An upgrade suggestion for Testimonials page

This is a simple, but possibly very effective idea to prove Dream’s legitimacy to new comers.
Testimonials page with all due respect to @SammyG or whoever built it, is outdated and in no way different than the ones on those fishy pages selling some product.
My suggestion which is a bit hard to pull off but I have a friend who is full stack dev and would be willing to help:
Firstly from now on, or even now each user that sometime ago wrote a testimonial on thread dedicated field, wishing for his experience to be posted on website, would either add #testimonial(this would allow for easy integration of their thoughts to the website), or just put their reply in new dedicated category (this could make it more complicated,hence 1st solution is best in imo).

Example of how it would look like:
Newcomer is sent link to testimonials page or he simply visits it, researching about Dream’s work. There he gets to choose from A LOT of fields (I suggest featuring fields with the most testimonials (#testimonial) written).Clicks on a field, dropdown menu appears with forum users who wrote about it, then newcomer clicks on whichever user he wants, his testimonial appears (raw text pulled from forum).

Then if he wants, newcomer can click on user profile pic and check his activity to confirm he is actual human (this is the best part), also he can see origin of the testimonial (his testimonial would be linked so newcomer can be redirected to it precisely) .Some users have their accounts locked I know, it is their right, still I think it doesnt make this idea any less awesome.
I am open to any suggestions about this, there could be better solution.
Dream replicated 2 complex devices, 3 nootropics in latest album, gave it for free, so I am sure that the least we can do is dig up our old testimonials and somehow mark them(#testimonial) so the algorithm could easily recognize and pull it from forum to website.


I’ll put some thought into this. Does seem complicated although doable. We have so many testimonials scattered throughout the site and it would be great to have them on the testimonials page as well.

One things for sure though… that testimonial page will be getting updated very soon.


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