Contrary Perspective on Gut Biome (Bacterial Necessity in General)

I think we’ve all been fed the idea that we need bacteria to function and survive and so on - but I have come to the conclusion that not all is as it seems. In fact, is it not strange that bacteria rules so much of human behavior (down to our thoughts and sexual preferences), that it may be excessive in the human body generally, and it is consuming our nutrition meant for OUR cells and maybe - just maybe, decreasing bacterial presence would actually benefit us? Not necessarily with traditional antibiotics.

I do not think avoiding bacteria is possible nor should we - but I just don’t think we need it in the quantities we have it, I think bacteria needs us more than we need it. In fact there’s been research done and I am pretty sure humans evolved so closely to bacteria we have organs supporting it’s storage (not just the appendix) but that’s a great example, and people survive without the appendix. Why? If it’s so “necessary”. (Used for storage of “Good Bacteria”)

And now instead of probiotics, prebiotics are all the rage. I just think we should question this a little.

Why would it be so crazy to consider, that maybe we can synthesize vitamins on our own, again, without bacteria interfering with this process or fermenting something for us? Evolution isn’t a perfect process, and due to this I don’t think that humans (currently) are in a perfect state, although the potential is there.

Just food for thought. Not saying I am correct - it’s just a theory. But a lot of scientific studies are paid for purposefully for advertising purposes or money laundering, so ask yourself: how much of what we know is actually true?


Personally it’s been really hard to react well to probiotics for me so I think you pose an interesting question


I don’t react well to multi strain probiotics either…recently I’ve tried just pure lactobacillus acidophilus and it seems to be ok.


Many probiotic manufacturers dont know what they do. If you e.g. have some unnoticed leaky gut or light histamine intolerance and then consume a product with several different histamine producing bacterial species it can cause big trouble.

Another problem is that a healthy gut flora contains 1000s of different species. But the best probiotic pills contain only maybe 20 and worse only 6 or 4 different species. So you create another imbalance by using such a product.


A lot of probiotic manufacturers go with the “more is better” approach. A kitchen sink of zillion strains, terrible delivery mechanisms - which lead to the need for atrociously high strain count - its all damn unnatural.

Also, my cousin who is an immunologist at Stanford tells me, based on her examination of some such supplements - that some strains being used in these products are not even the ones found usually in human body. No one has studied the impact of such ‘foreign’ strains on humans especially if consumed for a long time.

I would not be surprised if in a decade we see people with mysterious illnesses due to botchy/unreliable probiotic supplements.

I try to eat fermented foods and good fibers (avoiding excesses) and play Knight Virus Eradicator and Smart Bacteria Remover fields two times a week (Captain suggested these two fields + Eternal for longevity)…


I do not use Eternal (purposefully, for my own personal reasons), do you think Plasma Flaunt + a combination of other fields would do the trick?

I agree. I’ve tried tones of probiotics and only one I could recommend.
And the better probiotics mostly work by actually killing of worse bacteria ,functioning as an ANTIbiotic in the living person.

Funnily most people think it doesn’t matter which probiotics they take , they just think they’re all good. Which is not the case. You can really screw yourself up with pro- or antibiotics. When it comes to the gut there is no one size fits all , everyone has to find what works for them.

There are interesting studies on animals with a sterile gut, showing that they are basically resistant to weight gain ,even on a high fat diet and are generally very robust animals.
Obviously having a sterile gut doesn’t work in humans long term but it shows having less bacteria doesn’t necessarily have to be bad.

One of the main causes of disease and inflammation is endotoxin , a toxin produced by bacteria.
AFAIK there are some bacteria that don’t produce endotoxin but those are very , very rare.

With that being said bacteria can also produce vitamins so you might want to supplement the b vitamins when you’re killing many bacteria , especially b12, b2 and biotin.


Why do you think it doesn’t work long term? We don’t really have enough people with a sterile gut to make that assessment I think, but nonetheless, interesting thoughts - thank you for sharing!

how many loops each?

Because we don’t live in a lab setting and our suroundings , including our food, aren’t sterile. So with every meal you’d have to take antibiotics , which isn’t really sustainable long term for a variety of reasons.

No but that’s exactly what I mean, we don’t know, because nobody has achieved that yet, but I personally think with fields it’s a possibility. And things aren’t sterile but it’s proven it’s a possibility as some animals have a sterile gut biome

Im not saying it’s not possible ,I’m saying it’s not sustainable, that’s at least my guess. You could achieve that state or permanently mess yourself up will trying to achieve it . Sometimes the gut never recovers from such endeavours . A field would probably be a better option .

Nobody knows until someone will try it. I personally feel better with less bacterial presence in general. We will see what the future holds for us

Actually it would be nice if there was a constantly active and learning smart field that well, stays active after use and kills off virus and bacteria etc. microorganisms contributing to aging and disease. Maybe eventually targeted to nano and other crap. Would certainly be interesting

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