Body Primer experience

Hello everyone. I got the course today. Before starting body primer I listened to ego dissolution and then meditated on the meditation track. I have noticed something with body primer. Both my hands feels like they are getting numb. Especially my palms. Mostly my right palm. At the same time both of my hands are feeling itchy. Towards the end of the audio I noticed how the left side of my face was starting to get numb.

I wonder what you guys went through. (I didn’t see a full thread for body primer experience but I saw one for healer primer, thought I’d start one)


Just for reference

Body Primer

Cleans the energy body of any junk, stimulates and prepares all of the chakras, primary and secondary and nervous system for the energies from the energetic stimulation other course audios.

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So, me reading your post tells me that Body Primer field is potent, and you are lucky to have the course. That picked my interest. :100:

I guess you should take it easy.

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Before starting the course I cleared out a lot of junk anyways. How? I have been listening to vibration of divine love at least once a night while sleeping. Even though I clearly raised my vibration a little bit using that audio and cleared out some junk, I still felt body primer the way I did. I must also note this, I have been listening to Vibration of Divine Love for at least 10 months. During the course I have done absolutely no audios except for what was given in the course like ego dissolution

I do recommend you get the course though. Literally on my last listen of crystalization audio as I’m typing this.

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Thanks for letting me know