Consciousness may rely on Quantum entanglement

The articles describes a brain experiment that suggests consciousness can rely on quantum entanglement. It says that although supercomputers can outperform the human brain at tasks such as chess and computing, there are still cognitive tasks where our brains excel, such as interpretation, reasoning, creativity and problem solving and the nature of consciousness remains a mystery in neuroscience.

Some scientists suggest that quantum mechanisms including entanglement play a role in understanding the power of the brain and its ability to generate consciousness Trinity College Dublin researchers have found data suggesting that entanglement may be at work in the brain in research some of the methods of quantum experimental gravity

The articles also explains that quantum mechanisms have previously been shown to exist in the brain, such as certain isotopes with different rotation rates that affect physiological and brain responses but that the brain is often considered a primitive machine. Analyzing and understanding quantum processes in the brain is challenging because the specific quantum operators used by the brain may be different from those known from atomic systems

To investigate the possibility of brain binding, Trinity researchers used MRI to see if circulating protons in the brain could be bound via an unknown mediator that was present, and disappeared while the subjects slept.

If the findings are confirmed, it could mean that the brain works as a powerful quantum system rather than the classical one to give us consciousness.

My question:
Is the conceptual thinking influenced by Quantum processes since it can affect our consciousness?

Any brain field considered as Quantum processes operation?


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The UFO literature is replete with commentary that craft rely on an interface with a brain, which may be entangled with space-time in ways that machine ms are not.

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Scientists realised the fact that real world operates not through binary means, long ago

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The torsion field is based on quantum mechanics.

I already explained that we won’t get quantum brain fields, no one will as it is dangerous, unstable and it’s too much for brain to handle.

Yes, the brain operates on quantum mechanics, somewhat, like everything in the universe. But we won’t boost it here beyond the torsion field


Okay Thanks.


As example if someone has a quantum brain could he create his own consciousness what’s makes up 50% or more of his own reality.

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That’s what regular brains do,
I don’t know what 50% means, but yeah


I know regular brain create your own reality but how creating others reality from your own brain

I meant by 50% because your reality doesn’t rely on you solely it takes the collective so in other meaning would the quantum brain of one person able to affect reality as whole ( you and others )