Deep gratitude for Dream, sammy

Deep gratitude for Dream, sammy and all involved in this community.
Over the last 3 years I have fully dedicated myself to a spiritual path and the pursuit of bettering myself and the impact I make. Early on in this journey soon after showing that pure intention to the universe I was guided to Sapien and these fields. Since that introduction to the channels and fields I can say undoubtedly that my spiritual growth and life in general was revolutionized and improved beyond a doubt. I know I am not unique in that regard as I see countless numbers of people being truly and deeply healed by dreams service. It’s easy to just run with momentum and take these gifts for granted so I just wanted to pause for a moment to express my gratitude to @Dreamweaver and everyone involved in the process of these creations, they are truly life changing and on top of that the generosity and service to others that is consistent from dream is inspiriting me to step up daily on my path. :pray:


I just saw this, what a lovely post to read :slight_smile: :heart:


I just want to show gratitude to Sapien and Sam cause they are finally starting focusing more on patreon and I am grateful
Thank you for that @Dreamweaver @SammyG


Well, since we are showing Gratitude, I want to thank you again for EVERYTHING you are doing for us, Captain and Sammy (not gonna bother you with tags anymore, Unless it’s absolutely necessary)! :pray:


I relate :grin:
Love and gratitude.
If somebody told me years ago that i will find such a game changer in my life i would think their nuts or something. :wink:


Im so so so grateful for Dream, sammy and everyone on this forum

Changed my life and continues to do so in ways i wouldve never imagined like 6 months ago wow😁


Working with fields feel like a second teenage, you change radically in a semestral basis.