Become the Healer Experience

second time going through the audios a little more seriously! first time around i was sporadic in my listening and barely meditated while i left it in the background to do something else.

first time actually meditating with Become the Healer and it was a very… healing experience. :laughing: my heart beat was stronger and i alternated my focus between my breath and my heartbeats.

i was given a lot of fun visualizations of what i would be like as a ‘healer’. it felt very believable in the moment like i was inspired to take energetic healing as my career path.

i’m actually very grateful i have these healing audios because i now have the power to heal myself when i am experienced enough with these energies. healing myself was always my wish as a child because i had many skin and heart related health ‘issues’ that western doctors don’t know how to approach and just cut it away and let my body heal it back up.

i also had very very slow healing after many skin and heart surgeries. it took me 3+ months to fully recover from my wisdom teeth getting pulled when it took my siblings barely two weeks and they were looking back to normal.

my natural healing has definitely improved now and i’m sure it will be even better when i focus with these. a part of me wishes i had these audios when i was younger, but i appreciate what i went through and how ‘resilient’ i was.


Do you refer to Heal those around you - Be the healer - Ver 2.0 by Dream Seeds?

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Become the Healer is an audio you get from the Energy Awakening Course!


Ah, bummer…:blush:
I confused it also with heal those around you…



Wait, were we supposed to meditate along with the audios? I was just going about my daily tasks while listening to it… I’m just on this very mp3 right now


Question… I realise there are a few ways to do distance healing:

  • course method
  • heal others around you
  • book of cards - healing attunement

Which is best for distance/proximity healing?




I have completed Become The Healer attunement now. I did self healing and healing on others. On the first time on self healing, it actually fixed my night leg cramp issue, truly a very effective physical healing energies.

The other, I do use this healing energy on my puppy pet, she actually love it, and very relaxing, just sit down silently let me send the healing to her.

Question : Does Become The Healer healing energy programming especially the RNA stem cells part, does it works only for human, or it will works for animal and plants too?




If my physical hands are unavailable, aside from using one’s awareness hands, would it work to try channeling the energy directly from the heart chakra? Especially if I am hugging the person for a long time. I like the idea of giving Healing Hugs.:blush: Heart to heart.

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I don’t know if the programming of the attunement is specific about the hands (whether physical or etheric) as the output mechanism.

Could we also maybe channel the energy through the eyes? I know this can be done with Reiki, but since the healing energy from the course is more powerful, it would be awesome if this could be done with that as well. I think this is sort of what we do anyway when we imagine our awareness hands on the person during distance healing? But I like the visual of shooting beams of love and healing from my eyes.:heart_eyes: Then I can make up for all the times I glared daggers.

I’m experimenting with it on my own, but I’m not energy sensitive, so I have no idea if what I’m doing is working.:laughing: Feedback from folks who can sense it better would be fantastic, if anyone wants to try and report back.:blush:


Hey, sorry this hasn’t been answered.

I asked Sammy a similar question during the course chat, I think it was the one in November that I asked. So check that audio out to hear Sammy explain it better, but basically;

You can use your physical hands, etheric hands, your eyes, heart, etc… The energy is powered through your intention, your hands are just your ego wanting some sort of proof that its working. I can’t use my hands or visualize images, so I just mentally say the cue word, then make the intention to direct the energy wherever. Works awesome!!


Really appreciate you answering. I haven’t gotten around to listening to all of past webinars, I think just the one where Dream dropped by. And the most recent one I tuned in but it was like 2am for me and I barely remember what happened.:laughing:

Thanks for the recap! I’m so happy to know it works!


Hello there! Yesterday i tried this: 2 loops of the two Chi(in bone marow and lower dan thien)audios from patreon and then placed one arm somewhere on my body and activated the Healing energy. I have not felt it so powerful before. It was very very distinct.
Take care!


Teachings from RA:


“Only insofar as the healer has become balanced (with respect to the 7 Major Chakras) may it be a channel for the balancing of an other-self (another). The healing is first practiced upon the self.”

“The role of the healer is to offer an opportunity for realignment or aid in realignment of either energy centers (chakras) or some connection between the energies of mind and body, spirit and mind, or spirit and body. This latter is very rare.”

“The seeker (the one wishing to be healed) will then have the reciprocal opportunity to accept a novel view of the self, a variant arrangement of patterns of energy influx. If the entity, at any level (within self), desires to remain in the configuration of distortion which seems to need healing, it will do so. If, upon the other hand, the seeker chooses the novel configuration, it is done through free will (the one seeking healing must truly want to be healed).”

“The healer does not heal. The crystallized healer is a channel for intelligent energy which offers an opportunity to an entity that it might heal itself. In no case is there an other description of healing. If healers could but fully realize that they are responsible only for offering the opportunity of healing and not for the healing, many of these entities would feel an enormous load of misconceived responsibility fall from them. The crystallized healer offers an opportunity without attachment to the outcome, for it is aware that all is one and that The Creator is knowing Itself (either through the dysharmony of disease or through health).”

“Healing is done in the time/space portion (the subtle bodies) of the mind/body/spirit complex (the incarnate personality), is adopted by the form-making or aetheric body (the template of the dense physical body), and is then given to the space/time physical illusion for use in the activated yellow-ray mind/body/spirit complex (healing occurs first in the mental and emotional bodies and is then passed down to the aetheric body before finally reaching and changing the physical body). It is the adoption of the configuration which you call health by the aetheric body in time/space (meta or beyond physical) which is the key to what you call health, not any event which occurs in space/time.”

“We may note that in the healing of very young children there is often an apparent healing by the healer in which the young entity has no part. This is never so, for the mind/body/spirit complex in time/space (higher levels of the child entity) is always capable of willing the distortions it chooses for experience no matter what the apparent age of the entity.”

“An entity may not consciously seek healing and yet subconsciously (as received from the Higher Self) be aware of the need to experience the new set of distortions which result from healing. Similarly, an entity may consciously desire healing greatly but, within the being at some level (subconsciously and coming from the Higher Self), find some cause whereby certain configurations which seem quite distorted are, in fact, at that level considered appropriate.” (One’s Higher Self, knowing the karmic requirements, the lessons, and the plan for an incarnation must approve the healing for it to take place.)