Deleted posts and threads

How does this stuff works?
Do the Admins have to do the whole dirty job, deleting posts and threads themselves or does the system delete something automatically?

I’m curious, since I want to get rid of some posts and perhaps even threads.

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What’s up, George?

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I want to focus 100% on my life and needs and I feel that I spend waay to much time around here, I want to minimize my time and content around here.

Also, I want to delete or minimize my social media (acounts/interactions), it is time to get to the next levels in my life and I can’t afford to much time for leisure or for anything which is not absolutely needed.

To Achieve my goals, I need to focus on what is absolutely necessary and only on what helps me on my progress.

No more distractions.


I feel you man. At least posts can be deleted by yourself. Threads I am not sure about.

All the best for your growth💪

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Thank you. :pray:
Also, thank you, @Rosechalice for asking. :pray:


I would strongly advice you not to get rid of some posts, as that often disrupts the continuity of thread, making it difficult for future readers to follow the remaining thread. If you’ve ever read some of our earliest threads (where posts were deleted automatically as accounts were closed) you’ll see what I mean. Some of those threads are incomprehensible.

Pretty much.

Threads automatically delete themselves when the OP has deleted their OP and there are no replies to the OP.

@Rosechalice asked a good question.

Before you start requesting your threads deleted, l’d like you to consider the following: the people who replied to your thread gave you a gift–of their (precious) time, energy, knowledge, experience and sometimes even caring. One perspective might be that deleting a thread with those gifts is akin to throwing those gifts in the garbage.

Whatever you’re feeling about those threads, those threads aren’t causing your feelings. Deleting those threads won’t help your feelings, because those threads aren’t causing your feelings. It’s your thoughts about those threads which are causing your feelings. And you have the ability (and tools) to change your thoughts (and, therefore, your feelings) about those threads.

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To be honest, I went a little too personal on some threads, how can I proceed there?
Leave the info behind?
I was even stupid enough to post some edited pictures (on my profile) and some relatives and friends might recognize me, since some of them might join the forum in the future.
I talked waay too personal stuff that I should have never mentioned, I mean it is about my privacy.
Only some content I find that I want to delete, I don’t mind the vast majority of stuff.

It’s great that you’re finding things to call you towards. Deleting your threads doesn’t really affect your new intention. Those threads are all old news.

You can change your various account settings so that you’re not notified if/when people reply to those threads. That’s under your control.

I think you can even make your account “inactive.” (@anon25711007 has done that on, I think, several occasions.)

IOW, as far as I can see, you can accomplish your intentions without needing delete anything.

Best wishes in your new adventures!

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Thank you.
But I will have to check my entire profile and posts since I was a little to open around here and again, I dont want trouble with some relatives, Again.

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What if I go anonymous or if I make my profile private?

This should take care of some things at least.

Also, I would like to check the forum, at least once in a while and have a link sort to speak, so that I can buy stuff more easily, idk, maybe through email invoice or other option, if I’ll have trouble with paypal/gumroad.

Is one option, you can also ask Sammy to change your profile name to avoid getting recognized by relatives.
Maybe cloaking field or Cloak of the shadow in addition.

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I’m pondering which option would be better/the best one.

Hmm, anonymous, someone might still check my profile, private account and a different nickname?
I’ll think about my options, I’ll decide as soon as possible, but not in this very moment.

I wouls likto know which option would make me less conspicuous.

There’s a thing called “the spotlight effect,” where it makes the things we do seem enormously wrong to us.

Did you really reveal anything truly personal? I know you think you did. I get that. But take a step back and look at your posts in question. Ask yourself what’s there that someone could 100% trace back to you specifically and not any of the other 7 billion people on this planet.

Maybe you have some ability to go back and edit those posts, but if they’ve been quoted (or referenced) in replies, I think those mentions still stay. (I will mention that editing your posts would be a monumental task for Sammy, the sole remaining Admin at this time, at a time he already seems to be very busy.)

As you already know, you have the ability,.right now, to change your profile picture. When you make that change, it’s changed globally. So, that’s really an easy fix for you.

And the true likelihood of them coming here are…? :slightly_smiling_face: I mean, if they haven’t joined by now, when you were in (shall we say?) “full forum stan mode,” don’t you think they’ll be less inclined to join in the future knowing that you’ve moved on to what you consider “better” pastures?

I’ve seen that happen before, on other forums where I had a management role (not here). Sometimes, that does happen. But I wonder if you have actually done that. (I don’t recall you doing so.)

Not to spook you but, IF you have done that, that genie is largely out of the bottle, thanks to how the Internet operates. Even if your threads or posts are deleted or edited, the Internet spyders have already crawled the pages of the forum, capturing the content for whatever their purpose.

I get that you’re uncomfortable right now. I’d recommend you take a moment, go for a walk or do one of those new things that are inspiring you right now, and then think about this whole topic. It may not be as dire as it may seem to you right now.

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In any case a good decision, take your time, reflect before you act :+1:

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Thank you, @WellBeing and @anon75179789.
I’ll think about it.
As for my relatives, I’ve told a few of them about Sapien, one of them already knows about the forum, only has an idea, does not know I’m a member.
At least 2 of them are very likely to join soon.

It is true, most of things can already be edited by me, there should be a very slim chance for me to get into trouble with them.

WellBeing, you are right, I will not act right now.


I’m going to say this kindly: Isn’t this another opportunity for you to release more of your interest in other people’s opinions, that we’ve been talking about? (K/W, Self-Respect or the Self-Love stack could be helpful to you here, if you have them.)

Or you could just ask for your user name to be changed.

Going anonymous (as in "anonymous123”) won’t change your username on your previous posts.

Making your profile private does just that. It hides your profile. I don’t see how that helps you with the things that are troubling you.

That program is supposed to be shut down. I understand that maybe some of that may still be going on, in select cases. But Cap’n was very clear on here of their intention to end that program.


Cool. Now, follow your intention. Get off this forum and leave this topic alone, for the time being.

Go do one (or some) of those things that are calling you. Immerse yourself in the good feeling of following your intention and of your fun new things for a good bit.

When you’re full of those good feelings, then you can come back to this topic. You’ll have more and helpful ideas about it.


Thank you.
I’ll cool my mind now.

Edit: Thank you, @WellBeing, I only went with minimum change, changing username, editing a few things, deleting a few posts, that’s it - 99% of content remains.

Also, who or What am I afraid of?
I realize that it’s mostly in my head, any fear.

As for the rest, well, I’ll spend less time around here, but I’m not giving up on this place :grinning:, I still have much to learn from here, But I Need to focus on job/career, on my near future, on me achieving all the things that I desire, on me reaching new heights, and these things take effort, take time and dedication, so I should focus on these needs and choices.

Many Thanks to All/Everyone! :pray::heart:
See you around! :pray: