Opus Manhattan

Discover Opus Manhattan: Your Lifetime Companion for Cognitive Mastery

Embark on a transformative journey with Opus Manhattan, a groundbreaking brain field that doesn’t just enhance your memory; it revolutionizes the way your brain adapts, learns, and evolves throughout your life.

1. PRKCZ and IGF2R Synergy:

  • Mechanism: PRKCZ (Protein Kinase C Zeta from Strengthen old memories) and IGF2R (Insulin-like Growth Factor 2 Receptor) play crucial roles in synaptic plasticity and memory consolidation. PRKCZ is involved in signal transduction pathways that influence neural plasticity, while IGF2R is critical for memory consolidation and modulation. The synergy of these two elements facilitates a more efficient encoding of new memories and the strengthening of existing synaptic connections.

2. ISIRB Integration:

  • Function: ISIRB, a crucial regulatory component, operates within the intricate memory networks. Its integration ensures a balanced and efficient interplay between different memory-related biochemical pathways, thereby optimizing the memory enhancement process without overwhelming the cognitive system.

3. Dihexa:

  • Impact on Neuroplasticity: Dihexa, a potent nootropic agent, is characterized by its extraordinary affinity for neuroplasticity enhancement. Its comparison to Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) – being “up to 10,000,000x stronger” – underscores its ability to significantly amplify synaptic connections, leading to rapid and robust formation of neural networks essential for learning and memory.

4. MET Coding:

  • Role in Dihexa Efficacy: MET (Mesenchymal-epithelial transition factor) receptor coding is vital for the efficient binding and functionality of Dihexa. MET receptors are part of the tyrosine kinase family and are involved in various cellular processes. The specific coding for MET ensures that Dihexa’s effects are optimally harnessed, enhancing its impact on cognitive functions.

5. Neurotrophic Support:

  • Components & Benefits: This aspect involves neurotrophic factors like NT-3 (Neurotrophin-3), NRG1 (Neuregulin 1), and CNTF (Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor). Each of these plays a significant role in neuronal survival, development, and synaptic plasticity. Their combined presence in Opus Manhattan supports overall neuronal health and resilience, contributing to sustained memory function.

6. Neuroglobin Enhancement:

  • Oxygen Regulation: Neuroglobin, a brain-specific globin, is crucial for oxygen transport and neuroprotection. Enhancing neuroglobin levels ensures an optimal oxygen supply to brain cells, which is fundamental for maintaining cellular metabolism and preventing hypoxia-induced damage. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for the sustained functioning of high-demand cognitive processes.

Off course, we can’t release our newest-most potent booster without overgrowth protections, they are included.


Now that’s something to wake up to.


Description is up.

Whether it’s boosting your wiring fields or boosting whatever you are doing, sports, reading, watching, hearing (memory) or studying like Math, Computer science or Piano… Everything will go much faster and smoother.

It’s meant to be a lifelong partner…
a universal booster


Disclaimer: There might be some sensations, it’s safe, but you might feel some slight pressure in your brain.

Possibly more than Brain Key and Snapping Synapses combined.

As usual you will get used to it and it will disappear overtime.

Last thing: all this amazing growth, comes with amazing repairs to your neurons and nervous system at large, from nervous injuries to Alzheimer’s



Is the image the Night King leading an orchestra?


Slight clarification- So as you said it will boost and help in learning any skill faster, So do one have to listen this just before performing the task which one wants to master, like if I have to become good at sprinting- so will need to use just before sprinting session or have to become good at programming- so will have to use just before programming session. Or if one is listening any time of the day as long as it’s done daily, it won’t matter, and can boost everything you do in the particular day be it sports/studies/cooking?


It will be more efficient if you listen before or during your sessions.

Unless you use it consistently in your daily life then it would be active all the time.


my bank account looking at this field


Do you mean that with this PBoY is no longer necessary?


at this point I am also believing being poor is a sin :sweat_smile:


Pretty much.
Though some people prefer the gentleness of Plasma brain of youth


Is this the Brain Key big brother?


And Snapping Synapses too, yes :slight_smile:

Of course, it doesn’t make the others less potent or redundant, if you have the Brain Key and/or Snapping synapses then they’d compound each other.


anyone bought it yet and can share their first impressions?

I’m very curious about dihexa and it being “10,000,000x” stronger than BDNF. Might just have to get this one soon.


can I drop brain regen audios if I use this daily?

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ookay. well…awating sallaryyyy…


So this can also help peripheral neuropathy correct @Dr_Manhattan

Like External/Peripheral…
Tingling, Burning, Stinging, Inflammation, General Nerve pain, etc


so it would also heal the effects ptsd and other similar conditions have on the nervous system? like a 100%?

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Waiting on Philips reply, I’m not sure

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