Creation of Ladies Lounge

Because if someone thinks differently from what is politically correct or the new way of thinking, people take it as an attack and not simply respect what they think differently.

We live in an era where if you think the new groups applaud you and if not, they attack you. For example, if I respectfully say to myself there are only 2 genres: male and female and I give my reasons, because they do not respect my opinion.

Because if you say that there are 986535788889 genres and you give me your reasons, I DO RESPECT your way of thinking, why don’t you respect mine? Why do you attack me?

Tolerance is respecting the opinions of others. Tolerance and respect is not just for like-minded people, like many new groups.

This comment is not for anyone in particular. It’s just an opinion. Thank you.


Hmm, I can´t see the Ladies Lounge even though I pmed @SammyG.
Perhaps @gpo can help?

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Thank you @angelblessings, for you kind words. Really beautiful to be exact. I have been carrying the higher self mandala on me,(boosted 3 times) and it’s been helping me out so much. Thanks again. It was really a pleasure to read. :grinning:


higer self mandala? Is there one?

Yes sir…

Top right, you can’t miss it.


Thanks @Star. Thanks for everything. :smile:


I thought it was just a link to the video… thanks!

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Even though this was meant for someone else, reading this really touched and helped me. Thank you @angelblessings!


No problem bro. :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t worry @lucky, I’m a silent type too, even if I’ve been exceptionally chatty (does the word even exist? I feel like constantly reinventing English lolll ) with @angelblessings in the lounge.

We don’t only talk actually; we enjoy special visitors, portals and stuff, don’t we Angel? :slight_smile: :blush:

Anytime you wish, you’ll be welcome to the lounge :sunny:


Lol…sorry about that. :smile:

Lol…Oh, I thought you meant like because my post was off topic, from this thread. Hmmm…Lately, I just been going on a meditation spree again. I have been shooting back up to over 2 hours again, and it’s paying off pretty good with my tags. And I started to go to the duck pond more. I love spending time with those little guys. At least I don’t have to wear a mask out there. I usually just come on here now to talk to a few people, and see how they are doing and whatnot. I find myself more at peace when I am at the duck pond. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Say, I wasn’t trying to disrespect you ladies over here, with the cursing. Sorry about that. That wasn’t my intention.

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Exactly. Like the time a man was telling me not to shave down there because is not good for my health. Shut up and let me have it the way i like it :rofl: i mean we know our bodies and have researched on the topics of our interest lol

And even if they openly talk about men stuff (which i dont mind, i like learning all about my counterparts) they still have a private chat to talk harder about stuff so well ok we can get down to small details here as well and if men join this as you say suck it up then and learn lol


I know what you both mean, just wanted to add that I am actually happy to see a community that is spiritual and not super female-heavy.
In mainstream spirituality, a lot of things seem female-heavy. Wherever I lived, even the small groups organised locally were mostly female. Even when the organiser was male, most other participants were female - be it a trance, astrology course, family constellation, meditation, energy healing, yoga… whatever.
I am yet to go to the zen center in the country where I live (it’s not in my small town, but not far either) to check out their sessions, but I assume it will be similar.


How do I get access to the Ladies Lounge??

You can message @SammyG or @gpo

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How did I miss this? I messaged Sammy. :blush:


I need them to do the exam on me because something is going on down there
but two weeks ago I was so hysterical during the exam that they couldn’t
They gave me antibiotics but it did nothing
What should I do
Sapien wise I guess
Could crucible of karma be contributing to me feeling and getting sick in different ways recently- like essentially having me purge out everything in real time, fast .

I’m so uncomfortable in my body I just want to leave it