Morphic Fields aren’t meshing with me. Please help me diagnose this problem

Add OCD and ADHD fields so many times as recommended by their description, add more Ego Dissolution.


Try adding Mandelbrot chakra fields starting with root, I’ve had a significant increase in energy sensitivity and effects from fields.


Why? I get the Ego Diss but not these two

Worrying is a sign of OCD, overthinking namely. Attention disorders - focusing on something and instead of letting go of rest, returning to the same thoughts.

I think it might be wise to consider Stress and Anxiety field from Gumroad as well.

Beware that using a lot of energy repair and expansion might cause strain and anxiety directly by the fact that you focus on “fixing” something that might not be broken in the first place.


For the Ego part, free Ego Dissolution isn’t inferior to Ego Diss+ in terms of reducing overthinking, Ego Diss+ is shorter (and produces effects much faster) and “smarter”, but you should be perfectly fine with free one, either lasts long enough.

Using Malleable Ego might be counter-productive if you focus on setting some intentions and saying them out loud, as with overthinking your resistance will backfire and may cause intrusive thoughts or lead to developing them. Which might already happen as you have started this thread.

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Take your time, don’t try to rush it.
It takes time, be patient, don’t overload yourself, be consistent and try to develop your energy system, gradually.

We’re all different and some of us aren’t sensitive at all, which doesn’t mean that fields won’t have an effect, they always do, even if we don’t feel it.

Results are different on different people, but so are systems. One person might have great noticeable effects from a field and another have none from the same field and so the opposite can occur for those same people with another field.

Please keep in mind that we integrate fields and an effect that might be more perceivable the first time that we are subject to a field doesn’t seem to happen the next times. It doesn’t mean we don’t feel it, it just isn’t as new, or novelty and we don’t seem to feel it in the same way.



Voodoo Detangled (Patreon)
For removing any negative energies

The Mana Circuits (Super Charged)
For improving your energy flow

Raise your Vibrational State
For removing things that are holding you down will require a lot of self work as well (shadow work etc)


Plasmafied Near Infrared Chakras
For an all round energy body heal and removal of entities and energy blockages (very strong this one)

Kinetic Quasi Crystal
Allows less plays of each field as it keeps the energy in your system for longer (basically a booster)

Point of No Return
All round cleanse of many many blockages

Supreme Grounding +
Amazing for helping your energies flow and healing and preventing overwhelm

Physical fitness matters a lot work out, eat well etc.

Keep working with a select group of fields focused around getting results and energetic health as that seems to be your goal for 6 months then see where you are.(or even a year)

Take in to account that people on the forum have had different lives so their systems are much different making fields work differently also some have had decades of spiritual practices putting them into a very receptive state for fields.

Also if it is nerve system then Opus Manhattan and/or Your Energetic Being will help there.

A lot of fields above not all are needed just use your intuition to witch will best suit and help you especially before investing more money.


I appreciate your responses everyone.

I’m going to be testing out all of your suggestions and adding them to the theories.

At this point I’d like to call upon the advice of a couple people who I haven’t had much contact with, but whose opinion I greatly respect.

@Dr_Manhattan @Rosechalice


This one I can 100% recommend, since I’ve never missed a day (well, maybe one day) since I bought it and it made fields work so much better.

@Rain I would also search for throughout the forum and beyond about chakras, how to stimulate, clear and strengthen them yourself.

Energetic (yogic type, with Mantras, focus on each chakra, color meditation, etc.) exercises have always helped me see better results from fields, but tbh, they kind of take time and you need to work with your chakras, have patience, etc. (anywhere between 20+ minutes to a couple hours per day)…

Search for keyword boost, booster, results and other keywords to find out more solutions.

Just never give up, but instead, reach further, reach new levels of energy, health, wealth, love, success, etc.
(You can do whatever you want and all paths are, well, valid)


simply focus on your solar plexus and include things to heal it. also your gut. take probiotics for a month or two. while using antiviral fields

introduce and sleep with astral viber on loop somewhere for two months.

grid your room for practise with enviromental transforming servitors from patreon( the picture with the eye on it) on each wall.

for me personally a sign of anxiety while doing quality energy work or a feeling of uneasiness is more a symptom of your own energy trying to warn you to do the energy work in a safe for your own being environment. you should build the room that you work with to be very calm and not disturbed.

of cource the forum friends above told you already useful steps to also overcome your situation and i stay behind their opinions also.

wish you well!


Oh another thing since I’ve noticed it on myself.
We are playing fields more or less non-stop. I noticed I’m often dehydrated and need to rehydrate regularly. Sometimes I forget. But when I drink water again, it feels immediately “freeing”. So make sure your water intake is relatively high throughout the day. I’d say higher in the morning, and lesser throughout the day, on average.


Someone just DM’d me a piece of advice saying that I should find someone on the forum who can assess the state of my energy system from a photo.

Is there anyone on here who might be able to help with that?

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This is rather big in TCM as well. Something like 90% of all energy comes from Water and Oxygen, the other 10% is eating the appropriate food.


Maybe check the esoteric guild? @Rosechalice leads it and if she can’t she’s probably up to date on who can.


Have you tried The Acu-Automaton? It’s excellent for unblocking, balancing, and integrating energies as well as a great field for general well-being


You can hit up @Imogen for a reading

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Id want to ask as well do you struggle with anxiety or other symptoms in your daily life? I think general mental health can give deeper insight into this. Any conditions you may have that you feel like could play into this or is the issues strictly to do with morphic fields?

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I got an energetic reading from @AlreadyThere who was patient and kind enough to put up with my barrage of questions.

She saw obvious issues with the lower three chakras and the aura. Mentioned that my aura was almost black.

As of right now:

  • I’m taking it very slow with fields, just 1-2 per day.
  • Using aura clearing each day, occasionally interchanging with aura repair.
  • Getting weekly personal energy work from AlreadyThere for manual input.
  • Experienced a lot of detox symptoms following a sauna after my energy work session.

Thank You for sharing the details regarding your energy work sessions. It will help everyone especially Newbies to get more results with fields :handshake:

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I’ve been working on repairing the energy body and I’m making good progress. My mood, physical health, and mental health have all had improvements.

I’m barely playing fields at the moment. I’m mostly focusing on healing my energy body. But, I have been occasionally wearing my Zen Lion, and I’m noticing good results from him - super relaxing.