Anon Accounts

Sometimes users request their accounts to either be deleted or to be anon-ed for many personal reasons.
Quite often when users request for account deletion, there’s lots of posts they’ve created. It’s not a good idea to remove them since doing so can fragment the flow.
The Forum software has its limitations and forum content rights so to disable anon is currently not possible for barebones

So unless there is a feature that disables temporary anonymizing of accounts that I’m unware of on the forum settings, i dont think it’s possible

(unless I stand corrected)

Update discovery

It seems forum admin (not moderator) can disable anonymous posting for the forum software if it is self-hosted but i’m unsure if it is possible for this forum’s edition @SammyG

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I think it’s quite obvious when people make an anon account to call people out or do something like that. I can see whose main account it is. So the next time someone makes an anon account to start trolling, I will expose their main account.

That a fair deal?


Thanks @SammyG