Creation of Ladies Lounge

Ello ladies, I was pmed with the idea of creating a ladies only lounge to discuss more sensitive topics. This is possible to make and when done, would only be visible to the women here. Our profiles don’t include our genders so the only way to make this happen is if you private message me that you’re female and would be interested in being part of this lounge so I can get you private access.

If men want the same, this is possible as well. But you guys seem comftorable posting bout all kinds of things already lol. Also there are way more of ya’ll in here so it would be more challenging to make (this is me subtly tryna convince the guys to not to want this so I don’t have to do double the work :shushing_face: ).


:smirk: :smirk: :smirk:


I’ll create it when I get the chance


I agree. Everything you expect guys to talk about has already been discussed in this forum. Just go to the male enhancement lol. It has like 600 posts.


Sex and gender are two different things. There’s a quite big amount of documentation on the subject around, published/shared by various disciplines and communities. Even the determining role of chromosomes is being re-evaluated…
Unfortunately, sentences like “truth is truth”, “there ARE only” etc. shut down any possibility of dialogue and progress. So it’s better, as usual, to let everybody find out things by themselves. I was quite surprised though that a diversity that I only briefly evoked (plus, as a woman who sincerely supported the idea to create a Ladies Lounge), without feeling any need of self-censorship in such an open-minded/hearted forum has received these reactions but nevermind.


I totally agree with you. Its crazy and scary.
The other day i had to fill out a questionnaire and on the gender part there were like 50 different ones i swear i even took pics to google them after because wth majority of them are absolutely similar and the differences are ridiculous im sorry 💁 it seems like now for whatever thing different someone likes o dislikes then oh wait lets make a new gender “those who dont like peanut butter licked from their nipples” there you go AND NOW EVERYBODY BETTER ACCEPT THAT GENDER BECAUSE WE ARE IMPORTANT TOO. :unamused: give me a break. Genders are based on physical differences not on different personalities or likes lmao. Im so glad i didnt have kids its all i know.


The category is now created in the front page and can only be seen by ze ladies. Enjoy. And thanks @gpo as usual for helping with that.


I’ll take prostate and ovaries for the win Alex!

I never planned to attack you neither. On the contrary, I truly appreciate the touch of positivity that you infuse in this forum and I don’t have any doubts about your professional/human abilities. If you remember, one of my posts in this thread starts with “I understand your sensitivity”. But beside that, I also expressed my own sensitivity, without trying to impose anything (including to Sammy about the creation of new threads).

I’m perfectly aware about the “social drift” and abuses that you have mentioned, I do agree with that and I’m as sorry as you are, trust me. But that’s why I initially made a precision on one of my posts, saying that I was not referring to the point of view of what I called the “Tumblr community” and the New Age-y trends. My speech was more about the different and multiple gender conceptions that existed (and still exist) within various civilizations all around the world, including the most Ancient ones. My mention of the Aliens was also made according to the same logic, like in the sense of “others”. Many kinds of “others” that we can’t judge only because they don’t fit in Western or even Earthly points of view and visions of life.

But we didn’t find the occasion to discuss further more and calmly because yes, as you say, these are topics prone to passionate positions. I say it for both of us. I felt attacked when I read your comments written directly as “you”, I mean like for example “you can call yourself whatever you want”, despite the fact that I already mentioned that I was a woman. Or the other lines like “don’t try and twist the truth and make it into something else because it fits an agenda, and do not destroy innocent children’s lives because it is fashionable, and don’t expect others to follow a narrative that is built on fear, lies and destruction” and lost patience as well, because I was thinking that these worries and disagreements could have been expressed in another way.

I hope that I made it clearer this time. English is not my primary foreign language, so I’m aware that it can lead to confusions sometimes as well.


My apologies to you too :bouquet::blue_heart: and thank you for your heartwarming post. Let the Ladies Lounge party begin! :tada: … until we meet face to face someday, yes :blush: Always much better, I agree.


Tbh, I feel the ladies are lucky. Lol…Because I find myself skimming through a lot of the threads,(in a couple if seconds) and a lot of the posts don’t have any substance and don’t even interest me. (The ones posted by dudes, I mean. Some are very good, but most aren’t, imo) That’s why lately, I haven’t really been on here too much. Lol Shrugs Maybe I haven’t explored everything. I think I have though, not sure.


May I have one too?.. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

And here’s another one from me to @This_Boy_Here :no_good_woman:

Welcome to the Hug Lounge!


Lol…Sure, hugs for everyone, but I was being a 100% honest. lol. It’s like the same reoccurring topics over and over. But not saying that all of them are like that. Just IMO, majority of them. Some are pretty great and interesting though…I know a lot of guys will probably dislike me even more, but hey, I am not here to make friends. But being real? Oh yeah, that’s just me personally, so whatever. Doesn’t matter to me.


@angelblessings and @Bronyraur, I am glad you guys made up too. :smile:


Exactly this guy you just can’t dislike
I mean what kind of person you should be to be like that lol
And I can’t even believe him he was in prison ever lol just kidding but it’s like that sense he gives


Thanks @anon44251429(actually, that’s a compliment. Lol) and @Philip_Weiss. Thanks guys. I been kind of down these last couple of days. I am sick of doing push-ups and pull-ups everyday. I am sick of not being able to go hang out with people. So little shit’s been getting to me. This happens like a couple times in a blue moon, but I am okay now.

To be honest, I wouldn’t give 2 shits if they did. Like in the past, I wouldn’t even cared if people liked me or not. Like my throat chakra amongst other chakras have been closed most of my life. I used to be super anti-social, even at parties. Females and dudes would always ask me shit like, “What’s wrong?” Or “Why are you so quiet?” (if I was on drugs or drunk, yeah I would love to socialize, but otherwise I didn’t care for that shit. Not because I was “shy”, just because I wasn’t “friendly”) But like meditation had opened all my chakras up and it made me a very sociable person. Also, spiritual, so I don’t want to rub people the wrong way. But my higher self said to keep being myself, and if anyone doesn’t like it, it’s their problem. But I know some people take kindness for weakness, but oh well, that’s the world we live in. That’s how prison was, when we would(at least in my old days in ‘05) see people all chatty and socializing with everyone, we would call them “friendly.” Like, "Look at that foo’ over there, friendly than a mother*cker." Merely sheep to wolves.(And probably going to have to fight for their respect, or pay extortion money, or wash clothes) In the streets and in prison, the term “friendly” is synonymous with “weak.” So yeah, thanks a lot you guys.


“I know some people take kindness for weakness” :+1:t2: (among your other statements).

You were the first ( and even only, for a while) person that I followed in this forum months ago. You are a genuine life lesson.


Thank you for those kind words…Tbh, that means a lot to me. Because I really want people to do better than how I did. And live a better life than I did. That’s why I always encourage people to meditate, Like all the time. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:


Every time I see the number of posts on the Male enanchement one… I cant stop my mind say “…seriously??” Lol

I think it’s a nice idea and happy for you ladies


Hello dear @angelblessings! I have to say that I agree with every word you said about @This_Boy_Here.