Chakra removal. aamkaksks

ermmmmm Thoughts ? :thinking:


My thoughts - Just move on. And delete facebook.


From what I’ve heard, chakra’s can’t be removed… be careful with taking such services.

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Yes and if it were possible it could be harmful

i have also looked into this with tony sayers. i think there might be an overlay of our chakras that can be removed. maybe thats what theyre really talking about. i dont know. one way to test this would be to place a pendulum over the body and see if it loops 1 by 1

Guys, it is not removal. The correct word is chakra unification. I’ve done with an amazing healer and my life just improves after that.

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are you advertising lol

Hi again, Rafa. Since you are new you might not realize that advertisements for outside-forum services are only permitted in certain areas of the forum. Your first two posts contained the exact same ad. Perhaps you would like to take time to browse through the forum and become aware of the many things Sapienmed has to offer.

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Hi. Sorry about that. I will edit the posts. Yes, I know sapien very well, bought many audios from him. I was just sharing something that worked for me, since I saw people talking about other channels/healers. Thanks for the advice

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