Covid Shots| Dr David Nixon


What is the general stance on this forum towards the COVID-19 vaccinations?
I stumbled upon this Australian doctor (Dr David Nixon) who is investigating the shots with a dark field microscope.
He is finding all kinds of strange structures which he says are microchips… This is kinda freaking me out.

Is he really finding microchips?

Link to his website:

Any thoughts on this?

Thank you


This is how the Borg started.


This will be my personal opinion and a little rant:

In my opinion the vaccine has saved a lot of lives, especially of older people.

Most of the conspiracy theories around it are made by people who haven’t even finished basic science education from middle school and thus believe everything that some fear-mongerers spill out.

Most people in society have zero knowledge about the basics of microbiology, physics, chemistry, astronomy, medicine etc. and this makes it difficult for these people to discern proper information from obviously fake information with just a quick look.

But learning to discern information is a very valuable skill to develop.
Just because we are on a spiritual forum, does not mean that people should not do their best to acquire basic common mainstream scientific knowledge. Just as an example, some people here wanted to make contact with “the Andromedans”, not realizing that Andromeda is a galaxy with Billions of stars…

I looked at some of the pictures of this so called doctor.
All I see are different crystal structures and dirt.
What he calls “microchips” are nothing else than natural crystal structures that chemicals form.
I think this “doctor” is a moron who has never looked into a basic book on crystallography and from his pictures he seems to believe that everything that is rectangular is “chip”. LOL

These crystal structures appear on a microscopic and on a macroscopic level, look for example at Pyrite:

Do you really think he is the only one looking into a microscope?
There are Tens of Thousands of scientists and doctors across the globe who are working with the vaccine on a daily basis and have looked into the microscope as well.
If there would be a conspirary, then all of these people would have need to be bribed somehow, which is very unlikely.
And then also the Tens of Thousands of people working at all the major vaccine production companies.

What conspiracy theorists don’t understand:
Modern governments have far superior tech, even for remote use.
They don’t need to inject a physical item into you in order to influence and manipulate your body. Radionics tech and all that resulted from it, is now almost 100 years old. Most people don’t know this and then believe the government “needs to inject” something into them. This is early 20th Century thinking.


Bingo. Well said. I must admit, I was kinda hoping Bill Gates had put some nanobot microchip thingies in there that would make me just as smart as he is. :crazy_face:

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I’ve got the Eternal, so I ain’t skeerd either way. :sunglasses:


Article referenced in the podcast which references the more detailed book:



unfortunately it feels exactly so. as the very essence of people is expelled from them.

just a feeling. whether illiusion or not i cannot tell.

i had close people before the pandemic, now i dont. perhaps i am who was changed also. idk.

the feeling when i got vaccinated was also not good.

i mean this is meant only to harm the more sensitive and delicate people. or i am a crazy person.

buut…no matter what we say in 2023…all i mean all is done. it doesnot matter anymore. we should and can deal with the aftermath of it and thanks to Dream we have all tools for it.

i say it again. now in this now we are in an Aftermath of the above said.


I do not trust the shot personally. I’ve been vaccinated for tetanus, hep b, malaria, and rabies. I’ve had experiences with vaccines before.

While the concept is great, and I find no problem in aiding people to fight infectious diseases with an injectable, the mandation of an injectable into a sovereign sentient body is a form of bodily trespass. I do find it immoral.

Furthermore, I personally do not believe pharmaceutical companies have our best interests in mind. Perhaps the scientists at the lower levels do, but I do not believe those who are at the top echelons are much considered with the health of innocent individuals.

I have no sources because it is something I do not expect to cite. I have gained this information over the years just by being curious, reading declassified files from our government, perusing around. I’ve heard some doctors who have spoken out on Youtube, and some anecdotal reactions to the clot shot.

One example of pharmaceutical companies not having our interests in mind are opioids. J&J was sued in the early 2010s for withholding information of how opioids would lead to permanent brain changes that they understood would lead to an outcry. Opioids are now known to cause permanent brain damage in individuals who have taken them for long enough. J&J had to pay out hundred of millions in 2018 I believe.

Another instance of our a entity not having our best interests in mind is our government. The US government at least. In 1999, journalist Gary Webb exposed to CIA for internal drug trafficking within California. Specifically, Los Angeles.

Despite his reputable career and reputation his headline was pulled, he was laid off, and the company who ran the paper apologized. He wrote a book named Dark Alliance, which you can still buy.

Despite Gary’s strength to push on, 4 or so years later, in 2004, Gary would end his life. The autopsy ruled suicide. Gary was not only strong in life, but also in death. So strong in fact that he had to shoot himself twice in the head just to commit suicide successfully.


TL;DR no I don’t trust it, you shouldn’t trust it either. Vested interests do not include your interests


I dunno…

“Microchips”, as such, are old technology and almost definitely not in there.

There have been numerous researchers who have found weird structures that form—different microtubules and strange deposits of foreign chemicals like graphene. I don’t know with any certainty if that is true for every dose or every batch.

The one thing that I have seen is that pretty much any time governent takes over science, it stops upholding the typical standards of science and adopts the standards of the bureaucracy that oversees it. So I can’t say that there’s much good reason to defer to the professionalism of the scientists involved in manufacturing these things.

—Much like medical doctors, the lab scientists aren’t forced to adhere to a rigorous scientific method, they are part of an assembly line. Instead of getting lists of symptoms and pushing people into treatments, they get directives for the research that corporations want done and they pump out research papers, being paid by the each (frequently with pre-established conclusions).

Which you can see a bunch of lol—items with improper controls, doctored statistics, tainted test groups, abbreviated observation terms.

I don’t know exactly what may or may not be going on. All I know is that most of the people that I work with now are sicker from having the vaccine than from having covid. But that could be attributed to other factors

The one thing that I do know is that deferring to the authority of science or presumably scientific institutions is silly in this day and age. The few people that I respect in academia have been complaining for decades that ever since corporate and government contracts have made up the bulk of their funding, no real research has been done because, quite literally, it doesn’t pay lol.


I recall a girl I know getting sick with covid while being vaccinated, and despite being with her, I hadn’t contracted anything


There are a handful of issues that make the shot problematic… introducing foreign genetic information into a cell in order to get it to make a new protein means that a number of the cell’s defense mechanisms need to be stopped or diminished in order for the gene to be effectively taken in. There were some chemical additives in the vaccines to do that, to some extent. They’re associated with an increase in gene errors and cancer… which could all create bigger immune problems

I’m a bit afraid that things like that may be going on in my relatives… so I’ve been exploring different therapeutic options through the healing servitors I have. There are a lot more mild disease states that show up and stick around when they used to not be there at all.


Interesting information about covid and covid vaccine on this podcast.
Ill add timestamps later.


Covid had such a low death rate below 1% though. People only started to die in a mass after getting the injection. Because as we all know graphene hydroxide was inside the vaccines. Graphene is known to be a toxic substance to the body. It was listed in Moderna’s list of ingredients. Basically lipid nanoparticle infused graphene hydroxide with hydrogel. It’s not really safe. It didn’t save people it put a time bomb in people. Before I got the shot I was perfectly fine. After I got it I was now susceptible to Covid. Which is basically 5g controlled.


Yes those microchips are lipid nano particles. They can form structures depending on the frequencies tuned. It used to be only nano-tech, but the ones in the vaccines are lipid nano tech high tech. They also added dna and rna to the vaccines. You basically became a living genetically modified human being. Time to detox

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Ive seen people suffer both from covid and from the vaccine. I personally didnt take it and Im feeling fine. Maybe I would If the state wasnt trying to force me to do so. I mean closing businesses and forcing people to take experimental “vaccine” because of “pandemic” with 1% mortality rate is kind of suspicious.
Not to mention they want you to take what? 4 doses now? Also notice how they were constantly changing narrative from “vaccine gives you 100% protection” to “vaccine prevents virus from spreading” to “well, it doesnt stop virus from spreading but you should take it anyway”


Why would you take it?

  • It doesnt protect yourself.
  • It doesnt protect other people (does not stop transmission of the virus)
  • It does not protect from serious Covid 19 illness, doesnt prevent death
  • It can have serious side effects itself, even be deadly

Some of these points you wrote yourself. So why would you take it?

Did you know that Pfizer/Biontech never checked, if their vaccine stops transmission of the virus? Governments and media all over the world claimed it would do so. This hoax claim was the base for mandatory vaccination in some countries and some professions and of course the base for discrimination of unvaccinated people.

Pfizer had to admit they did not check if their vaccine stops transmission at a hearing before the European Union Parliament:

This confession of course has not been shown by mass media. It could and should have been breaking news all around the world.


Also I think the people who got sick were either highly intoxicated with heavy metals and nano tech. Combined that with 18GHZ 5g you’re basically a goner. Other than that it’s probably shedding.

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Well pzifer and Mo are billion dollar companies backed by trillion dollar degenerates. They have all the powerful more than dream more than anyone in this world.


I said “maybe”, and I said that because I would be less suspicious if noone tried to force me :grin:


I remember when I had people tell me I got them sick for being unvaccinated. I showed no symptoms, even though the vaccinated around me got sick, and they still were trying to convince me to get it because it was safe and effective.