GigaChad (Masculinity Community Project)

GigaChad NFT

Gigachad embodies extreme masculinity: powerful physique, charismatic confidence, unwavering self-assuredness, and a magnetic aura of dominance that captivates and commands respect, inspiring both awe and envy.

(1) GigaChad essence ‘takes over’ the user, working through him in every situation.

(A) Makes most out of the given situations.
(B) Embedded Behaviors of a GigaChad.
(C) GigaChad’s inner guidance and encouragment.

(2) Integrations of the best GigaChad qualities.

(A) GigaChad like-physique
(B) Attracts Soul Tribe of GigaChads.
(C) Woven Worlds: Living life of a GigaChad

(3) Revision of a GigaChad

(A) Vibration of a GigaChad
(B) Healing of Masculine Wounds.
(C) Trains user’s subconscious to become like GigaChad.

Mandala and Audio.

Thanks !

A lot :facepunch:.


Also dont forget to get your GigaChad tarot card guys :wink:.

Thx @ecaiii


Can you add me??

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Time to become the ultimate chad :sunglasses:


Wow congratulations :tada::clap::tada:


almost perfect description.


Healing of a gigachad.?

I doubt he needs it. So i didnt write it.

We do though.


Enjoying this one quite a lot.

Its infusing me with ‘GigaChad’ energy of self confidence and magnetism, I feel it in a way as a sort of an upgrade to my energy structure with this new GigaChad vibe. It is not aggressive type of, its is very chill.


My favorite current project right now, it’s a banger, super powerful too @veh


A lot of times i would have to fake myself into being a ‘chad’.

Now its a lot more natural state.

Being totally comfortable in my skin, with those gigachad energies of course.


Mandatory part of our next playlists:


I don’t know if I just had a good day or if it’s the field but today I was just so chill. Didn’t let nothing get to me. Confidence but no cockiness.

Edit - To add more it’s like a happiness at my core that’s not going away. I work a warehouse job so that’s a real passion killer but it’s still there. Like a zeal for life for no reason at all. I do feel an aura change as well and a lot of people just engaged in conversations with me. I looped a bunch of times the day before and only 4x today in the morning for reference.

Day 3 update - Today it’s like the feelings were compounded. Even happier and nothing at all got to me. It’s like reaching enlightenment (not to be overdramatic). Just inner happiness where I have no issues with anyone or thing. Also, usually when I drive and someone starts to tailgate, I used to get anxious/annoyed but today it just gave me a chuckle. This field will definitely make manifesting much easier with the peace it gives you.


Yeah, for me also, there’s more admiration and respect felt from others.


This is exactly what I get from it

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Okay these parts played out in a very interesting way.
I saw a group of people heading somewhere to some event.
I didn’t bother going to it beforehand, but i felt guided, so i followed them,
it happened to be some private group of people and i blended in between them lmao into their private hall.

I saw there’s not much to do there so i left. Some were also noticing that I wasn’t part of their group, while others really either didn’t care, or just though i was meant to be there.

I appreciate the experience, I’d never do that normally, but this was kinda funny lol, to blend in among some strangers as if I was one of them, with absolute ease. I wasn’t bothered I followed the wrong people lol. I must had taken some other entrance I guess, but who cares.

There was lots of chicks, so maybe gigachad essence wanted me to go and talk to them xd, and hence the whole experience.


Sounds like you are having fun with it. Very cool :slight_smile:


I’m curious to know more about the physical/physique changes. Is it similar to divine physique and can it also work to remove gynecomastia?

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GigaChads in the making getting ready to save the world


Yeah, we’re all going through GigaChad training at these first stages :wink::facepunch:.


It is a phyisical subfield that tries to form your body to look more chadlike.

So its in a more minor way, since the NFT is not focus solely on physicality, but rather a humble subfield is.

And as we use it we can see the changes etc and what it does.

I noticed my face has become more chadlike, my beard is also getting similar to that of gigachad. Im not doing anything with it, yet its in style.

Maybe others had other physical experiences/changes, that they may or may not like to share.