Check My Aura, Check My Stuff

I would like to create this thread both for the sake of me and my dear ones, as well as for anyone who wishes to partake, to ask for help here, I mean to ask for aura reading, scanning, for house and belongings, etc., since I think that some of us want or need this.
Also, anyone who wishes to help (I guess only for free? Captain, Sammy, what is your view?), can see the requests and either publicly offer help through this thread and perhaps then speaks privately with the person who needs help, perhaps if that person asks for private messages, since it is still a personal matter or if someone agrees and says that it is ok to get an answer here, then so be it - it’s up to you.

Perhaps my idea is good or perhaps it is not and since I have no idea if this thread is going to be helpful, I am going to do something that I don’t do daily and I hope that it is not too often - I am going to ask for @Dreamweaver and @SammyG, to check this thread and decide if it’s alright and if there is anything that they want to add/say.

And now, the first request on this thread - can you guys check my Aura - to see if it’s alright?
Is there any entity attached?
Perhaps (to) an object of mine?
What can you guys tell me?
I literally feel something strange and I wish that it’s just my energy body/chakras…
I would prefer if you can tell me in private if there is some extraordinary or sensitive/personal info that you need to tell me, otherwise, you can also tell me here.
Thank you.

Edit: Perhaps it would be a good idea to get our questions/requests and answers/replies deleted after a while? A few weeks?

Of course, if this thread actually gets requests, otherwise, no problem, I guess, it’s just my request.

Edit: gonna come back later to check this thread.

New Edit: I no longer require any scanning. :blush:


Now, I have not had anything out of the ordinary (except one time when a chair moved on its own, after being like hit by something, that and way tamer things than that have happened, but nothing shocking) in a while, but for a few nights I heard some interesting sounds: some powerful and horrifying howls.

I have heard dogs howling, but this is on a completely another level and what is intriguing me is that I only hear them like once per night and they seem to come from different directions, as in one night from one direction, another from another; what’s interesting is that they don’t seem to be far away either, this night it sounded terrifyingly close to where I am, it sounded like it was from my garden (my brother’s actually, and it’s quite the property; land in Romania used to be quite cheap, especially in rural and semi-urban areas).

Can anyone check if entities or whatever have gotten close to me or if my house, my body and aura and the property are clean or not?

Thank You.

Edit: either no one checked or if they did, they probably did not found a huge problem I guess (some people can even check directly with Higher Self), so I assume my aura and property are good (?) (most probably, well at least somewhat good/decent, I mean entities might come and go from time to time, plus anyone can get attachments… ; oh well).

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I would so much appreciated if anyone can scan me and my husband as I need to know how much progress I did and how to help him to .

Thank you

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