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Daily, or atleast pranayama daily. Defentiley helps with concentration and focus

Has anyone tried to loop PU brain fields for hours ? Trying to see if it’s worth it, or if we should only listen few times a day.


How to know if we have nervous system damage or energy overload ?

For the people that use KQC before looping brain fields (if there are any), do you get faster results?

@Dr_Manhattan @Jojo @igem and anyone else who has lots of experience with brain fields. Would love a guide similar to the one above tailored for brain fields. The above guide is extremely extremely helpful and beginners who want to get into brain development can easily be pointed to this guide in the future saving a lot of time. I know it seems like a lot of work but would help out a bunch of people hence request whoever is willing to do so. (think of it like a compliation of all the brain audios and how to use them correctly for maximum results, could just be public audios or you can also incorportate NFTs upto the creator).

PS. if such a guide exists please point me in the right direction since I haven’t been able to find one for brain fields.

Thanks in advance

I use to use KQC a lot but because of how much I looped along with the very nature of it I discontinued use of KQC. The amount of energy at the time was tremendously overwhelming and zapped my brain with fatigue.

Yes, gains were indeed prevalent but so was the stress and irritability from over burdening myself with it. But that was before we had white matter and BG, ABP etc.

You’re constantly being bombarded with the fields you loop because of KQC’s chamber like effects. So if you’re able to integrate and tolerate them you will see rapid results. Keep in mind everyone differs in how fast they receive growth so don’t compare your bookmark to someone else’s.

So if you do intend on including KQC in your brain stack make sure you have whiter matter or plasma brain at the very least. Brain and spine antioxidant is a great free field to help if you do fry yourself (if you don’t have WM). Good luck.


opnions on the ultimate integration tool ?

Big facts bro. BIG facts.

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@Dr_Manhattan Any idea when the speech production field will be coming out?

therss key to babel which helps with speech and much more

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Is white matter the only field needed for keeping up myelinogenesis after the age of 25?
Are there any free alternatives?

EDIT: I guess Induced plasmalogen to produce → Multiple Sclerosis Help to induce production → and ngf to repair myelin sheath would be the way to go for poor people

Enpp6, multiple sclerosis field, and there’s another one I can’t remember.

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I’m not working with any of the brain fields at the moment, just a daily listen of Enhanced Brain hemisphere connection and Super Human Genius x1, but after 2 weeks of working heavily on decluttering my mind from all sort of trauma, I think I’ve reached my all time best on what concerns mental sharpness.

It will take a bit more of work, but I can’t wait to jump into brainfields aswell, now I’m in a phase of purging the rustyness from the engine rather than increase it’s power, but I’m very excited for the future


does playing pboy longer than my wiring fields mess up the wiring ? let’s say I play pboy for 2 hours then manhatan for 1 hour

I just like playing it that way bc my brain needs to heal

Use it as long as you want.


From Gum Regeneration (Energetically Programmed Audio), 9 years old audio uploaded on Sapien Medicine channel:

Dental health is no joke, it can have an impact on the brain, on the mind, on the mood; well, many things can impact our brains, so a wholistic approach I think is the best, since we (also) need vitamins, minerals, protein, an active lifestyle (including exercise), and many other things/needs, besides fields of course.

Healthier body and Healthier Energy System = Healthier Brain

Also, Positivity and Happiness can have quite the Impact on our Brains, especially if we make it a habit to be Happy.


Hi everyone !
I search the best brain field to support wiring fields such as Manhattan method or any nft wiring abilities, so according to the fields description, Advantageous Brain Plan or Snapping Synapses seems the best.
I already have Brain Key, White Matter, Manhattan method and Plasma Brain.
What are your thoughts ?
Also, which field is the best for intuition or activities like investigation in criminality, operating and processing an high volume of information under pressure ? I was thinking of conceptual conglomerate or cyber brain for intuition but i need your advises. Thanks to all


That’s it :slight_smile:

You describe the right information


if someone uses wiring fields without brainkey or superhuman genius…in that case will there be some results from wiring fields or no results at all?