Brain and Spine Antioxidant Complex (Inflammation Help)

This Sapien Medicine (Legendary) album release contains

  1. Brain and Spine Antioxidant Complex
  2. Auto Immune Reversal
  3. Jade Maneki-Neko Energy
  4. The Mana Circuits
    (Find the rest on steaming media)

This works towards providing a means to reduce inflammation in brain o to help reduce the severity of any brain and spine related conditions by providing a unique combination of antioxidants, the approach is to provide a measure of natural antioxidants (catalase targeted to mitochondria and induced ALA), Induced Glutathione and AMPK production and a collection of excess hydrogen through your normal respiration to accumulate it around your brain and spine, these provide a host of benefits that will work in a very synergetic manner to provide the proper environmental conditions for a gentle healing and reduction in inflammation. Also added is an induced production of vitamin C to all related areas.

2-3 times or as needed.


Wow nice

Where can i find the other fields?

:open_mouth: What am I reading? This is probably the most requested field. Thank you, Dream :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I can’t find the auto immune reversal anywhere? I’ve searched on streaming media as well.


Maybe it’s coming soon, because the description says it’s an album


Since it’s on the main Sapien channel, all of them will likely be put on Patreon soon


Dream thank you so much for the album and especially this field. It is so difficult to get antioxidants to the brain directly due to the blood-brain barrier. Even though mine is faulty, which is bad because it allow toxins more easily into the brain, it is still difficult to get antioxidants INTO the brain. So thanks again!
And the AutoImmune Reversal is what MANY people have been waiting for, including myself.

The other 2 fields I am not familiar with, so will have to investigate.


Can you still using auto immune one even if you don’t have it?

Well why dont we wait until there is a description out first.
But if you dont have autoimmune problems then I dont see why u would need to add another field.


would I need this if I have plasma brain of youth? I definitely have had brain inflammation from head injuries in the past but I feel like plasma brain would have helped that already

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prob not, but take note that this one is also targeted to your spine


You’ve answered your own question, haven’t you? Good for you for listening to your own inner knowing!


This auto-immune reversal is going to break the internet lmao, dream has come a long way no lie, everyday is a better day to improve for all of us. Pushing yourself to the limits is only the beginning


:heart: Wonder,can you listen to this Gem if you’ve recently got Pfizer?

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of course


This field should get more love tbh, it’s a diamond in the rough


Let’s make sure it does :grin:


Not sure why, but this field is so important yet it’s not getting the recognition it deserves

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I appreciate it! It also just came out, so give it time for people to try. As you probably know, if you were to ever skim the entire Sapien library on Patreon you’d find a lot of really great fields that either:

  1. aren’t fully recognized for their function/importance, or

  2. go unrecognized completely because people don’t even know they exist.

But for me, I was especially happy to see this field created. Why? Because I’ve had a long-term Lyme issue I’ve been working on that had particular concentration in both the brain and spinal cord. Pretty great, right? If you’re gonna get it, go for the super-duper, deluxe version of it :smirk:

I started playing this yesterday (3x) and today (3x). I woke up this morning feeling more “charged”, like my system or battery was running at a slightly higher capacity than it has in a while. Subtle, but noticeable. However… I’ve also been playing Blueprint 5x a day since I bought it about two weeks ago, so I’m sometimes hesitant to say “doing A resulted in B.” I’m constantly running my playlists, making small tweaks here and there all the time.

Bottom line, I do feel like this field was at least partly responsible for me feeling a bit better today. It’s also one of those fields that’s smart for anyone to use for maintenance purposes, whether you feel anything or not, since it does things that traditional supplements can’t. Forever grateful to The Captain and everyone who makes this community what it is :heart: