Best field for deeper and more complex thought?

Well im not a very smart person in general, I dont really have that many proper thoughts if that makes sense, its kind of jumbled

Im already listening to Brain regen, Shg, pbe and man hattan method maybe i just need to listen to them for longer as its only been 6 or so weeks

but yeah im looking for something to boost my creative thinking and have more complex thinking

thx for all the advice u guys give on this forum, changingg my life day by day on jah

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Read a lot of books. Meditate about deep subjects. Talk to a lot of people smarter than you. Study philosophy. Align your desire to be smarter with your lifestyle. (Just reading some interesting threads in this forum expands your consciousness)


Probably Conceptual Conglomerate


I was going to make a topic like this, asking what books, what to learn and so on.

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You should man, ive got a couple of ideas

Manhattan Method, Mathematical Madness, Conceptual Conglomerate.

They each will have their own way of bringing a lot more complexity to your thought patterns. I myself am attempting to bring more complexity to mine as well.

It’s been one of my biggest goals for the past few years.


This is where it all started for me not gonna lie. I’ve never been the same since.

Even when I’ve regressed, I still always knew that I had to return to that deeper thinking rhythm and the focus provided by meditation is superb.

Reading is squeezing 10 years of someone else’s life into 10 days. It’s a great experience.

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any specific books youd reccomend? dont really mind what topics

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Probably would recommend reading Atomic Habits, because habits can help you have higher level thinking patterns like meditation which was brought up earlier. Book may lowkey change how you operate forever.


already read that books its great, I spend way less time on my phone now and yeah I meditate most days tbf