Alternatives of pay ways

I want to buy the Telometer audio but my credit card is keeping rejected all time and I’m unable to put money on my paypal in my country.
Is there another way of pay as for example bank transfer?


Perhaps try contacting the Sapien Medicine team here about your situation.


I would like to add that I’ve encountered something similar to @Unbreakable, I couldn’t use my debit card on Patreon [It didn’t recognized the card’s number, that was the problem (apparently)] so I had to use Paypal, fortunately that one works; this is just (a) feedback, so you can know about this issue, although perhaps only few people encounter it …
Anyway, to end with/on a positive note, I’m really happy that I found Sapien’s videos (and patreon posts), they work so well (and this contribution, I mean 4.5 dollars, c’mon, it’s to show my support, these works are priceless)!

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