Charting Paths of Good Fortune: Exploring Two Fascinating Ideas for Positive Morphic Fields

The Maneki-Neko Guide.

One of the best-known legends says that in the Edo period (1603-1868) in Japan, a monk in a temple was falling on hard times and was very poor. Despite his situation, he shared his limited food with his cat. One day, a samurai passed by the temple and saw the cat raising his paw as if he were saluting. Intrigued by this unusual gesture, the samurai decided to stay and, just at that moment, lightning struck the place where he was standing before. Grateful for having been saved, the samurai decided to make a donation to the temple, which helped improve the monk’s financial situation.

Another version of the story tells that a rich woman was saved from lightning by a cat who beckoned her closer shortly before the tragedy occurred. As a thank you, she donated money to the temple.

Regardless of the version, these stories led to the belief that the Maneki-neko brings good luck and prosperity. The cat figure is usually depicted with one paw raised, as if he were waving, and often wears a necklace with a bell and a coin-shaped amulet.

With similar functions to “Jade Maneki Neko Energy” along with “The Guided Parth”
This field will manifest the energy of the Maneki-Neko, along with its own guidance, it will affect your mind and spirit, guiding you towards situations full of prosperity and fortune, and it will guide events of wealth towards you using the force of attraction.
The Maneki-Neko will only work while it is present, and if you have a traditional Lucky Cat totem you can guide this energy towards the totem so that it lasts longer.

You may encounter some cats along the way.

The Probability Multiplier.

What is the probability that you will be struck by lightning?.. and what is the probability that you will avoid it?
I think only Brain Guild fans could answer that question

Luck is subjective, it may or may not exist, however probability is something that will always be there; Mathematically demonstrated, probability is the mathematical calculation that evaluates the possibilities that exist for something to happen when chance intervenes.

As its name indicates, its function will be to multiply x2 (or more) the probability that something good will happen to you, or - as an alternative to the main function - we could make whatever we want happen.

Example: you flip a coin, do you choose ‘heads’ or ‘shields’? the probability of one or the other coming out will be 50%, the field should cause the probability to be multiplied to 100%, and with your wish, the chosen side should fall.

But of course, even if the probability is high, the event is still in the hands of chance, can we eliminate the energy of chance, leaving only the probability? Would we have enough power to do it?
That is the dilemma, thus leaving the field as experimental.

(Note: This is not an audio request.)


Note that probability of 0 isn’t equal to impossible, there’s infinite number of possibilities so much points that hitting exactly one is of 0 probability, yet you always get into some exact state or point. Likewise with probability of 1 difference from guaranteed.

Moreover receiving heads a million times in a row is unlikely, but doesn’t change overall probability of coin flip outcomes.


I liked the story about Maneki Neko. That was cute.