Brain benefit report

I thought about having this thread here so people can write about their benefits from using brain fields.

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I guess I’ll give a benefit report. I only started listening to wiring stuff recently and I’ve been doing a lot of looping. Due to the very brief time with the audios I have only gotten modest benefits from them. I am experiencing that I tend to think more metaphorically, I’ve noticed subtle changes in me and my association and memory. My posture feels more upright and I am noticing and appreciating how straight something like a streetlight is and how curvy the asphalt can be, I’ve been noticing the shapes of things a bit more.

My body feels different in a slightly better way. I am noticing the sensation of experiencing my own body in a slightly improved way. My texting has gotten a little faster and the typing on my keyboard has gotten faster as well. I’ve been thinking toughts like “the old me would not think like that”, this is just like a wholistic listener would say. I do feel more creative and that I am comparing things more. I’ve been having thoughts like about the cognition of squirrels and how they know exactly how far too leap which is totally uncharacteristic of me, it was especially uncharacteristic to compare the squirrels precision in body mechanics to a basketball player shooting a hoop.

I am noticing that my consciousness is different, but in a sober way. I am in a good mood and lot of times I’ve been very relaxed. I am noticing that I am more considerate and that I am choosing my words more carefully. I experience that I am more confident too. I notice that my movements are different, they are more effective. I am getting the seatbelt on with the least amount of movements. I noticed and contemplated how long I would have to walk to the nearest street light.

Overall brain fog has reduced and being inside seems more natural. I’ve been a little bit better on guitar too.

From the time I got aphasia I got into the habit of using my mouth a little bit to think thoughts inside my head. For some reason the r sound in my head is a bit harder to generate. I’ve been noticing that I haven’t used my mouth to make that r sound as much. What I mean is that when I think thoughts and I have to think the r sound I put my tongue on the bridge of my mouth similarly to how I would do If I was going to say the r sound out loud.

I’ve been less irritable, and I’ve experienced less hatred for people who has wronged me. I’ve been more pragmatic about things. I don’t care as much about the limiting belief videos anymore since gaining intelligence will take care of that anyway.

To reiterate; I haven’t been listening to wiring stuff for that long, but I am noticing changes.


I have been listening to MM, SS, ABP, MMM since mid-Aug. Visualization skill has improved hugely, I can visualize myself walking/floating in a space, and zoom in/out when looking at things.

I did not expect that, as I wanted to improve my mathematical skill at first.


My guitar playing has improved. I am not playing in the same old patterns of mine. Here is a link of me playing guitar. It didn’t feel like I hit any wrong note at all even tough it was improvized. I was feeling it. I can tell something about my playing was different and improved. Guitar practice - YouTube It seems like wholistic thinking and the power of numbers did something to my playing.

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to me it seems if you were in resonance to the sounds you were playing. and not vice versa. like you weren’t not actively thinking, but more responding.
some goku ultra instinct going on here. i love it.


Yes, that’s right.

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Old memories are returning and the old memories I get happens much more frequently. I remember more things that has been said in conversations from years ago. I remember finer details like the shapes of peoples heads, what was said, the silence, what we laughed about and some points that were made.

The past seems a lot less distant and vague and a lot more clear. This is by far the more impressive feat of these audio’s. I realized that these audious might recover old circuitry.

I remember a lot, even the points without verbally thinking them.

I would still classify the benefits as modest. My friends or family wouldn’t notice any difference.