Concerning dreams. How do I prepare?

I am very concerned by my dreams.

Two nights ago i saw five pentacles very clearly and a clear text saying five pentacles on a banner. I googled it and found that there is a tarot card named that and I had no clue of its existence. I read its meaning and I understood what it is about. Next dream same night was very clear that i had a big financial loss.

Today I woke up from another dream in which a white cobra was coming towards me, ready to attack after it went on others who already fought with it. It was so real i jumped up in the bed kicking. I also read about it and i know what it is about.

Now I am glad my mind is letting me know about all these but how do I prepare / protect myself when I don’t know how it’s going to hit me? I am alert, i use shielding and i am going to ask angels for help.

Anything else I should do? I feel very concerned and terrified from these.

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Nothing to worry about.

I hope so but can you share more?

The dreams are so real and things like that happened to me in the past. And I do feel the threat is real without the dreams anyway. I kind of can see it coming. My concern is how do I stop it if its so obvious…
I feel powerless by it. Like I can’t act or react.

If you are on PUs Patreon Nightmare Washer

Also Bushman Medicine
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I’d infuse my room with White Light Waves, Atmospheric Vibration Riser and love ones too.

I’d keep going with the Shielding and Angels’ protection :angel: :white_heart:


I already talked about it here.