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Since this thread is about brain related stuff, I want to share this-

I’ve been having problem with conveying my thoughts properly. Last year it was worst- I was forgetting stuff, wasn’t able to remember certain words, memorizing, mispronouncing words etc. The thing is I’ve never had this problem before. I was one of those top students with good communication. When covid happened I spent most of my time not speaking which I think affected me somehow. It’s like the connection between my inner thoughts/brain and tongue got disturbed. I love public speaking and always do so whenever I get chance. I’ve started to talk more and more to overcome the problem. I’ve been thinking of buying conceptual realisation, Manhattan method fields.
Please do share any insight or helpful tips regarding this issue, I’d be forever grateful. Thank you.


Hi @Sagonquest,
I would make it a priority to use the brain and spine antioxidant complex field followed by BDNF and finally plasma brain.

That’s my first reaction after reading covid.

Let us know how it goes and if need be, we’ll move from there.


Sounds like u got brain fog.

Try use the superhuman genius


I would recommend the opposite autism/ plasma brain.


I know that it’s technically fine to just leave your phone in your pocket, playing fields even on low audio, but is it better to play it putting/using the speaker closer to the targeted area?
I always keep the phone close to my head or at least in the heart region, when playing brain fields.
Have you noticed any difference for brain fields?

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Not really

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Ok. Thank You.

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Thank you. I’ll start from this then build my way up with Manhattan method.

So that’s what it is called. I heard about brain fog but didn’t realize I’ve got one. :sigh:


@Dr_Manhattan hey, I am thinking about preparing a brain stack to increase my IQ and intelligence, would you suggest if Manhattan method x3, the advantageous brain plan x3 and the cyberbrain x1 would be a good stack, in the same order or what would be a good stack??
I havent bought all the fields yet but I am thinking about all permutations and combinations before buying them as they’re super expensive!



This would give you some results of course, I can’t say that it is wrong (you can’t be wrong if you just listen to audios) but I’ll let you compare with my own stack:

Acetylcholine 1h
Superhuman genius 1h
Wiring fields 1 hour 30 min
Acetylcholine 2-3x
Superhuman genius 2-3x
Wiring fields 2h

untill the end of the day when I cap it off with plasma brain of youth to remove potential side effects from the intense listening.

Wiring fields= Manhattan method, Wholistic thinking, Lucid dreamer, Cyber Brain

Whenever I have a few hours to spare, I’d use Advantageous Brain Plan independently

Acetylcholine and Superhuman Genius will excite your neurons and boost the wiring of the abilities that you want (wiring fields). That’s why I use them together.


Hey @Dr_Manhattan

What brain fields can you recommend that increase mental energy/alertness?

That are currently for sale or free


I have a question regarding the wiring fields, do you listen to the audios alternately (e.g. 1x Manhattan 1x wholistic then 1x Cyber ​​Brain, lucid dreaming 1x and back to manhattan) or several times individually and then go to the next (e.g. Manhattan 4x wholistic thinking 4x Cyber ​​Brain 3x and so on)?

Does/can 8k replace acetylcholine?

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Hyper state sleep
Maybe even Diabetes I & II


Manhattan 8K (more energy than alertness)
Advantageous Brain Plan (more alertness than energy)


I like to keep one wiring field per day, it’s just me


The brain fields would require a diet consisting of omega 3; Is consuming tuna, mackerel or similar twice a week sufficient or should the quantity be increased?

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