Is it beginning, or an end?
Even the fact that there is no permanence is of no importance anymore.
What is next? Doom, or Liberation?
Its Scary to remain Formless yet its futile to keep any Shape


Coming from a not fully enlightened being, I’d say detachment is a step in between attachment and attachment. We get fed up, shake it off, and then necessity (flesh and blood, bills and people) gets us to reattach. And we do it in a healthier way the next time hopefully.


I was contemplating something similar today. For me, a possible answer would be ‘relief’.


Detachment is actually a misunderstanding. Detachment creates a ‘gap of ignorance’ which is fuelled by the emotional energy of hatred and disgust. When you develop this habit enough, it becomes depersonalisation and derealisation, sometimes leading to depression.

Instead of detachment, non-attachment is more precise. But even non-attachment is not very correct, because from the very beginning, this idea of a self is a misunderstanding. When you misunderstand and wrongly assume something, it’s not that this ‘self’ vanishes - it’s more like it never existed in the first place. It simply appeared to be real because of wrong understanding and habit.

It is like a mirage in a desert. You think it is very real, but only when you get to the mirage, you realise that there never was an oasis there. This illusion of a self is the same thing. And when you realise the illusion of a self, you realise that there is no inherent existence of this body, feelings, thoughts, etc. And by realising that, you also realise that when you look at things around you, they too are like mirages.

So if there never was a ‘self’ in the first place, you can’t actually die. Neither can this ‘self’ liberate. If you are still in this perspective of a ‘self’, there will be ideas of annihilation or living forever. None of these are right, because the presupposition of a ‘self’ existing is wrong from the start.

Instead, just pure conditions coming together in mutual dependence. Like to make a flower blossom, many conditions come together in that one moment to make that event happen…


Your answer seems to resonate the most.
Like the second attachment is different, because it is result of a choice, not compulsion

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