understand networking concepts. I wasn’t sure if our hardware address was readable by others online. I figured the NSA could do it and that some hackers would have created a way by now LOL. Thanks for the knowledge!

You’re welcome. I’m glad you found it helpful. Networking can be tricky sometimes, but it’s good to learn more about it.

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They dont have shame, they are not innocent.

How is that someone is gonna be supposedly buying all kinds of gumroad/sapienshop audios without knowing nothing about them?

But then they create a profile to straight ask to trade audios? They well know what they are doing, they just portrait themselves naive.

I didnt post the ones i got because i sent ss to Divine_Lotus and the profiles were taken down before this thread but there was one with such a sweet talk blessing me and all and using this emoji every 3 words :pray: and then after my inquisitive questionnaire he was like i just need help and whatever, so you are telling me youve bought thousands on fields but cant afford the one you need?

Nah bye.

I say. Shameeeeee them and burn them all.


On another note @Divine_Lotus how about the bot incorporating a step when someone is new to have to read the main forum threads were this is discussed like the site one.

Just like when we have to go thorugh some steps with the bot before doing anything in the forum?

That way everybody opening a new profile would definitely have seen that trades are forbidden and then profiles can be shut down right away, no warnings no nothing after the 1st message about trading.


Reminder for solving this issue: We all need to keep it simple (ease of use) and reliable and self maintained for the long term. Like ideas such as these


Yes but i was talking about new members messaging about trading fields.

And going through the process of posting here then you checking then finally booting them…

The bot could do that step making every new member aware that trades are forbidden and messaging others about that would cause them to be instantly permanently banned

Easier and faster