Anyone else? Iphone VLC trouble

VLC had an update that “fixed” mp3 distortion. Even before that, I had been feeling fields much better on my computer using VLC, even with semi-crappy laptop speakers. I tried a different app called Offle, and I noticed a difference. I was still feeling the fields and having effects from Iphone VLC, but using a different app had a palpable effect in feeling. They still worked, but the feeling wasn’t as strong, which I do think can mess with the effectiveness as it is easier to visualize what is going on when the feeling is stronger.

I’ve been using VLC on my phone for a while, but lately it’s been crashing so much to become almost useless. I updated it and the crashing got worse. I used to recommend VLC, but at least for Iphone I can’t anymore. The program on windows works much better.

If you are wondering about using VLC for Iphone to listen to fielded mp3’s, find something else. Other formats on Iphone VLC are probably ok, where there is less chance of distortion. I’m not a sound engineer though, so maybe I’m wrong. The crashing issue isn’t worth the hassle for me though, so I’d say find something else anyways. It sucks, it’s a great program, but I think time and lack of resources have left it in the dust. In the quest to become the solution for all things, it fails to do the simple things well, which is why it was so great for so long.


Maybe read through all the VLC threads? See if you find some more tips, for what i remember reading, people loves it, i tried myself a couple of months ago but didnt like it either

If you type VLC in the searching bar all the posts come up i just checked

I used to love it, too, and still do for other things on other devices, but not for mp3s on iphones.

I tried it on my laptop lol not even the phone

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