Subconcious limits tag, BPIL, chakra growth

Does anyone have any of these three tags for sale

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Welcome back!

You might try moving your thread into our Classifieds category. That’s where our buyers and sellers tend to hang out, so they could notice your thread more there. (“Location, location, location,” as they say.)

You might also have better responses.if you change to thread title to let skimming forum friends know that you “want to buy” those tags.

Good luck!

Best Path in Life is now a premium field on Patreon subscription tier.

New Release: Best Path in Life

Subconscious Limit, the closest product is this
Subconscious Mastery Smart Field (Community Project)

Chakra Tag has no alternative as of yet but there should be one coming in the new year via some of the community announcements


You can look into the New Release: Aura and Energy Body Repair

And New Release: The Mana Circuits (Super Charged)

The Official Upgrade has been released only for Best Path in Life in the link referenced above ^^

Chakra audio fields are also available for sale on gumroad separately if you would like to

All Chakra Clearing, Growth and Stimulation Audios


Thank you :pray:t5:

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