The Mana Circuits (Super Charged)

This Sapien Medicine (Legendary) album release contains

  1. Brain and Spine Antioxidant Complex
  2. Auto Immune Reversal
  3. Jade Maneki-Neko Energy
  4. The Mana Circuits
    (Find the rest on streaming media)

This uses the concepts of the previous A Taste of Mana video and builds on that concept, it uses the same energies in the previous video, but now targeted to your entire meridian system. It will work on strengthening and reinforcing this system, while also removing any impediments to the natural flow. Your meridians as it grows accustomed to this energy, will be able to use this energy to enhance its functions or even allow you better energy related functions. Use 2-3 times, you can increase over time of course.




Can this be used with the energy awakening course? Am on the first run yet

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Id wait.




Sounds interesting, but at least for me,it might be energizing . Its 12:38 am, so I will wait until after I wake up, to try this. Supercharged meridians…can’t wait! It also breaks up any blockages ! I know I have some sluggishness in the meridians. This will get everything flowing more normally. Thanks Dream!


Before or after a playlist?

I guess before would be better?


I instantly felt empowered beyond anything I’d felt from other audios, a sense of wholeness and deep rooted power began to come from within me and I feel much more energized. The music also makes me feel like something absolutely incredible is taking place in my life, so it’s safe to say I’m gonna be using this everyday from now on!


This one feels very refreshing and balancing:)


:arrow_up: One example of concise and neat review :+1: Unlike mines :)))

Yesterday I was cleaning an old tablet of mine and found some booklets about meridians, etc. in it. Then, this supersonic field came out.

I can easily say that the Star Exercise and the servitor friends did really keep good care of my meridians and company throughout the last months. As already said in another thread, I haven’t felt that clean since at least 5 years. Some other fields and practices have contributed too, undoubtedly. Do patience and consistency pay? Yes x 35467.

Not to mention that I’m back to more “serious” physical activity, assisted by some muscle and automated workout fields. I’m planning to walk “in” the sea soon from one extremity of my coast to the other. Things like that.

So yes, energy in its various facets is back in my life.

Anyway, I’ve started this Sunday with the usual maintenance list (retrieved from _OM): Deep Body/Aura Cleansing, Etheric Cord Cutter, Soul Restoration and Exorcism. Those used to almost hurt while using them. Now they just feel like a shower. Let’s touch some wood lol.

Then I went on with this Mana Circuits. I can’t fully evaluate yet what is going on but the first impression was a kind of… highlight. Like someone pointing out/highlighting my energetic state, saying “you see that almost residue-free gloss? :sparkles: Hehe!”

I weigh something around 45-46 kg but feel like lifting my piano or something :)))

PS: the music of this field? :heart_eyes:


Do you have a link from that list, please?
Thank you


Hi TF_CAD, I could only find the quote below for the moment:

But I remember older conversations with _OM about the weekly Deep Body/Aura Cleanse and Exorcism as well. Good old and “logical” classics ;)


Your reviews always have clarity & highlight the possibilities of a field. Gives me ideas of how to use them, in which stack after what field, etc.
Thank you for your time in posting your experiences, they help us newbies a lot!


this is quite a gem
also beautiful music, similar to a dream of purity


I’ll tell you what: you are one sweet butterflied Siri. That’s it.

Thank you for the kind words, I too learn A LOT from you and all the Sapieners here, seriously. Sometimes I have difficulties about swallowing some of the lessons :p and reject them… but eventually, I find myself praising them.

As for being a newbie: I am one, more than many people out here but happily because it means that I won’t get bored too soon with the tons of things that I still have to grasp :)))


So many problems within & around us, so many fields to help us! So much to learn & progress! No chance of boredom! We will be overwhelmed maybe, but not bored!


@ Bronyraur, I second Siri. I have always found your posts entertaining and enlightening food for thought and am grateful for the time you take sharing with us.

Going to rethink my cleaning stack thanks to you!

As for this field, wow doesn’t begin to describe it. Early days but as I am facing health challenges, am really happy to be able to add it to my arsenal. :pray:


Let’s for a moment forget that @Captain_Nemo is a legendary morphic field maker, whose fields help humanity in innumerable ways.
This guy is also literally one of the best musical composers of this generation. Mind-blowing music here, take you on a mesmerising journey.


No joke, this field is…

Working deep on the energy system, while leaving you perfectly grounded. Wow.

Be sure to not put it aside because Captain released it for FREE.


Interesting,I experimented with playing older Mana audio while powernapping and after I wake up see if I will be more energized or whatever.I found it weird that I didnt notice any difference when it comes to energy or willpower or whatever.
Now this audio surely deals with that issue,being our meridians system too clogged to process all that energy.Implications of what this audio does are numerous but I will list some so people will be more attracted to use this:
-Physical results from fields could speed up
-Energy sensitivity increase is assured
-More overall energy,combined with Blood Circulation audio will get u in optimal energetic state
-Ur meridian system will grow stronger and stronger,meaning u can use more audios daily and stay grounded no problem.
-Finally this audio is like personal trainer for ur meridian system,and that opens a lot of possibilities
If I am wrong here someone do correct me please.