Benadryl Withdrawals

Past few days I went cold turkey on Benadryl

I was supposed to tapper off but I was so out of it I didn’t really comprehend it. I didnt really think it would be a big deal because it’s not a psych pill persay but since I was using it to get “high” the withdrawal has been scary

I had a hallucination yesterday and have been a bit psychosis like. The only other time I’ve hallucinated was when I was getting off another medicine (i really dont do well with western meds).

Because i am currently alone (like everyone is gone away on business etc)
I am feeling real paranoia;. But instead of someone it’s monsters/ dark energy.
Also some other weird behaviors like confusion and severe agitation.

There are a few hours im perfectly normal. But then i become this strange person - right now im in the middle

I dont know if i should listen to the opiate and general addiction withdrawl though because benadryl is an antihistamine and not really an addictive withdrawl for the status quo.
Also since that audio, a lot new other gadgets came out. Like Vishual Introspection, silent mind, mind of meditative master, ego dissolutions, self refresh,
What exactly to play right now?
I need to like find a way to suck it up because my college classes are on the line

I also feel really dumb because i told one of you i am not withdrawing from my pills except today i realize i actually am (my bad).

TLDR what to do.


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I guess try the Opiate and General Withdrawal field. See if it helps.

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I assume you´re located in the US (where diphenhydramine is the main active ingredient).

Diphenhydramine in general tends to induce these symptoms at a certain dosage/sensitivity to it.
(especially when abused)

Didn´t knew that could also happen in withdrawls from it, but here we go.

The issue in this case is that diphenhydramine is a “delirant”, tricking your brain into a feeling of insomnia, hence inducing the paranoia, “monster/dark energy” sensations. Many report visuals of all kinds of insects, snakes etc.

“Real” hallucination (Brain takes them as real despite knowing it´s a hallucination) instead of the “pseudo” version you´d get on something like LSD (it´s obviously not real, usually more funny etc.)

So I´d stay far away from something like Ego Dissolution and go for the “anti-psychotic” route.

Keep the lights on to reduce hallucinations (the darker the more prone your brain is to manifest “ugly” things) grounding, everything angelic, anxiety removal, any type of shielding NFT, repel negative energy, plasma brain,…

Hope that helps and wishing you a fast recovery.


I agree with angelic.

Do you know where I can find this field?
It was deleted from YouTube and I can’t find it on Patreon.

Opiate and General Addiction Withdrawal Help - YouTube (

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Thank you very much my friend.
Is it possible to loop it from there?

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Not sure :man_shrugging:

It`s $0+ on gumroad. That helps?

Opiate and General Addiction Withdrawal (

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Woow yes!
You have been a great help.
I already downloaded it, very grateful :purple_heart:

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Yes, doctor said he wasnt surprised by the hallucinations ; something to do along the lines of neurotransmitters
I had two convulsions though. I dont want to call them seizures but it was so similar to the one i had before my brain surgery which was a seizure so eh idk lol - but my symptoms from the whole brain thing rememerged so its really confusing. Not telling doctors post finishing semester. Almost dome
I plan on getting admitted into some facility(i have to get off all my antidepressents
now- its important to figure out how much of this is anatomical or psychotropically)

Also I feel like I am acting like a bitch; so agitated and mean right now lol. I tell my family sorry when I am back to myself, but i think they are so unnerved by how obscure I have been, they say dont worry. But still its not nice of me- i am accountable for my actions even if it feels like im not

Only few moments im normal- like now.
I hate sound right now- so stopped all audios. Probably best- last thing i should do is stimulate myself with energy . I was going crazy from hearing gurbani in my head. So i think i did the right thing pausing lol

I got ten of swords from mystic tarot, I was advised to seek asap med attention but not listening,
i need to finish semester. I think i can suck it up for a few more days/ weeks. I gotta thank @universe for aiding me; i have no idea how i am doing it. I actually dont think i am ;
More like i am observing it happen to me, like its being done through me but not by me if that makes sense.

Even when I have my weird moments; it feels split; its happening yet i see that very back of myself or whatever its called- the part of us that is always silent/ always observing / never fazed - very intensely. Makes everything feel more dream like, Very split.
i have to find a way to switch to that during my next episode but its hard, and to be frank i dont know if thats a good idea.

In other mews
I want to become a lobbiest to stop pharmecutical companies. Evil mofos

But negentropic hunpo is my phone’s screensaver
That really feels grounding.

It feels like all the soul restorations, calming

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Blueprint of life if it feels ok.

hmm yes. I did. it was nice. @Owl thank you
but then I got agitated so I stopped; it was too much. Even Self Refresh was surprisingly, but maybe it’s because it does a lot.

I am going to listen to mind of the meditation master, it calms me down.
visual introspection was also great. I became still; but not using rn because it makes me too calm/ I can’t focus on my Tao essay lol. Meditation Master/ Ego dissolution, I can focus on my work, and at the same time, be less agitated.

I listened to the glymphatic audio as well today, it’s called the brain massage- it felt good. I feel refreshed by using that, basal ganglia massage, and brain refresh.

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I have been struggling with a antidepressant withdrawals and what has definitely helped me best is the Advanced Detox 2.0 on a loop for hours along with lots of pure water and vegetables to help detox.

I would dare say that this took away almost all of my symptoms in one day.

@Violet : maybe the upper field could help you?


Great! I didn’t know this field!

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Also “Fix Neurotransmitter Dysfunction” field by Pu

The reason for feeling so bad during antidepressant withdrawal is that the production and levels of many neurotransmitters are temporarily very low.

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(post deleted by author)

I think sometimes like with the nature of anything
It can help or harm - but in this case in particular
if you want to get “high” through the use of an external substance for
spiritual endeavors, I would not encourage Benadryl as it was never intended for said
purposes; so please don’t my friend :slightly_smiling_face::pray:t3::heart: @Tskf

I think listening to like simran with sangat (there is a samagam in maryland in the second weekened of march), or listening
to audios like Dream’s: the singularity, rite of passage, rite of passages,
Om chanting, new perspectives, visual introspection
I listened to Rite of Passages yesterday, got that drunk feelimg again (i know i said i would stop the spiritual ones, but idk I couldnt resist my Tao essay got me all exited on Spirit lmao. I heart Universe hehe)

Oh wow, thank you
Also beautiful name. Sea of love

I really want to become a lobbyist against pharmecutical america , oh and the lights used in schooamerica. It’s so unfair how its us who have to like go through all these hoops, while they are completley unbothered

oh and lobbyist to educating parents to stop putting their kids on stimulants just because Karen did with her kid, gah
I am PainHustler inspired. Plus Emily Blunt looked gorg when she rocked those suits, but that’s neither here or there lol

I will call myself Sapieniet Bandit

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