List of All Community Projects & NFTs

In this thread, I will list all community projects, their leaders, and a short description of each. If you are totally private, no need to be listed here.

I will need people’s help in listing these. There are so many I’ve lost count. So if you can, please post in this thread the name of the projects you’re in, leader, and quick 1-2 sentence descirption of what that NFT is. Also let us know if it is open or closed so I can put something next to the group that indicates that. If it is open and there are any rules for joining, let me know whether you would like me to have that specified (no need if you don’t want to).

Also, below current NFT projects, I would like to have listed all finished NFT projects (unless there are some private ones that don’t want to get listed). This will help us have a database of all created NFTs so that we don’t begin getting any new NFTs that are carbon copies. It also helps with trading as well so people know what has been made.
(will also need help with that)


The Awakened Woman

Leader = Lunamoon2


The Awakened Woman Community Project is focusing on healing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually the woman in all time stages of her life, freeing her of the consequences of the toxicity received growing up and that has caused her to repeat the cycle towards everybody else they have encountered, within her family, society, work, relationships, friendships etc
While at the same time reconnecting her with her innate powers as well as helping her discovering new ones through building a fresh, loving, nurturing, empowering, protected and valued Feminine energy that will encompass an united new Earth and uplifted generations to come. :revolving_hearts:

Members status: Closed.


Thoth The Scribe NFT

72 Angels NFT


Completed Projects: :bowing_woman: :sparkles:

  • Wu Wizard - Leader. Link

  • The Art of War - Leader. Link

  • The Awakened Body - Leader. Link

  • Sacred 12 - Leader. Link

  • Career Mentor - (co-led w/ Beltloop) - Link

  • Pure Influence - (co-led w/ Beltloop) - Link

So much love and gratitude to Captain for allowing us a chance to participate in these community projects with him. :gift_heart: :gift_heart:


Completed Project:

A Wondrous Place

Shiva-loka, all rudrakshas and a couple tweaks


Healthy Masculinity project (Previously was complete. New ideas and desire to rework project now) - Aims to heal men of anything that is hindering them from being their best, truest self. Imparts the qualities of the most amazing men onto the NFT owner and helps in relationships, dating, friendships and other areas of a man’s life.

Pots and Plants (Active. Nearing completion.) - aims to help one become a masterful chef and gardener. Uses the concepts of negentropy and energy to power both. Also has added features for restaurant owners/chefs, etc. Will also include concepts that will help in wartime as users have requested this because they may have to take up farming due to ongoing wars.

Ultimate Masculine Dating (Complete. Sent for approval) - a dating field exclusively for men. Includes all essential aspects of dating as seen from mens side.

The Self Author (Inactive for now.) - automated manifestation tool based on the concept of scripting found in new age circles.

Animal Kingdom (yet to start) - experience what its like to be any animal you can think of. Also enahnces your relationship to your pets and their health and wellbeing.

Blueprint of Parenting (Active) - helps to create an amazing family. Provides support to both children and adults. Elements of emotional healing as you can not love others when you don’t fully love yourself.

The Field Field/Subliminal Field (Sent for final approval) - A field that boosts all fields, subliminals, energy files, mandalas. Handle more fields, better absorb them, integrate with them better and increase their strength, amongst other things.

The Car Project (Idea proposed. Yet to start.) - Aims to help increase your skill and enjoyment of driving. Helps you find a new/used car or sell your own. Become a master mechanic. Keep yourself and loved ones safe while driving.

The Justice Project (Complete. Released.) - Helps you attain justice in any matter, legally or personally. Removes all nonserious bills, fines and tickets. Provides intercession by various dieties to help attain justice energetically. Makes you immune to being “cancelled” and removes all gossip and things done in “The Court of Public Opinion.”

Hearth Heater - (Complete. Released) - helps one find their perfect home, makes it feel amazing. Helps realtors, store owners, landlords, etc with all things related to housing. Also includes a maker item to make items that enrich a home.


Further Explorations of Ancient Egypt


As a continuation of previous projects on Ancient Egypt, there are currently 3 projects sprung from our further explorations, that I “ended up” leading (at this point, as leadership is fluent depending on project and period of time). All 3 projects have been ongoing for about a couple of months (branching out from previous projects) and are at later stages of development, with intentions to further explore when finalized. We decided to run the projects in parallel, as there have been/is a lot of overlap in the explorations, that we wished to make use of in an interweaved and mutual approach.

The currently ongoing projects of the Ancient Egyptian-explorations (approved)

  • Ra
    Intention: a pure and raw connection to the solar generative powers and the light transmissions of Sun-God Ra. Integrating the energetic aspects and concepts.

  • Khonsu: Lunar God of Time
    Intention: here aswell, a raw connection to, and integration of Khonsu (son of Amun and Mut), his healing abilities and conceptual aspects.

  • Temple of Luxor
    Intention: an interactive synergy of the personal and the environmental aspects, drawing from the temple of Luxor. Harmonize and synergize the internal with the external, applying the Temple’s wisdom to oneself to house one’s master, balanced with the temple’s environmental blueprint. Crowned with crowning events.

All of the projects are considered full (and in final stages), though we are very open to be contacted for upcoming ideas/visions/creations. There’s still alot to explore here, for the interested.

Further notice/an invitation for the future:


Since December, there have been intense yet playful work on the idealization and formation of the Egyptian projects. Hopefully, this will continue (as there is a mutual interest to extend this collection of works, binding it all together to a one-united whole.)


Leader: Rosechalice

  1. Dragon of Wealth (completed) Link
  2. Gamer/Storyteller (completed/closed/not published yet)
    User Interface to the Game of Life (for Gamers who want to be the best)

Completed Projects:

  • Masters of The Mountains :mountain_snow:

(full description soon) way too excited about what was able to be accomplished on this project :partying_face:

Ongoing ‘Public’ Projects:

  • Andromedan Group (Closed/waiting for approval)

  • The Roots of Life (Tree Experience) (closed)


Viracocha The Return


This NFT connects us to Viracocha God, El Dorado and the Archetypes of the Jaguar and Capybara.
Helps protecting nature, supports us in Shamanic events, helps ascension by connecting us to the energy and essence of the 7 sacred mountains along the Peruvian Valley through the chompi stones.

Status: Released.



The Gift of Numbers

Leader = Stlouis

Goal: To make the user better at maths/physics and computer science by enhancing the brain parts and granting the user with genius level intelligence, making it so that the user will become a mathematical genius over time.

Member Status - Closed (forgot to ask Sammy to close the thread)


Leader: peace

Rainbow Guide (completed) The Achiyalabopa - Rainbow Guide (Sapien Medicine Group Community Project) NFT: Testimonials

Divine Gong (completed) Divine Gong (group project) - testimonials

That’s all for me… No more new NFT projects by me. Thank you, @Dreamweaver.


Community project: passive income

Facilitator: Raj

Stage: closed for inputs .


Passive income is income that requires minimal labor to earn and maintain. It is called progressive passive income when the earner expends little effort to grow the income. Examples of passive income include rental income and any business activities in which the earner does not materially participate.



  • finding our passion, hobbies, skills we are good at
  • ways to monetise it
  • ideas and luck to generate income out of resources we have eg: if someone gives high rent for unutilised land resources we have
  • PEOPLE attracting right people , be it business partner, workers etc.,
  • focus is not on becoming millionaire and billionaire , of course , one can wish, but it should be of limited effort and time spent , but high income generation.
  • smart lucky investments ( entering into investments and exiting it before it loses its value)
    Other secondary things :
    Charisma and fame aspect
    Protection and shielding - evil eye, negative influences etc,
    Even getting a rich partner lol…
    Sense of financial security

The Holy Grail(European Group)

Leader: @Raiden

Symbol of immortality, spiritual purity, wholeness. Transformed and adapted within the framework of Christian culture, the Celtic legends of the Grail were spread in various European countries.

Status: Finished

Perfect Health/Immortality(Caladrius)

A servitor with unlimited potential that will use various techniques to grant the users perfect health and immortality.

Leader: @Raiden

Status: Finished


Higher-Self Connection

Leader: hugo6406

Goal :

  • A strong connection to your Higher-Self,he would put us and our higher self into some sort of a nice fun collaborative agreement where we get what we want and he can get what he wants from us to achieve in this life.

(Waiting for approval)


Project 1: The Guide of Breath [Completed]

Lead by Lucky

This NFT will give you that guidance and experience the benefits of many different intertwined Pranayama. There are many pranayama and meditative techniques imbued into it, covering almost all the clearing, rejuvenation of pranas, nadis, marmas, yin-yang meridians, and chakras in a constructive way. This is a great transformation tool, heals at all levels, youthifies, masters psychic senses, a true consciousness improver whole and complete, and helps those in the path of ascension. These breaths touch the “root” of our being!

Member Status: Closed

Project 2: The 'Kama’sutra - The Magnetic Man [Submitted]

It’s about the Art of Seduction, desires and creating a magnetic man using the authentic Kamasutra principles and other techniques.

Lead by Lucky

Member Status: Closed


The Goddess Sekhmet
Goddess of Ten Thousand Names, the Eye of Ra

Leader: Sekhmet



The Giraffe NFT: African Guardian

A gentle yet wild and carefree animal aligns to connect you to higher realities.

This gentle giant is authentic in all he/she is.

You will find yourself resonating with a higher view, a perspective that perhaps others do not have, a communication with an energy source that many don‘t understand.

You will see and understand how unique you are, how all your source truths and divine gifts are individual to you.

Status: Completed


Competed ones

Blueprint of Love

Works on achieving the highest forms of love.
And then also on healing everything needed to get there.
As well as draws to you the most compatible partner.

Blueprint of Learning

Can teach you anything you want, by the knowledge and skills of anyone that can teach you a certain skill thing. Includes Chiron as a servitor that does those things for you alongside with much more other beneficial additions towards gaining knowledge. Then there’s also a whole bunch of mental improvement abilities, and some nice additional blessings for those who still engage with learning in schools and universities.

Then there’s also the audio version including everything in terms of learning. Hence the name Blueprint of Learning.


Includes Zeus.
Also possess omni characteristics and abilities that gods have through Zeus.

The Astral Walkie Talkie

Improves astral communications on all levels.
Easily contact and being, deity access it and let it help you. Then add it to AWT for further easy accesses. Be able to form fields, or add in any artifacts, portals etc to awt as well. Craft your own energetic items. Get acquantanced to your nfts etc, and be able to astral travel to the place of spirits, over time.


Includes Hades, Cerberus, Helm of Hades, Mirror of crucible darkness, and other darkly concepts to use.

The Intergalactic Tour

Connects you to aliens and galaxies you are most aligned with.
Aliens are asked to create an Intergalactic field, consisting of all their technologies and stuff for the users.
Peak Human experience and ascend to the 100% peak of the human evolution consciousness.

Godlike Fella

It turns the user into:

God of Love, Power, Wisdom, Glory, Wealth, Affection, Immortality, Athleticism, and of Limits removal.

The Wealth Manifesto

Summon wealth through astrology.

The Omni God

Combination of Zeus NFT and Godlike Fella NFT, creating The Omni God NFT.

The Evolved

Peak Godlike Evolution, may advanced beings create fields for you…

The Supreme Omniscience

Peak in knowledge, intelligence, etc. Knowledge and skill over anything.

The Superabundance

Become Superabundant

Astrological Beast

Consists of 1300+ astrological placements to turn you into an absolute BEAST!

The Omniverse

Be blessed by the Omniverse and may it help you grow on your path, just like the path The Universe is taking to grow and expand.

Muscle Academy

Amp up your gains :muscle: It has a big application of workouts on you, knows how to apply them and applies them, and a host of other beneficial things for whoever wants to gain more muscles, or even become a better athlete.

Mr Jack’s Compass

Helps you to find whatever you desire most in this world.

GodLike Tour

A combination of Zeus, Blueprint of Learning, Hades, Omni God, for you to become like these gods.

Astro Love

To get a looot of love through astrological energies.

Billionaire Catalyst

Billionaire potentials etc.


To become the ultimate GigaChad.


Eset-> Godess Eset (Isis) and her symbols ankh and the tyet (group: in the works / intermission) (closed)

:bow_and_arrow: Amazons-> warrior spirit x divine feminine exemplified x physical bod (group : in the works / in intermission ) (closed) . not leading , but just writing to mention lol

Miri Piri → khanda (group type: tba) (proposal: completed)

Osiris: Proposal completed. Group: closed