Any special diet while taking the Energy course?


Is there any special diet that I should be following while taking this Energy course? Should I be eating vegetarian food? or avoiding alcohol? etc. Will the results be better with a limited diet? I have been to healing retreats in the past and they had a strict diet so was wondering if it would apply during the course.

I should have asked earlier before starting but forgot to.


In my experience vegetarian diet is very good for sensitivity and smoothing things.
Meat is very good if you have to build up/increase energy

Anyone is different though


Yes. Avoid alcohol, drugs, anything that damages/interferes with brains neurons etc…

And its low vibration too :man_shrugging:


Thanks for the tips @akkar. My diet is a mix. I have been eating mostly vegetarian with meat once a week and having wine while taking this course.

For the next round, I’ll just go full vegetarian and see if my energy sensitivity increases.

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Thanks @anon17734191. I wish I had paid attention earlier. I did have wine during this time. :slightly_frowning_face:

Will one of the brain field audios help ?


Yeah, it will… Also BDNF…
Dont worry, it probably wasnt massive damage (unless you blacked out and didnt remember anything :eyes: )


How much wine have you drinked?? :rofl:


lol! No, there wasn’t any passing out though did have a couple of headaches the following days :face_with_head_bandage: :joy:

So, BDNF and possibly Enhanced Brain Hemisphere Connectivity should do the trick?

Not much. :joy:

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Brain regeneration :innocent:

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Got it! Thank you :pray:

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