Best of the Best of Dream's Masterpiece

Yes i would like to say Experimental Parkinson treatment field on youtube is Best of the Best of Dream’s Masterpieces. My Uncle’s condition is better day by day who is open minded person and he suffered parkinson above 5 year. He is a confirmed bachelor. Thank you again Dream and all team member.



Dream and his team (even those who suggested this type of field) are creating much good karmic merit!


Oh man,
thanks so much for trying it.

The early ones, I would actually message people who had the problem on facebook etc
and ask if they wanted to just just try something, its just music and energy.
Just one week it may help, No fees or anything,
I am sure I wrote it nicely, there wasn’t any interest or any nice replies lol

So I am really glad somebody tried it.
took some years though

team lol


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You’re 5 people in 1!


5 in 1? Cmon man that’s an insanely low number. He’s an absolute power unit. At least 5 million in 1 jajajaja.

Edit: I forgot to show due gratitude. Thank you Dream, really. You and Sammy are changing people lifes for the best. Thank you.


No man. He still same humble down to Earth.

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I also using now that field because genetic linked. I searched for parkinson that took time 1 or 2 decades. My nape neck oily skin linked with parkinson and sometimes i have face muscle tremor. So i listening now for prevention. And i knew many ppl suffering parkinson but they cant get right medicine. I sharing to those field based by my uncle’s experience. He is taking syndopa and much other pills prescribed by physician. But not get better. Since the day i pointed to listen Dream’s field to my uncle, within one week he can move or walk better. Now very noticeble improvement he got. I also sharing Autoimmune field and Thyroid field to my facebook group patients. If you can see IP address that accessing to youtube Sapien Med field from my country, that will be approved. I also told them who can effort to buy premium field, buy via link that is on youtube description of each field. I noticed direct access to gumroad nor patron is banned without using VPN. I dont know that ban did Gumroad, Patreon or my country ISP. But my purpose to know and try via youtube for them. I hope revolution of medicine. My gratitude to Dream.


this is crazyy, I am so grateful to you man, ngl, you have changed so many people’s lives.


Haha well please forgive me @Dreamweaver

I am very new to this so i have little idea how it all works!

Whatever you do is amazing and it is really appreciated (understatement of the century right there!)


Actually Virus disruption and Lung restoration are also the best and saved saving many life in real. They are very effective and fast result in corona pandemic. I shared those fields to my friends and family who have open mind.


Acupressure field is also the best of Dream. I got very fast result. My left side was nerve pain since 12 yrs ago that happened due my leg ankle injury. I found All audio list in this forum, then using vpn to access that field on YT Energetic Alchemy channel. After 2 time listened my pain went away. Amazing Dream’s creation. As before i was always painful early morning. Thank you very much Dream , i have liability ( debt ) to you. You are my second God.