Body Primer For Longer

Hello. I have a quick question about body primer. Is it absolutely necessary to stop after three days? Or if I feel like I may get more results out of it, could i use it for a longer period of time? Perhaps listen once a day for five or seven days and then have the two days break?

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on your first run of the course, yes.


I would listen to the instructions. :sunflower:

Yesterday was my first day. I listened before sleep and I couldn’t sleep after for at least an hour. I really had some dark thought. I listened with the body primar also emotional release as suggested.


Does the primer also expand your nervous system?

It does exactly as said in it’s description which is in course pdf. There’s different audio for nervous system

Its that or my energybody is weak or my nervous system is. Unfortunate The Captain took the plasma protocol from gumroad, that was the solution to heal my nervous system i hope that the energy awaking course will help me with one of them problems and help me to grow my energies

If you want to heal nervous system then you can use nerve damage help and nerve inflammation field from yt. They are more than enough to heal nervous system alone. There’s also nerve growth factor audio (NGF) for that. I suggest you read the descriptions of these audios. And do pranayama to expand your capacipy at the same time. Take few days break if you feel uncomfortable after using fields. Then you can start using course audios as instructed since those audios can deal with any energy body related problems


Thank you very much for the tips! I hope it will work:)

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