Anything to give me thick skin?

I’m a little too fragile I’ve always hated it I cry a lot and well I’m weak … is there anything that can make me more emotionally strong and give me well thick skin ?


Hey there @krb0731. Listen to these, they will help. I hope you get better. Also, can you please tell us a little bit more what causes these feelings?

EXTREME SELF CONFIDENCE/SELF ESTEEM BOOST: (Energetically Programmed Audio) - YouTube


In addition to fields you may find of help in @This_Boy_Here 's post:

The All Purpose Anxiety Removal and Amygdala Healing (+ Fear Release) can be of help with a wide range of different things and rewiring pathways in your nervous system, which may contribute to emotional strength.

Unstoppable Willpower, the Mental Health Album and Knight/Warrior Mindset can be of help with building emotional resilience.


i feel that these could assist:

i’d also suggest The Interconnection of Everything, but i didn’t find it in youtube.


Maybe the new Conceptual Realizations field can be of interest too!


I got you


And to not overwhelm your mind with all the field possibilities, choose like 3-4 of your own liking.


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Hello everyone,
Plesse reccomend me list of fields I can use to get rid of the fear of supernatural. I do feel super attracted to them as well but my weak heart can’t handle the scare.
Thank you.


Hi @Ashpoet,

The probably most efficient duo:


The Confidence audio and/or mandala could help as well.


I think this is it @This_Boy_Here.

That was funny

I’ve always been like this a crybaby I guess I don’t like people yelling at me I don’t like pressure I don’t like being put in bad situations I just get scared a lot when things are uncertain don’t go my way it’s horrible especially now I’m not in a good situation I’ll probably be in this for a long long time and it’s kind of like a ticking time bomb and it feels like suicide is the only way to stop this feeling I have but I don’t want to so I thought maybe if I wasn’t such a little bitch I could handle it lol so time to try audios for that


I feel you and ive been in a similar situation. Someone close to me has also attempted and luckily they are still with us. One’s thoughts may believe suicide is the only option, but they don’t realize the affect they have on everyone connected to them.

I don’t know your situation, but i encourage you to seek for help from someone you feel safe with along with these audios.

I’ll edit this to share one of my testimonials with looping only two negative energy cleansing audios.

Part of my healing has made me realized it doesn’t matter what situation i’m in, only my perspective and mindset will either break me or raise me up.

I have been prioritizing the healing of my perspective into an optimistic and loving one. It has made me realize i am in a much better position than my thoughts once believed.

Ego dissolution qnd the abundance mindset has been helpful. I still have a journey to go through with my mindset, but my reality has been more tolerable.


You need emphatic shielding from SM instagram or better, Shielding v2.0 tag from thesapienshop


I have been the same… victimization and suicidal thoughts are also present