Been using fields for several months but they do not seem to work on me

i have been using fields since November last year and it’s been 8 months but i don’t think they work on me. i have done the following for 2-8 months to be more receptive:

  • breathwork (started with star exercise for 3 months twice a day and now doing Sandy’s breathwork) for about 6 months

  • daily listening to the point of of no return, JAAJ updated self love stack (1 stage per week), conceptual realizations, kinetic quasi crystal, blueprint of life, luck stack, brain stack, plasma light and infrasound bioactive beach, your energetic being, imaginarium divide

  • daily 5 tibetan rites exercise

  • have a bunch of NFTs such as universal om (can’t feel them)

  • Energy course (i still have difficulty feeling energy moving across my hands)

An example are physical fields such as as GHK-Cu peptide, adipose saturated face and neck, acu-automaton, that have not work on improving my facial blemishes like thin scar, pockmarks, past pimple spots.

ive been throwing money like thousands and thousands of dollars with no progress. it’s disappointing and im at my wits end. pls advise.

edit: clarified that i only use each stage of jaaj stacks daily for a week.


This post would help


you need to use core restoration to make sure energy doesnt leak out and aura energy repair audio so your aura is stronger for when the audios interact with your aura. I’m also listening to mana circuits(supercharged) it helps energy flow around i guess. Circuits is free but the others are worth the money. I focused on these for a solid month before focusing more on other stuff. And dont look the porn.

Soul Restoration I (Core) - Audios / Sapien Medicine - Sapien Medicine (

Aura and Energy Body Repair - Audios / Sapien Medicine - Sapien Medicine (

The Mana Circuits (Super Charged) - Audios / Dream Seeds - Sapien Medicine (


This here is the perfect use case for the Body-Modifying and Energy-Priming technology that you described in your AI-Chatbot thread @Amitabha .

This seems like a lot fields. And I know JAAJ stacks are huge.

If you can, stick to one or two shorter stacks, for a month or two and see what is happening.

Play Mana Circuits like 5x in a row, you should feel shift at some point.

I wish you luck, hang in there.


Way too many fields friend.
Pick up to 5 and stick with them for month or two, then, once you get used to fields and see the results add more.
Add subconscious limits dissolver at the beginning of your stack.
Listen to your stack 2 or 3 times a day.


I agree. It is probably due to this.


The number of NFTs i have on myself is 5 at the moment. Could this, and other stacks that im listening to, possibly be overloading me?

I noticed no results from fields until I cleared all the blockages in my energy body.


Whether or not it’s a correct interpretation, I see the PONR and Self-Love stacks as more “making room” than anything else.

You’re ridding yourself of known blockages which increases throughput which removes unknown blockages.

Once that’s done, there’s space for new things to settle in. Until then, you’re just pouring more water into an already full glass; some displacement can happen but it’ll be a long time before the glass is entirely full of new water.


Hello would it be possible to share the clear blockage stack?
I’m concerned that I may be using too many fields, which might still be excessive even when targeting to clear the blockage.

I don’t have any clear blockage stack but JAAJ self love stacks has clear blockage audios. id suggest that you reference his stacks.

Drop everything else and work with,

Point of No Return
Voodoo Detangled + booted bhoots
SLR v3
Your Energetic Being
Soul Restoration + Negentropic 3 Treasures
Energy Expansion card

For a few weeks or so…

Oh and conceptual realisations would be good to use to help perceive certain results better sometimes I don’t think a field is doing much then I get a ‘ahhh I see’ moment.

Add some shielding aswell.


Thanks. I have all of them I just think I listen too many fields causing weak results that’s why I want to consult. Still thanks for your response.